Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


9. Secrets


Chapter 8

~ Courtney's Beautiful POV~

I stumbled off toward my bed, the gun shots still haunting my mind. I opened my door with ease and climbed into bed, wearing some comfy ass pjs. They had little sheeps on them and a blue tank top. I snuggled into my pillow and sprawled out slightly. A knock came to my door before I fell into my slumber.

"Come Innnnn" I mumbled just loud enough for them to hear. The door creaked open and the figure came in. I was still facing my pillow, groaning sadly. I was no longer tired. Damn it. "Why yea groaning love?" The British accent chuckled. "I'm not tired anymoreeee" I moaned in displeasure. I propped myself on my elbows and took a good look at the boy standing by my door.

"Whatcha need Curls?" I asked wide awake.

"Vic said there was your room and her room and once she left Niall basically screamed 'Dibs' for Vics room." He smirked.

"Little Nialler have a crushhhh" I giggled.

"I think so." He agreed.

"So, You need a place to sleep?" I smiled. He nodded eagerly as I patted the place beside me.

"Come and Chill, until I fall asleep anyway."


"ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?" I harshly whispered.

"No," He smirked deviously.

"Im trying to make Vic wake up, and see what its like so I don't do it..."

"No. Good luck with that one." I smiled closing my eyes. We had been playing truth or dare for at least 3 Hours, lets admit it, I WAS SO FREAKING TIRED BUT HARRY FUCKING STYLES IS IN THE SAME BE- that sounds wrong. Oh well #YOLO -D AS ME BITCHES. HES JUST SO. Fangirl moment sorry. I felt the bed shift as he chuckled.

"Tired?" He noticed. I nodded the best I could. "Gonna make a heartthrob outta me, just a bit of minor surgery, this desperate times call for desperate measures..." He sang softy. I smiled at his song choice (A/N ANYONE WHOSE ANYONE KNOW MARIANAS FREAKING TRENCH SINGS THIS! *wink wink nudge nudge* Vic), A Canadian band I had adored. "Ill give you something to cry about, show some skin and would be cash it out (a/n Guessing there...) how could you get this to desperate measures now..." He cooed. I recoiled into my pillow as the chorus started up. "Cant let this, cant let this go, oh oh oh oh (Desperate Measures Now...) Cat let cant let this go, and I got you right where I want you, I cant keep up with this for so long, kiss me just once for luck, these are desperate measures now..." I softly drifted off to dream land at the sound of Harry's voice, surprisingly not on a radio.


"Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Courtney, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, Please, Please, Please" The curly hair boys whined as he shook my shoulders.

"Whaaaaatttt" I moaned unhappily.

"Bacon Or Pancakes?" He whispered.

"BOTH!" I screamed. "Geez, Pipe down, Vic and Ni are still sle-"  

"ARE THEY SLEEPING TOGETHER?!" I yelled excited. Harry facepalmed.  

"I told you to pipe down. Yes. They are..." He sighed.  

I leaped from my bed a shooed Harry out the door, Throwing on my flowy pink shirt and flared out blue jeans, I dashed to Vics room. Bel followed me close behind.

We had a nice conversation at their un knowledge of, until I saw Vic stir in her sleep.

"ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION" I screamed running out the door. Harry looked at me oddly, as I plopped down on the chair and dug into my food.


"BELLAAAA" Vic screamed alarmed.

"Ignore her..." She sighed. A few seconds later, she screamed again.

"COURTNEYYYYYY" I couldnt help myself. I got to my feet, leaving my beautiful food behind, knowing it may not be there when I return. I grasped Bel's arm and a few memory foam pillows and stormed into the bedroom.

"NIALL JAMES HORAN WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY VIC?" I screamed and started whacking him with the pillow I had. He moaned. Before I knew it, they started getting all touchy feel-y. Bel was doing nothing so I swiftly tugged on Vic's arm making her fall to the ground with a large 'Thud'

"That looked like it hurt." I mused as she sat on the floor on my ass. She glared up at me as I smirked.

"Ya think?" She stated sarcastically while using the edge of the bed to get back on her feet.

"Anyways no more sleeping, it is time for breakfast. Which thankfully Harry and Bel made!" I shouted very gleefully before dashing off to see if my breakfast was saved. I approached the dinning room to see Bel had inhaled my food. I groaned and popped a bagel into the toaster. Once it binged, I grabbed the cream cheese and slathered it onto the cooked food. I munched on it as I saw a red faced Vic appear. I pushed her a plate, which she took, and started piling on her own food. Niall (actually with a shirt on) Came out soon after and savaged whatever was left.

"So, What now?" Harry asked yawning and sipping some sort of liquid.

"THE FLAT POOL!" I screamed.

"They have a pool?" Vic yawned.

"You really did not read the brochure." I sighed. She shook her head, signaling no.

"Im not coming" Bel shrugged walking somewhere else.


"CANNONBALL MOVE YOUR ASS" Vic screamed from the side of the pool running full speed toward the abandoned area. She attempted to do a cannonball, yet failed miserably i a hilarious matter. She tripped over her own feet, landed on her face, and painfully skidded into the pool making a small insufficient splash. When her head rose above the water, her face highlight a firetruck red, as Niall was literally rolling on the floor laughing. Harry was perched beside me in the hot tub  not wanting to be like Niall on the ground, and held onto me as support. Our faces grew a brilliant granny smith apple red, and my lungs struggled to keep in air as I laughed.

"Not Funny." She pouted sternly. Niall quickly caught his composure and calmed down, apologizing, but Harry and Myself were another story, we continued laughing like hyenas and we continued what my mum would call 'Being Ignorant Asses'. Vic went behind us, and pushed me from behind to make me collapse onto Harry. He groaned as I patted his wet curly mass of hair lightly.

"Sorry Curls" I smirked enjoying the position I was in.

"Its fine, but could you possibly get off my chest? Your murdering my windpipe." He wheezed. I stood up, and went to reach for Harry's hand to help him up, But Vic was being a dipshit and pushed me onto him again. We both groaned in pain as Vic snickered towards the side. I apologized and crawled off him, not trusting Vic, or my legs for that matter. We both shot daggers at Vic as she smiled like an angel that hasn't done a single son in the world. If looks could literally throw knives and kill you, Vic would be viciously dead. I'm not even kidding.


"Courtneyyyyy" Niall whinned annoyingly from beside me.

"Niallllll" I mocked him using the same tone.

"We need to talk..." He sighed.


"Um no.... I need advice..." Niall veered off uneasily.

"OHHHHH I CAN DO THAT!" I yelled triumphantly. He grasped my hand and pulled me into my bedroom, where I quickly regretted not cleaning it. Sure it had only been 2-3 days, but I'm not the cleanest person in the world. I shrugged and jumped onto my bed. "Now whats the situation" I said professionally trying to sound like a lawyer or physiologist or something.

"I kinda, possibly, maybe, have an itty bitty, c-" He started.

"COURTNEY WHERE THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE YOU" Vic screamed from another room interrupting Niall's sentence/confession. She charged into my room and smiled. "There you are!" Followed by her staring aimlessly into space.



"Why are you here..." I asked uneasily, ignoring Niall who had become silent since Vic walked in.

"Oh, Right..." She snapped back into reality from her home in la-la-land.

"BELLA AND HARRY STOLE MY FOOD!" She cried fake, yet realistic tears. I sighed and shook my head disapprovingly.

"Make Niall do it..." I moaned suddenly becoming tired.

"But he's the guest!"

"But he lives with Harry and you live with Bella. I still gotta learn about you people. Now move along children! I gotta sort my cluster fuck of a room" i sighed. They both shuffled out of my room with their heads hung low. I skipped over to my calendar my family had made me last Christmas  It had the pictures of all of them in their birth months, including my aunts and uncles. It was pretty and expensive looking, but I truly loved it. I had them everywhere I went. I crossed off the date and sighed. The second day i've spent in London, shaking my head, I realized something. My vacation was gonna end fast, as all vacations do. I disappointingly climbed into my bed and closed my eyes, only to shoot them back open, Niall was telling me something, and now its gonna bother me. Forever. Dang. Fucking Shit I need to stop getting distracted. I closed my eyes again, paranoid at what Niall thought, and what I didn't know.




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