Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


3. Spiders




Chapter 3  

~Victoria's POV~  

"Mom, where are my suitcases!" I shout down the hall of the upper floor as I stood by my door tapping my foot impatiently.  

"In the attic!" She shouted from her room, where she was currently watching her latest soap opera. I let out a loud groan, knowing that I had to climb into that creepy, small, dark place.  

"It's just a room." I mumble over and over again to myself as I pull down the ladder to get into the attic. "Just another really small, creep-fuck this nope! Not going up there!" I said jumping down from the stairs and stomping back into my room.  

"Why are stomping around?" My dad asked popping his head into my room, where I sat on my laptop, to print out the ticket Courtney had sent me.  

"Huh?" I asked not really paying attention to him, as I scroll down my Facebook page looking for anything interesting to look at.  

"The stomping? You know were it sounds like I had a heard of elephants living with me?" He said raising an eyebrow me as I switch off of Facebook and onto Tumblr.  

"Oh, that was me chickening out going into to attic to grab my suitcases." I said while endlessly scrolling down the different posts and reblogging all the ones I liked.  

"And why exactly do you need your suitcases?" He asks while leaning against the door frame of my door. I squirm under his gaze, because I hadn't exactly asked my parents about the trip. This was kind of just a rash decision between Courtney and me.  

"Because I am going out to London?" I said, but instead of sounding confident I sounded scared. He looked at me for a little bit longer before smiling and saying the words every teenage girl longs to hear.   

"Do you need any money?" He asked me. I instantly ditched my laptop and hugged my dad why saying yes about a billion times.  

"Thank you. Thank you." I repeated about twenty times before finally letting my dad go. He only ruffled my hair, which caused me to at him.  

"When are you planning on leaving?" He asked as he walks out of my room and towards the ladder to the attic.  

"Ummm, tomorrow morning?" I asked him and he turned around looked at like he was expecting to just start laughing at him for falling for that.  

"Tomorrow morning?" He asked as he turned back towards the ladder and kept climbing. He finally crawled up the attic and shuffled around for a bit before coming back down with my pink polka dotted suitcases in his hands.  

"Yeah, my friend wanted to leave tomorrow." I said while taking the suitcases and plopping them in my room.  

"I'll go to the bank tomorrow and place money on your card." He said from the hallway before walking down the stairs.  

"Yay, money." I cheered a did a small dance around my room before opening the biggest suitcase only to have a spider crawl out. "THERE A SPIDER IN MY SUITCASE!" I screamed while it crawled around on the floor while I was standing on my desk's chair.   "Why are you screaming?" My little brother Jason asks as he walked into my room. I point towards the spider that was now crawling around near the foot of my bed.

"Really a little spider?" He asked and grabbed the closest shoe and walks up to the spider. It hadn't been moving, when he step towards the spider, it moved towards him which sent him running out the door.   

"MY HERO!" I screamed a him and he only mumbled something about only a couple more weeks and I am gone. "Stupid spider go away." I shout at it from the top of my chair when suddenly I get a text. Lucky for my phone was in my pocket so I wouldn't have to leave the safety of my chair.   From: Bella   So you're leaving over the summer?   The text said I replied with a simple yeah and I instantly get a reply from Bella.  

From: Bella  

WHAT! You're leaving your best friend alone over our last summer until college!  

I chuckle at her text, right before I go to reply I get another text.  

From: Bella  

Meanie >:P  

I look up for just a second to see that spider that had been making stand on the chair had now suddenly disappeared.  

"FUDGE CAKES!! IT'S GONE!" I shout and my brother reappears at my door the second I shout that.  

"Can I turn your room into a game room, when the spider kills you?" He asks with a cruel smile as I start freaking out.  

"Shit shit shit! I am gonna die I haven't even meet One Direction yet and I am gonna die." I said flapping my hands around as if they were wings. Halfway through my spaz attack my phone suddenly started ringing. "Hello, this the phone of the future dead how may I help you?" I asked calmly into the phone, before I heard a loud laugher on the other end.  

"Now I know why you're ditching me this summer." Bella soft voice says before returning to laughing.  

"Bella, my love how are you." I said in an attempt of a British accent, but I failed miserably.  

"Just fine sweet darling now that I am talking to ye." She in a mixture of a British and some other accent. I laugh at her attempts to try and be foreign. "So where are you really going for the summer?" She asks suddenly a be more serious about my leaving her for the summer.  

"My love, I am gonna die. There was a spider in my room and now has gone into hiding to plot it's revenge for trying to kill it." I said in a completely serious tone, but Bella only groans in frustration.  

"Seriously where are you going?" She said probably trying to find some sort of patience for me.  

"To the great country called the United Kingdom." I said while jumping from the chair to my bed where I landed with a pretty large thud. I really had to stop eating so much candy and chips, it was starting to show.  

"To the UK? Why?" She asked as I twisted my hair on my fingers.  

"Me and a friend are heading out there for the summer." I said causally as if I was just walking over to the local store.  

"What friend?" She asks suddenly interested in my plans for the summer. I hadn't exactly told them about the fact I made a over the Internet. Knowing Bella she would have instantly told I was stupid for trusting someone online.  

"An old friend of mine from erm...a while ago?" I said not really knowing how to lie to Bella.  

"Uh huh, i see and were you not planning in telling me this?" She asked in her motherly voice. See Annabelle, is one of the kindest, sweetest, kindhearted people you can find. Unless you know her like I do, which is a little bit too well. Around me, Bella is herself completely still sweet and innocent, but she can also be sassy and mischievous.  

"It was last minute Bella." I said suddenly feeling really bad I hadn't even planned on calling her to let her know I was going to be gone. "Hey, why don't you come with us!" I said suddenly thinking of the world's most brilliant plan.  

"Are you sure, your friend will be okay with that?" She asked before I hear typing on the keyboard to probably her laptop.  

"I am sure that she will be fine, we might need to be roomies though, but you know YOLO." I said and suddenly I internally groan at that stupid phrase. "Kill me now, I just said YOLO." I said voicing my frustration of saying that horrible acronym.  

"What flight are you leaving in then?" She asked completely ignoring the fact I just said YOLO.  

"Erm, flight 3294 to London at 7 in the morning. Just lovely." I said while getting up so I could start to pack.  

"I'll get a ticket and I'll pick you up early and we'll drive out to the airport together yeah?" She asked as I grabbed a bunch of different tops and threw them into one of the larger suitcases.  

"That sounds fine, pack wintery." I said reminding her that it was probably going to be really cold.  

'Got it, are you sure this will be okay with your friend?" She asked and I told her I would send her a quick text to let her know later. "Okay, I'll call you before I leave my house." She said before we said goodbye and hung up. After I packed everything I placed everything in my carry on bag. Which consisted of my laptop, my iPod, my phone, all my chargers, my wallet, and finally a small supply of candy. What a girl can't just randomly carry around candy? After I set everything up by the door, I took a quick shower. I wasn't going to wake up even earlier tomorrow morning to take a shower. Nope! I placed my hair in braids, so tomorrow morning the lot could end up being curly. Before I go to sleep I send Courtney a quick text.  

To: Courtney!! ^_^   

I was wondering if it was okay that my friend join us on our magical journey?  

She almost instantly replied, I was guessing she was probably still up.  

From: Courtney!! ^_^  

YAY! MORE FRIENDS!! Of course we need as many people as we can to successfully stalk the boys!

She said and this soon turned into a pretty large texting spree between the two of us. Which pretty much consisted of us spamming each other with the most random of things. After a few more hours I end up falling asleep to my phone constantly beeping. Courtney was probably just spamming me since I wasn't answering her.  

To: Courtney!! ^_^  

Gotta head to bed, since I am leaving for the airport in about 4 hours!!!!!!  

I sent her and she only replied with a good night and luck. She was leaving a couple hours after my flight so we would land at the same time. I fell asleep wondering what the next two months would bring.  


Author's Note:  

Well, there it is chapter 3!! It took forever, but for some random reason these last few days I have had absolutely no time to do anything!!! Ugh>_>  

Anyways, on Monday I will be returning to school, and my updating might slow down even more because well, school takes up a whole boat load of time! But I will be trying to update at least one story a week!


~( ^.^)~  

-Victoria! Mwah :*

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