Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


24. Not So Cliche

Time Flys. But this will be a long one because I have like 50 million ideas that will pursuit in this chapter. So, Bare with me.

-Courtneys POV-

"Your phone is ringing" Harry sighed from beside me. I sighed and sniffed in the fresh grass. Wait. Grass? Are we in Canada or London? "Harry, Can you ask it?" I asked, still confused. He grunted in response and searched around with his hand. Moments later, his voice wafted through my ears with a deep husky morning voice. Lets be honest, That's like hearing rich chocolate, and being a Schroter, I'm like addicted to chocolate.

"Good... How are you ma'am" He said a little louder. About 20 minutes later, I finally hear Harry chuckle. "Would you like to talk to your granddaughter now ma'am?" I froze. Grandma?! He's talking to my Grandma? Damn it. "Its for you." Harry smiled. I sighed.

"Hello?" I shyly whispered.

"Courtney! My God baby girl! Are you dating him! Is he your boyfriend! ARE YOU ENGAGED? ARE YOU MARRIED? DO YOU HAVE CHILDREN YET! I HAVE TO GET PLANNING!" My grandmother started screaming. Harry looked at me and chuckled.

"Your grandma talks quite loud" Harry laughed. I sighed.

"Hello to you too grandma"

"JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!" "No, He's not my boyfriend, it is literally impossible for me to be engaged, married, or have children grandma." I sighed.

"WELL BOY YOU MIGHT WANNA MARRY HER" My grandma screamed through the phone. I pulled the phone away from my ear and rubbed it in pain.

It rang like an annoying mosquito. The ones that alway targeted me, but not my family. One time, I had 49 mosquito bites. In four damn days. It was living hell.

Harry just chuckled and kissed my cheek, looking at me with an odd glint in his eyes. "Anyway, Courtney honey, your brother has taken them again. We're sending him to London. He should be there in a few hours." My mom sighed. So we are in London....

"SO YOU SEND MY STEROID INDUCED BROTHER TO ME?!" I screamed. Harry raised an eyebrow at me questionably.

"You're the one that taught him that special defense crap. He almost sent your father to the hospital because he didn't want to wash dishes. You knock some sense into him for a week and you take the college there yeah?" My grandma reasoned. How she knew all this, i'll never know. She has her ways. I sat and thought for a minute.

"Can I talk to Harry about it?" Harrys eyes lit up when I spoke his name. "Put me on hold darling." She sighed. I put the phone on hold and placed it on the grass facing up.

I sighed and sat up against a tree. "Harry..." I sighed closing my eyes. I felt Harry sit beside me as I leaned on his shoulder.

"Yes Courtney?" He replied, playing with my fingers.

"Do you think its a good idea to bring my special defense artist steroid induced brother to London for a week." I sighed heavily. I felt Harrys eyes study me.

"Whats the catch?" He asked softly. I sighed again.

"I get to stay in London and study in college here." I replied.

"But wont you lose your accent?" He asked softly again. I scoffed.

"I have no accent. You however, do."

"Well, to me, you have an accent. Everyone here is the same. Like a boring beige wall. You, bring a splash of color." He pointed out. I laughed under my breathe.

"When did you turn into Zayn?"

"About 2 minutes ago. But, Its back to myself again." He laughed.

"So, good idea or not?" I asked again.

"To keep you here longer? Ill be here. It seems like a good idea." Harry replied

The thing is Harry has no idea how much this rests on his shoulders. If im not his girlfriend by this next date, I'm going home anyway. It doesn't matter.

I opened my eyes and reached for the phone, taking it off hold and pressing it to my ear. "Fine." I replied shortly and quickly.

"Thank you CourtneyBear!" My grandmother cheered, hanging up suddenly. "Yeah... Bye grandma." I huffed hanging up. My entire family always hangs up on me. Must be a Schroter thing.

"Well... This ought to be interesting." Harry laughed.

Oh you have no idea Harry. No. Idea.


"I don't see him." Harry sighed, complaining. I noticed Victoria and her parents a ways away. I wish I could meet them, but... I kinda have my brother to deal with.

"Oh you will."

"Is he shorter then you?" He asked. He seemed, nervous. He should be.

"Just because Ryan is 2 years younger then me," I strained my neck to look around the crowded London airport "Doesn't mean he's automatically weaker and shorter then myself." I finished.

Harry sighed and huffed. I saw Vic and her parents leave from the corner of my eye. Suddenly, I had been lifted off the ground and onto a shoulder. I was spun around several times, noticing a very amused Harry, then put back down and brought into a hug. Once my feet were placed firmly on the ground again, I was placed into a bone crushing hug.

"Hello to you too Ryan. Now, mind letting go I cant breathe." I choked out.

"Sorry." He laughed. For only being what... 16, 17... He was tall. I blame my dad for giving him those genes.

-Back at The Flat-

I smiled opening the door to our flat with the two boys trailing behind me. "I'm Niall, Her boyfriend." I heard Nialls voice say.

"SAY WHAT?" I screamed walking farther into the flat to see a shocked Victoria and parents.

"Well.... This is awkward. LETS GO... OUT COURTNEY." Harry said quickly pulling on my hand.

"No no no no no no no" Vic said pulling me back.

"I'm not suffering alone," She grumbled. I was pushed onto the couch by Victoria and a very agitated couple of parents.

I glared at Niall. This awkward situation brought to you by Niall Horan! "Why should we trust you... Niall." Mrs.Perfecto spat. I tried standing

"WELL.. Imma go..." I awkwardly murmured before running to the door.

"Oh no you don't" Victoria yelled before tackling me to the ground. I groaned.

"Why am I here. You haven't even introduced me." I moaned.

"Right." She pulled me to my feet.

"Mom, Dad, This is Courtney Schroter my Canadian friend from Canada." Victoria smiled.

"Well no duh I'm the Canadian from Canada." I rolled my eyes. She just glared at me.

"Nice to meet you Courtney" Her parents said in unison.

"Nice to meet you too! Your daughter gives the best advice I must say." I smile sucking up.

"I like her to Victoria." Her dad muttered. I smiled brightly that was easy.

"So should we trust... Blondie" Vics father asked me.

"Well, Niall here may annoy me, But he is one of my friends. If he hurts Vic, which I doubt he will, I will flip him on his back and break his leg" I answer with authority.

"Can you really flip a grown male?" Her mother asked.

"Well...." I trailed off.

"Louis' in your room." Abby smirked. My eyes went wide. My room, is my room. No touchy. I don't care if you are my best friend or a world renounced celebrity. You. Do. Not. Touch. My. Stuff.

"TOMLINSON!" I screamed running into my bedroom. I threw open the bedroom door and caught Louis trying to get the password to my electronic diary. His eyes went wide. I grabbed him by the ear and dragged him to the living room. "Can I actually flip a male, bigger then leprechaun?" I questioned myself. I grabbed Louis' arm and flipped him onto the floor. "Seems like I can" I smirked locking my bedroom door and dusting off my hands before joining Vic, Niall, Abby and Parents at the table. Her parents stared at me wide eyed. "Special defense classes" I answered.

They looked at me with hard eyes. "Can we trust this boy" They asked one last time.

"I promise you on my life, You can trust him." I answered back with confidence radiating in my voice. Niall better not screw up.

-Ze Next Day-

"Courtney, Will you accompany me on a date?" Harry asked from the kitchen.

"Sure." I replied from the living room, Where I was actually awake for once before noon.

"Is 1:00pm good with you?"

"Yea!" I smiled semi nervously.

This was the third date.

Niall had basically forced Vic to be his girlfriend, and her parents still hated Niall... and picked on Harry for his long curly hair, But none the less, Vic was safe. Sam seemed to be getting close to Zayn, never leaving his side, Yet Zayn was hiding something. Abby was dating this Kyle guy which Vic despised... And I would love to hit him with a car... Then there's me, Harry seems to have no interest in moving forward.

That worries me. How will Simon know if Harry doesnt ask? Why should I even worry. Harry will ask me tonight... Right?

God I hope so.

-The Date-

I smiled at the sight. Harry seemed to know what makes me happy. Outdoors. Today, Was a simple walk in the park, and through the woods. No one seemed to notice, which was sweet.

"Have you ever thought about your future?" Harry asked suddenly. I thought for a moment. "All the time. I wonder what ill be doing, if I'll be in a relationship, who my friends will be... I wonder all the time." I reply. "Why?" "No reason." He answered quickly, with a slight hesitation. I nodded.

It was a quiet walk, filling me with anxiety every step. Soon, we neared a cliff. Harry draped his legs over and invited me to sit beside him. I hurried over and leaned on his shoulder ever so slightly, as the sounds of birds cawed and tweeted. It was calming, relieving me of most of my anxiety. But not all of it.


I started blankly at the wall with no emotion. He never did ask, We went home later, shared a kiss, bid goodnight, and went to bed. My times up. I don't think it has really sunk in yet, I mean, The boys have their freedom, But I... can't see them. Ever again. Maybe Simon didn't know! That would be perfect. Then I could have another date!

My phone rang on my bedside table.

Usually Harry came and shared a bed with me, but he stayed up to talk to Victoria tonight.

I reached for my phone and answered it timidly. "Hello?" Its the call I was dreading.

"You have until tomorrow at sunset to say goodbye. No one must know why you are leaving, you must not tell them, Alright." Simons rough voice spoke through my speaker. I was totally under control of him.

"Yes sir."

"Be packed and ready. You're leaving London tomorrow." And with that, He hung up. Tears silently flooded to my eyes. I was really going.

I studied my phone, and it went black. I had a miniature panic attack. Suddenly, it was brought back to life. I entered in my password and my mouth dropped. All the boys photos they had taken with me, deleted. All their phone numbers, gone. Victoria and Abby, their numbers are gone. Sams cell phone number? Gone. My fan sites, terminated. Its like I never even discovered them. The boys were forced out of my lives. I took a photo I had printed out and wedged it behind my non One Direction related phone case. It had their numbers written under their photo, I was really going to be deleted from these boys lives. I studied it longer as tears fell rapidly down my cheeks.

I looked around the room and noticed paper, a stack of it. Delicately grabbing a pen and placing it in My left hand, I wrote 8 letters, Addressing Sam, Victoria, Abby, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and... The most emotion (as well as the very last of it) I had poured into Harry's. my best friends were going to be erased from my life, In a day, and for once, Im weak. I can do absolutely nothing about it. I buried my face in my pillow and cried myself to sleep, filled with nightmares and pain, and Harrys unfinished letter.

-Sams POV-

Zayns Flat. I basically lived there now.

You see, in the situation we were in, Courtney and Vic have room for 3 other people. Niall, Harry and Abby took those places, so I was going to head home back to Edmonton. Zayn however, Invited me to stay. Four hours of insisting later, I was in his flat drinking tea.

I felt Zayns eyes on me as I laid in the bed. "Zayn." I whispered through the dark. I heard Zayn chuckle a response.

"Yes Sam?"

"Do you think Harry will ask Courtney out?" I ask softly.

"Well, I can see how Harry looks at Courtney, He would be stupid not too." Zayn determined after a while. I nodded.

"Do you think Courtneys hiding something?" I asked moments later.

"Defiantly." Zayn chuckled with no hesitation.

"That all your questions Sam?" He chuckled.

"No, Are you hiding anything from me?" I whispered. Instead of hearing no, Zayn didn't reply.


I had this planned.... For so long. It was bugging me. So yes! I had actually hoped that Niall would become Victorias boyfriend, and I had conjured that Harry had not asked me. So, Sorry if im making you all scream at your reading device... I can almost hear Vic screaming at me. :3 So, Who do you ship. Viall, Corry, or maybe you ship Ciall, Vorry.... (Which is odd) What bout Bella and Sam? Who do you think they should be with? Slowly this story is coming together :D


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