Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


14. Spotted


Chapter 13: 

{Victoria’s POV} 

I had been laying with my back against Courtney’s bed and my stomach facing the ceiling that since I confessed to Courtney what had happened I found very interesting. 

“He asked you out.” Courtney asked one more time trying to get her head around the idea that her OTP as she had started saying was going to go on a date. I was a bit reluctant to go at first I mean I know I am insane for not screaming out yes right away, but I had my doubts. I had never been the type of the girl that just goes on dates, I was honestly never one for relationships in general. I had always been the single girl in my group of friends and I honestly had gotten used to it. It’s actually funny because I was starting to act like Bella when I told her that Alec in her biology class liked her. The way I would deny everything like that the little side smiles and knowing glances were nothing more than him being friendly. 

“Yes.” I breathe out turning around and looking at her with the biggest smile that I probably ever smiled in my entire life. 

“He better take you out somewhere nice unless he wants me to kick him in the balls.” Courtney threatens making me slap her arm slightly. 

“Don’t you dare hurt him!” I warn her showing my more protective side. A knowing smirk forms on her lips and she starts laughing at me for some odd reason. I am telling you this girl is completely insane, but that’s why we seem to get along so well. 

“Already so protective, Vic.” Courtney laughs as there is a light knock on her door causing both of us to instantly stop laughing. “Who are you and what to do you want?” Courtney shouts not bother to get off the bed where she had been lying since we started talking. 

“It’s Niall?” He called sounding a bit confused at his own name. My eyes widen and I look around the room for a plan of escape, I didn’t really want to walk through the door seeing that I would probably trip and make a fool of myself in front of Niall. 

“Hold on!” Courtney shouts before pulling off her bed and stuffing me in her closest which was barely big enough to fits her clothes much less a person. “Stay and be quiet.” She whispered before skipping and yes she actually skipped her way over to the door. “Why hello there little leprechaun how may I help you?” She asked in a posh tone ushering Niall into her room.

“Have you seen Victoria?” He asked seeming a bit nervous and worried at my whereabouts. I considered jumping out from the closet and screaming surprise, but again that would mean making a complete fool of myself. 

“Probably still nursing Bella’s hangover.” Courtney said while sitting down in the spinning chair that was in her room. I honestly don’t know where the hell she gets half the stuff she owns since when she isn’t with me she’s usually walking around the house mumbling random crap. It actually makes me wonder if the girl sleep shops. 

“So did Victoria tell you what happened?” Niall asked making a seat in the small couch she had in her room. I seriously going to starting keeping a closer eye on Courtney seeing that I don’t even know when she had time to go buy that couch and then drag it up here.

“That you asked her out, yes she told me.” Courtney said with a large smile on her lips. She really was happy that me and Niall were together which was nice seeing that I always liked to make sure that all my friend got along. 

“Is that all she told you?” He said with a bit of sadness in his voice which made his smile slightly drop a bit as Courtney just full out frowned at him. So I might had not told Courtney the entire story, but in my defense she really didn’t allow me even any time to speak seeing she was too busy fangirling. 

“No she didn’t tell me anything else.” She said while glaring in my direction which caused me to kind of squirm under her glare. “What else happened, Niall?” She asked Niall taking her eyes off of me and back on Niall who was now looking in my direction as well. I watch as Niall turns his attention back to Courtney and lets a large warm smile take over his lips. 

“It’s nothing.” He said causing my heart to break a bit thinking that one moment was nothing to him while to me it meant the world. “We kissed nothing, big at all.” He said letting his eyes close for a second as if he was remember that moment that we kissed. 

“EXCUSE YOU?” Courtney shouted literally jumping out of her chair as she stared at Niall in complete disbelief. I don’t blame her even I am still having trouble thinking that it really happened because people like Niall don’t kiss or even like girls who are like me. Girls who were normal well I am not normal, but as normal as you can get compared to his world. Girls who are clumsy and socially awkward. Girls who didn’t have the perfect tiny waist and had so many flaws that I could probably write them down and write a book out of them. The flaws of Victoria, yup that’s going to be the title and my number one flaw/weakness is unable to control my awkwardness. 

“We kissed.” Niall repeated with an even bigger smile on his lips. He looked so happy at the fact that he had gotten to kiss me, but honestly I should be the one that is beyond happy. He’s Niall he could probably get any girl to kiss him just by saying the words. 

“You guys kissed!” Courtney shouted before doing one of the world’s strangest dance around her room which left both me and Niall completely confused and somewhat scared. 

“Yeah?” Niall said a bit unsure, since he probably didn’t know how any of the following of the words were going to affect Courtney. “We got separated from Liam and Bella for a little bit so we were hiding in one of the stores. When we were alone I looked at her and I just don’t know what came over me I just leaned over and kissed her.” He said with a slight blush on his usually pale looking face. 

“Harry, take me to the store I have to go buy Viall more condoms!” Courtney shouted running out of the room with Niall chasing after her screaming for her to shut up. I take that as my cue to get out of the closet and when I do Harry walk in as I try to silently slip out of Courtney’s closet, but seeing that there were so many clothes all that ended up happening was me falling on my face in front of Harry. 

“Victoria are you okay?” Harry asked walking over to help we stand up from the floor. I was completely embarrassed at the fact that even when I was trying to be graceful and slip out all ninja like I still managed to look like an idiot. On the bright side at least I didn’t fall on my face in front of Niall, now that would have been completely horrible. 

“Yeah, totally cool I didn’t just fall on my face Harry.” I grunt out while lifting myself off the floor. My nose hurt a bit but it didn’t seem broke just probably stung from the fall. 

“What were you doing in Courtney’s closest anyway?” He asked going to pick up some of the clothes that fell out during my not so graceful tumble out of the small room. 

“Looking for Narnia.” I responded bluntly before rubbing my nose and going off in search of something to do. 

“Wait Victoria I need to ask you something.” Harry called out to me making me sigh and turn around to look at Harry. “I was going to maybe ask Courtney out on a date later this week, but I don’t know what to do, how to ask her, or if she’s even willing to go with me.” He said while fiddling around with the hem of his shirt as he nervously told me his somewhat plan. 

“Harry just do something romantic and cheesy she likes that stuff. God only knows why, but she does.” I said patting his shoulder before turning to walk away before remembering one of his other questions. “Oh and Harold I know she would love to go with on a date.” I smiled at him before making my way downstairs where Niall was frowning at Louis and Courtney who looked determined to get him to do something. 

“It’s a precaution!” Courtney shouted while even throwing her hands in the air dramatically. 

“What’s a precaution?” I asked making everyone in the room suddenly fall silent. It was one of those awkward silence where the people who had been in the room had been talking about you and now that you suddenly walk in they don’t know what to say. 

“Nothing.” Louis said before walking away with Courtney trailing behind her.  I sit down on the couch where Niall was sitting, but I decide to sit on the other side of the couch so I wouldn’t make thing too awkward between us. There was no one else in the living room so it just seemed too weird, like everyone had perfectly planned to go to other places at this exact moment. 

“You know, you don’t have to avoid me right?” Niall asked moving from his side of the couch to mine where I sat with my legs laying across the couch. He picks up my legs and gently places them on his lap so we were laying in the same position as the last time we had a movie day. “What do you want to watch?” He asked handing me the remote to the television that was currently showing some local news. 

“And in other news the five members of One Direction had a rather strange encounter with fans earlier today. The five superstars even had three very lovely editions to their group, the three girls who were seen with them were identified as Courtney for Canada, Annabella, and Victoria who are both from America. It seems that the three girls are a bit too cozy with the boys of One Direction in particular Victoria who was caught kissing Niall Horan, the second youngest, in one of the stores at the local mall. Who knows how long this little fling will last? Please tweet in your comments using the hashtag NiallsNewGirl?” The sleazy young reporter says before I click off the television. 

“You’re not just some fling.” Niall states suddenly as the room falls silent. 

“I hope not, but now everyone knows who we are.” I said realizing that privacy that I had always loved had just been ripped away from us. “Courtney!” I shout trying to get the insane girl to come out of her cave so we could all deal with this. Well minus Bella who was surprisingly still fighting her major hangover. 

“Where’s the fire?” She shouts running into the living room with a random golf club. I am telling you this girl sleep shops, because I didn’t even know she played golf. 

“The paps spotted us.” I state and suddenly her expression completely changes. 

“Aw fuck.” 

Author’s Note: 

This story is honestly my favorite to update! I am actually really proud of it! Anyways there you go! COURTNEY IT’S YOUR TURN! Can you believe it that we are already at chapter 13!? Time flies when you’re having fun! 

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