Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


32. Ryan

I wish I could make a brilliant excuse why I did not update.... I got nothing. Sorry! Well.... Technically I have an excuse. Its this thing called 'I got my iPod taken away, then I went to wetaskawin and my dad gave it back then 3 days later before I could brainstorm somehow I got a virus on the laptop and my dad took it away again and banned me from the beloved laptop and now im going camping so I really hope he doesnt take it after.' So yeah! In other news, My Taco is now in school. And my dad was being a butthole and decided to plan a camping trip the day 'This Is Us' comes out. He's trying to make my feels wait. Directioners are very impatient. He has no idea how mad I am at him. Somehow, I will see the movie premiere day. On another other note, Harry Styles Twerking. Still obsessed. I liked how a day later #HarryDropThatThunThunThun was still trending.... And I tweeted it. Alot. :D Now, I will have a short survay at the bottom... and hopefully you guys will answer cuz I have no idea what to do. Anyway, WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, HERE IS THE LONG AWAITED AND DELAYED CHAPTER 31!

Chapter 31

~Courtneys POV~

"Don't talk to me like that"

"Shut up"

"Don't talk to me like that"

"Shut. Up."

"Don't talk to me like that"

"Shut the fuck up Ryan"

"Don't talk to me like th-"

"Say it again and I kill you." I sneered.

Day 1 with Ryan, Its been 1hour, and I still want to kill the ginger haired asshole.

"Don't talk to me like that." He said after a pause of silence.

"That's it." I muttered, Standing from the chair I had been sitting in before, and walking to the kitchen. Ryan watched me with an amused expression on his face as I grabbed a ring of sausage and started hitting him with it.

"OW. OW. OW. COURTNEY. STOP BEING A BITCH" He yelled as I smacked him.

"SHUT UP BOY" I screamed back.

"BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!" Vic screamed louder then both of us.

"THAT'S MY RING OF SAUSAGE!" Niall screamed in agony, looking at the now dead piece of garlic sausage. All three of us raised an eyebrow and looked at Niall in amusement.

"What the hell are you doing Niall." I asked as he rolled on the floor.

"Grieving." He answered simply.
I looked over at Vic.

"I am so sorry for you." Ryan and I said in unison. I looked over him with a murderous glare.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed again as I smacked him with the sausage again. Next thing I knew, We were on the floor fighting each other, with fists and legs flying, screaming curses at each other at a rapid pace.


"Does that happen often?" Vic asked handing me an ice cloth to put on my forehead as Harry dabbed the blood from my nose. I nodded the best I could, wincing at the sharp pain erupting from my neck.

"More often then you think. We don't really get along, and we never really have." I said glaring at Ryan on the other side of the room. He got the worst of the battle even though he was taller then myself. He was a little taller then Harry, which to be honest, I never noticed... and it never really bugged me.

"I've noticed since you beat the crap out of him." She muttered. "To be honest, Its kinda scary." She finished a while later. I shrugged.

"This isn't the last of our fights that's for sure. He knows how to bug me." I answered quietly.

One time, I had a horrible melt down, and I didn't have my phone so I wasn't able to get advice from the two people I knew that could give the best advice and cheer me up.

Victoria, and Jenaya.

My dad however, was home and in the garage. So avoiding the little 12 year olds insults during my breakdown, I made my way outside into the garage to talk to my dad. Who knew dads would give the best advice? Anyway, back on topic of hating the 17 year old boy. We fight at least once a day. Enough to put me in a bad mood for 4 hours or so. Maybe even a day if he presses the right buttons.

I caught Harry sighing as he pulled me into a hug, warming my arms up immediately. "You have to be careful Courtney" He murmured as I buried my head into his shoulder, still in pain.

"I know" I stated into his shoulder completely annoyed. Ryan and I? Careful? When pigs fly.

"You two are officially my OTP." Vic declared. I looked at her like she was high on something.

"Whata whata?" Harry and I asked confused in unison.

"You two know nothing" She stated. We looked at her confused as I shifted to face her with Harrys arms draped around my waist. He rested his chin on my shoulder comfortably. "Yup. OTP confirmed 20 times over." She nodded.

"Vic what the hell are you saying" I asked, confused by my spontaneous friend.

"You mean OTP?" She asked. Harry and I nodded in confirmation as I winced. Stupid necks. "One True Pairing. It means you two are like the highest of the highest ship in my books." She rolled her eyes and continued "I expected better from you Courtney." She shook her head in disapproval.

"I've never heard you say 'OTP' before. Its a totally new experience for me." I laughed rolling my eyes. "But I understand now."

Harry looked at us like we were high. "Whats shipping?" He asked with confusion written all over his face.

"Courtney this boy is trying to ruin my respect for my OTP." Vic muttered. I laughed.

"Shipping means you think they would be great together. So the ultimate ship, also known as the 'OTP' is saying that she thinks we should be together forever." I answered looking at Vic for conformation. She nodded her head in approval. Harry smiled and kissed my cheek.

"I will never understand the mind of a fangirl" He chuckled.

"That's good because we'll never understand the life of a famous boybander" Vic replied snapping her fingers and walking away. Harry and I looked at each other and started laughing.

Life was good right now, Even if Ryan was here with me. Harry finally noticed my discomfort and started rubbing my neck, hitting all the sore spots on the point. Correction. Life was perfect right now... Kinda.

~Sams POV~

I feel like everything has been going in fast forward. After the kiss, It was awkward. With a capital A. I still cant shake the feeling. It was special. Nothing like how I felt with Kyle.

I smiled as I opened up my laptop, turning the brightness down so I wouldn't disturb Zayn. I plugged in my headphones and covered Zayns ears with a pillow, just so the boy wouldn't wake up with my talking. I opened the blinking skype icon and looked at the 3 calls waiting to be answered. I shook my head and laughed, answering the 3 way call.
"Why hello there" I smiled into the camera.

"Took you long enough Biggums." Mitch replied. I rolled my eyes.

"MITCH WHAT THE HELL!" Jerome yelled suddenly making me jump slightly.

"Bye Bacca." He laughed.

"Mitch did you knock Jerome into the void again?" I asked clicking around.

"Maybeee" He answered back slyly.

"no no no no NO MITCH!" Quintin shouted.

"You're on a roll aren't you Mitch." I laughed again.

"I win!" Mitch yelled. I quickly logged onto the server

This was my past time. Commentating with Mitch, Jerome and Quintin on Minecraft. Sometimes Ian and a bunch of other people, but mainly these 3. Alot of people find it weird that I talk to 2 people I've never met before, yet we bond over a game. The whole reason how I know them is because of Quintin, who still lives in Edmonton. He's become like an older brother to me.

"Hey guys! Fuck I forgot my intro." Quintin muttered. We all started snickering and begun playing on minecraft servers.


Several hours later (even after the horrid editing and uploading process of youtube) Zayn was still sleeping. He somehow slept through my laughing and screaming at the boys for trying to kill me, mainly screaming at Mitch for knocking me down a void. Stupid Mitch.

I stirred the coffee with a stir stick and continued to make breakfast sighing as doing so. My mind kept wandering to the nights before, keeping me distracted as I cooked. I wish I could have done something. I wish he wasn't so... Scared. I wish I wasn't so scared. Times like this I needed advice from Courtney. I knew the whereabouts where both houses were, and Courtneys Apartment-Flat thingy wasn't too-too far away. Walking distance really.

I finished cooking breakfast, ate a bit, and piled the rest on a plate for Zayn. I grabbed a pen and paper and scrawled where I was going, before placing it on the fridge where Zayn would hopefully see. I grabbed my phone, a coat, slipped my shoes on and walked out the door.


The sights of London was so much more different then Edmonton. You could see the big ben off in the distance, and it was gorgeous to say the least. Courtneys Flat... Apartment.... House thing, Was in view. Something however, felt off about it. No one was really around the area, and I got one of the worst feelings in the world, just knots after knots in my stomach.

I felt someones fingers wrap around my wrist and violently pull me back.
"Fancy meeting you here." He smirked. I froze and tried to squirm out of his grasp in split seconds. Seconds always count. "Ah ah ah, Don't disappear like you did before." He sneered. "Now lets bring you back home to me hmmm?"

Fear. That was the highlight. It was 2 years ago all over again. I fought his grip for a few minutes before a bright idea flashed in my mind.
"COURTNEY COURTNEY HELP M-" Before I could finish the small outburst, His hand went over my mouth and pulled my small body against him.

"Lets go Samantha" He whispered harshly before pulling me away. The last thing I saw, was Victoria poking her head out the front of the hotel... Flat... Apartment thing, with confusion written all over her face. Of course she wouldn't recognize Kyle. Courtneys the only one whose formally met him. "Hurry Along Samantha. Or Courtneys new group of pals pay." He sneered making me slump in defeat. Im royally fucked.


So, I has money, now I have no idea what to buy.
If you know why I ask that question, Its cuz im banned from my family laptop for getting a virus on it by accident and I cracked my ipod and ive always wanted a phone... So I dunno. Help me decide?

So I hope you liked it! I wrote it while I was driving to Bow River with the fam... And Ye. So basically this took 4 hours with procrastination and all -.- woo 4 hours.

Zerrie is engaged as well
Oh the joys of being a Zayn/Harry girl.
A bit of me died.
I mean, I love Perrie to death... But I died a lil.

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