Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


11. Shopping With Styles


~Courtneys POV~

"Courtney. Are you sleeping." Harry whispered. "Trying to." I whispered back. "Can we go shopping?" Bel whispered this time. "Does Harry look like Harry. My mom will kill me if i'm seen within a five foot radius of him." I whispered chuckling, and directing the question to Bel. "Um... Ok... But yes, i'm not looking like myself... I guess." He sighed. I pulled myself out of bed, only to fall on my face. "Fuck." I moaned. They each grabbed one of my arms and pulled me to my feet. "Lemmie comb my hair. And change" I sighed pushing them out of my room.

I stumbled around looking for my brush, and pulled it through my rats nest known as hair. After sluggishly leaving the bathroom, I sorted through the pile of clothes in a corner on my floor and grabbed a nice silver cardigan, a blue tank top, a mesh tank top with decorative flower design over top, and some blue jeans. I walked out of the room throwing on my jeans and watching Vic contemplate on a movie. "You commin?" I asked. "Nope. Gonna watch a movie instead!" She cheered. I laughed at the girl an threw on my uggs.

Taking the key in my hand, I smiled and was greeted by a boy. With straight hair. And blue eyes. And, Makeup? "What. Are. You. Wearing." I asked shocked. "A disguise." He answered pulling my hand. It shot little shocks through my spine. Keep your cool Courtney. Don't turn into a puddle. Stay. Cool. Breathe deeply. I continued walking, and stepped into a beat up ba-ha* car. "What happened to the range rover?" I questioned. "Everyone knows I drive that, And I kinda dunno where it is." He smiled putting the car into drive.

"Harry Styles, The only guy who can lose a car." Bel smirked from behind me. I burst out into a contagious laughter ending with a sigh.


"So, We're here, Meet at the fountain in about a ho-" "ok bye" Bel dashed out the Car. "I guess its you and me." I chuckled after a tiny bit of silence. He smiled as we slammed the doors of the vehicle. I swore those doors would fall off. We stepped into the mall as I was getting funny looks. By funny I meant 'What-Is-That-Drag-Queen-Wearing or WTF-Bro? "Thats it. Get that makeup shit off. You look like Michael Jackson." I sighed.

(A/N Ok, So I like MJ and dont think imma bitch bro.)

He shuffled off, sighing to change into something better, and his hair started to re-curl slowly into its natural beauty. "Well, Yolo..." I sighed. He held out his hand, and strangely I took it. Without dying.

We walked through the mall stopping and every once in a while, when something caught my eye, I had spotted a little necklace, and it described Vic perfectly. I picked it up, and bought it. "It's time to go." Harry sighed holding alot of bags.

---------------------------------------------------------FAST FORWARD---------------------------------------------------------

"HONEY IM HOME!" I screamed. Niall was glaring daggers at me as Vic just looked confused. "For you Niall." I threw a bag, which labeled 'Dont open around VP' and threw Vic one that said the exact same, but mentioned NH instead. "Whaaaa Is this." Vic asked. Niall oppened the bag messily, then screamed dramatically. Throwing the bag against the floor, as far away as he possibly could, he hid behind the couch. "NOT FUNNY COURTNEY." He shrieked. Vic opened her bag cautiously. "I tell you 'Dont open it.' and what do you do? YOU OPEN IT! GAH" I screamed throwing my hands into the air. She peeked inside and frowned. "So I got condoms, I refuse to ask why, and I got, a necklace?" Vic questioned. Harry started laughing at what I got Niall. "WELL... I got you a condom cuz you seem to always stare at each other. Basically I'm telling you to make out and fuck." I sigh in monotone.

"SO YOU GOT ME LIKE 20 DIFFERENT BOXES?" Niall screamed exasperated. "Did you not see the gift card." I sighed while Harry rolled on the floor laughing. "NO?! IS IT TO NANDOS?!?" Niall screamed. He dumped the contaminants on the ground and picked up the plastic card. I expertly wrapped it in a Nandos package, so when Niall opened it he would be surprised. "IT IS TO NANDOS?" He shrieked. "Open it." He ripped open the wrapping paper and screamed again. "A GIFT CARD TO THE SEX SHOP. REALLY COURTNEY?!" This time Vic started laughing along with Harry, who started acting like a retarded seal. "Yes" I said with a 'duh' tone. "I NEED TO WASH MY HANDS" he screamed fleeing the room. I burst out laughing a few seconds later.


Niall hasn't forgiven me. Right now he's perched next to Victoria, who is cuddling into him. Niall is still glaring daggers at me, and every once in a while, i'll blow him a kiss. Every time I do, I feel Harry tense up from beside me. "So a movie..." Vic asked yawning. "OH I KNOW!" Niall screamed and put a movie into the blue ray excitedly. We waited through the opening credits, followed by me freaking the fuck out. "NOT PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. PLEASE NOOOO" I sobbed. Vic looked at me like I was possessed. "Well... We all know Courtneys gonna scream.." Niall smirked. Touché Niall. Touché.


"YOU FUCKTARD RUN. RUN BITCH RUN. NO DONT GO IN THERE. HOLY FUCK ITS A DEMON. RU BITCH RUN" I screamed. The demon caught the lady and possessed her, It moved to the scene where she was laying in bed, and the husband was gonna hill the demon with a cross. He mouth got fucked up teeth as I screamed and hid in Harrys chest. "Its ok Kitten. Its not real -" "YEA ITS PRETTY FUCKIN REAL. THE DEMONS ARE TAKING HUNTER." He just continued to soothe me. Soon I dozed off into a sleep in the presence of Harry, feeling safe with him just being around me.


"Who. Is. This." A voice I didnt recognize asked. "How did you get here?" Niall asked. "Well, your not that hard to find..." Another voice I didn't recognize sighed. "Harry, Niall, did you take advantage of these two girls?" The last voice that still didn't peak recognition. "No! Why would you think that!" Harry proposed. "Condoms. All over the floor." The last voice chuckled. I started to fully wake up and rubbed my eyes. Blinking a few times before stretching. "Hi boys. Hi 3/5 of One Direction" I groggily greeted. "Wait a minute. Hold the phone. Why is the other 3/5 of One Direction in my ho-Flat." I asked, eyes growing wide. "IF THIS IS A FUCKED UP DREAM CUZ OF PARANORMAL ACTIVITY IM TOTALLY GONNA KILL NIALL." I screamed while the boys looked amused. "Why me?" "CUZ YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS LAST NIGHT." I screamed. Harry stood up and hugged me from behind "Sorry love, you're not dreaming." He chuckled. "Well then. Imma make breakfast and try not to freak out wondering why the hell your in our flat." "Can I have some?" Niall asked. "No." I answered. "Courtney... Whats going on." A small voice from the couch asked. "Ask the boys." "Which one... I see five. Am I dreaming?" She skeptically narrowed her eyes. "Nope. Ask any one of them. Just not the Leprechaun." "Why not me." "Cuz you suck." "BURNNNN." Harry and Louis screamed. Maybe this wont be THAT bad. Who am I kidding. ONE DIRECTION IS IN MY HOUSE. WHY AM I NOT DEAD. I have to burn my merchandise. Oh my god.


I SO HORRIBLE FOR NOT POSTING. MY GOD. Well I have an excuse. I was on Vacation to Vics homeland

Vic: WOO

If you didnt know, Mexico. Where I burned then tanned.

Vic: To bad you dont have my tan

Shut up. At least I tanned. Canadians like to burn. Especially if your part scottish.

Vic: *snickers*

Stop snickering. You ain't a Snickers bar. NOW WRITE.

Vic: Yes mom


Vic: I robbed your line.

Hobo -_-

Vic: Always gotta have the last word?



*mocks Vic* Just get writing.

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