Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


7. Meet Little Mrs.Victoria Perfecto (Horan)

~Courtney POV~

Fucking hell my face hurts. Stupid fucking floor.

Ok so that shirt is fucking awesome, but you know how embarrassing it is for you idol to see it! Very!

I thoughtfully plotted my revenge as the little Irish lad looked uncomfortable standing at the door.

"Well Niall come on in!" I greeted. "Thank you. ... Er..." "Courtney" I smiled. "And thats Victoria and Bella" I smiled once again pointing to the two girls. "Get dressed would yea Bella" Vc complained suddenly "Alright Alright calm your tits Vic." Bella groaned.

While they bickered, I day dreamed a bit. Why did I bring my One Direction tees again? I questioned myself. Oh yea, cuz im flipping awesome. Makes Sense. I concluded.

"So would you boys like anything to drink?" I asked a they made themselves comfortable on the couch. "Waters fine!" Vic screamed. "I WASNT ASKING YOU YEAH BIMBO!" I shouted to wherever she was.

I swear I will never take that girl to the mall. I'd lose her way to quickly... And possibly just give up trying. Yea I'm nice :3

"Whatever your having" The boys smiled in unison. "Kay I'll be back with the drinks!" I smiled and left the room to grab the drinks. 4 cans of Pepsi. Hmmm... I looked in the freezer for ice. Bingo Was His Nameo. Found some. I dropped two ice cubes in each of the glasses and cracked open the cans.

I was heading back when I heard 2 voices that I promise you, was not Vic or Bella.
"Niall I don't know... Its pretty risky." Harry protested unsurely.

"What can we do! We chose the wrong flight. The boys are all the way in Canada. Why don't we just relax in London for a bit! We don't have any concerts for the time being! It'll be fun!" Niall practically begged

"Where would we stay! My mum, Robin and Gemma are on vacation and I lost the key to the house ages ago!" Harry whined.

Of course Harry would lose the key. It seems so 'Harry Like' if that makes sence.

"We can get a hotel?" Niall answered, but with his strong Irish accent, it came out as a question.

"But the fans will notice us!" Harry spoke.

"Pleaseeee we can stay here Maybe!" Niall begged.

"I dont want to be bothersome." Harry muttered. Did Harry Styles just say that. I think I need to clean out my ears.

"Can we ask?" Niall begged.
I decided to walk in at that moment.

"Ask what?" I smiled looking innocent. Harry shot glares at Niall.

"COURTNEY WHERES MY TOOTHBRUSH!?" Vic screamed. I gave the boys their drinks and mentally face palmed.

"Cover your ears boys." I demanded. They hesitantly did so. "I DONT KNOW I DIDNT TRAVEL WITH YOU!" I yelled. I yell a bit to much. Niall's eyes practically asked if it was ok to take his hands off his ears. I nodded and he let out a sigh of relief.

"So what were you gonna ask me?" I smiled, not dropping the subject. "Dont do it Niall." Harry frowned.
"Do what?" I asked.
"Courtney, is it ok if we bunk here?" Niall blurted.
They covered their ears expecting me to scream, but I just laughed. They looked at me like I had grown two heads. "Sure! No problem at all!" I giggled. They smiled at me happily.
"So whatcha wanna d-" "TRUTH OR DARE!" Vic yelled.
"God shes like Louis." Harry chuckled.
Niall started to laugh. Remind me to check that off my bucket list. Well 2 things actually. Hearing Niall laugh and playing truth or dare with at least 2 of the guys. Im quite specific.
Bella had left a while ago once mention of 'Truth Or Dare' was in the open air. Kill joy.
"I dare you to..." Harry stopped in mid thought. "I dare you to... Dip your tooth brush in the toilet and brush your teeth." Harry smirked. "Fuck you Harry." Vic slowly got off her ass and towards the bathroom while Harry laughed menacingly.

I high-fived Harry through his victory. You could hear Vic gag. Niall sighed and headed to help Vic. "Thats kind of him. " I giggled referring to Niall. "You know Vic is gonna kill you right?" I asked.

Harry just burst out laughing. "Harry! Are you laughing at me!" I asked shocked. His face just turned red as he pointed behind me. I turned my head 180 degrees and saw Vic moaning. She look like she got hit by a Greyhound* Bus. Her hair was the least bit attractive, it was actually comedic. Ok so I was mean, but I fell on my face and they laughed. But that wasnt my revenge. That was more of a little boost from Harry. "I quit" Vic groaned. "Poor sport." I whined. Vic glared at me. Kinda like telling me to shut my face or she would kill me. Lets be honest, she can be scary. Dont wanna piss her off... Or bump into her in a dark alley way
I swear Bella cannot make up her mind! After she heard the mention of food leave my lips, she came running, and snatched a bag of Doritos, ripping them open. "So boys," Bella sighed munching on some Doritos. "Whatcha doing here"

The duo looked at each other, then to me, then back at each other, then to Vic, then back at each other again, then to Bella, then Harry looked at me and Niall looked at Vic. "Well...." Harry started off.
"We kinda"
"missed our flight"
"to Canada"
"which is really far away"
"and its really just a vacation.."
"Why did they pick such a cold place!" The boys switched every few words between themselves.
"Offended Canadian in your presence" Vic chuckled. The boys looked at us. "Which one..." Niall asked.
I sighed. "Eh?" I mumbled.
"Courtney Ni" Harry smirked.
I just nodded. "Your accent is quite awkward..." Vic chuckled. "Oh shut up American." I shot. Yep, we have a love/hate relationship. She loves me when I hate her and I love her when she hates me. Beautiful right there.
~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****"VICCC" Niall moaned after he ate all the food. In the fridge. That was gonna last me and Vic about two da- wait theres Bella too. Ok so it would last us maybe a day and a half. Dont blame us for our hunger.

"Whatttt" she mumbled into a pillow, conveniently on the couch. "Lets tell stories...." Harry trailed off. "PERFECT I GOT ONE!" I yelled. Vic looked at me with pleading eyes. "No. You wouldnt." "Oh, but i would." I grinned menacingly. "Tell us Courtney!" Niall, Bella, and Harry demanded. "Screw you" she declared pointing to them all

She groaned and slammed her head back into the pillow.
"This all happened when I first met Little Victoria Perfecto...."


I spun on my dads spiny chair from his office, that I had somehow lugged up the stairs to my room, without being noticed. You think someone in the house would notice, but no, not even my cat did.

"Will Vic ever message me back!" I asked my cat. "Merow?"
I sighed and jumped back onto my bed. Lately I had been getting close with a girl named Victoria. It was new to me meeting friends over Twitter. We even started sending messages to each other.

You dont know how many times I told my mom that Vic was from my school and that she wasnt a rapist trying to kill me. More then once. Which is way to many in my mind. So in other words, more then 20.

I finally "grew some balls" as my brother put it and we decided to Skype, even with my crappy laptop. I was nervous, but i would just be my normal awkward self. We were Directioners anyway, could always rely on the boys to be a good topic to fall back on.
~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****~~~~~*****The light blinked on, and the connection was made. "Hello!" I waved and smiled. "So your the Victoria I've been talking too." I smiled. She nodded eagerly. "Thats me! You must be C-" she was cut off. "SUPERMAN!" A boy ran past the background. Wearing, is that One Direction Underwear? Okaiiii.... I'll pretend I didnt see that. "SERIOUSLY. NOW OUTTA ALL TIMES!" She yelled, attempting to get up but falling flat on her face. I held back laughs. "DAMN IT!" She screamed. She wobbed towards the door with, rope tied between her legs. Ok. So I'm not the weirdest person I know. That's, awesome? I smiled and decided to tune on the radio to pass time, but was often interrupted by screams.

The whole Up All Night album later, the person I learned to be Vic, ran through the door screaming the word that scared me most. "SPIDER!" She screamed as she jumped on her bed. I saw the small black thing scurry around her floor. I shrieked and jumped on my chair. "KILL THE DAMN THING" I begged. Yep. I have an issue. "JUST SIT IT OUT AND IT WIL-" she started. "IT DISAPPEARED" I screamed terrified of a spider that couldnt even touch me. Im kinda weird that way, but I think this girl I've seemingly met, is too. "WHERE DID IT GO! NIALL SAVE ME!" She screamed jumping into the invisible air, hoping Niall Horan would dash through the window to save her.

Yep. I like this girl. We are gonna get along just fine.

Truth be told, im glad shes not a 50 year old perverted guy, but the way my skype hates me, I think Vic thought I was the perv. Ok well I am a little bit of a perv, but im not a child molester.

*flashback end*
" AND THAT is the first time I met Vic. Oh boy, I should tell you the first time I caught her drooling over my One Direction Posters. Specificall-" "DONT YOU DARE!" "But what if I do" "I'll say a few of your moments." "Like..." "WELL All the times your sugar high. OH MY GOD! That one time whe-" "OK OK I WONT TELL THEM!" I yelled. "Thats what I thought." Vic victoriously smiled.
"But I wanna hear the story!" Niall whined. "I wanna hear both of them." Harry chucked. "NO" we both shouted. "Kills joys" the trio grumbled in unison. "So tell us about yourself!" I laughed before it got outta hand. "Dont you know all about us though..." Harry mused. "Not ALL about you... But a big chunk im sure Courtney k-" I punched her arm. "OW!" Vic glared at me. Ok, so I've been a fan for a while, but if she even dares to mention how much I know, I will slap her. Seriously. Not scared to hit her, now that I actually can. "Well... You know the basics, so whatcha wanna know?" Niall chuckled. "I dunno? The you've heard? That are hopefully false...." I smiled. "Wow. Thats a dusy*" Harry smirked "a what?" "Never mind. Well...."


Definition: Dusy - Slang for awesome, or terrible. Can mean any word with great emphasis.(What a dusy bruise, or I got a dusy of a headache)
Pronounced (Do-SEE)

Definition: Greyhound Bus - A bussing system used to travel long distances across Canada. May be found in the United States but I'm not positive.

Guess what I did today!

Vic: What.


Vic: Good For You.


Vic: Well sorry it was your fault

How was it my fault...


I think you were just to lazy...

Vic: HEY!

Its true.

Vic: Meanie.

Mhm sure I am.

ANYWAY. I put alot of thought into my revenge on Vic,

Vic: that was a horrible revenge.

That wasnt even my revenge

Vic: Crap.

Mhm. I plan on holding back your tourcher. I just decided story time.

Vic: Cruelty.

SHHH I'M TRYING TO WRITE GIRLY. Anyway, next I'm waiting for Vic. So... CHOP CHOP MONKEY STOP

Vic: What


Vic: Yes Ma'am Mrs.Bossy ma'am

I get it from my Father, and the names Miz. SCHROTER TO YOU!

Vic: *grumbles*


So yeah. I have this project coming up, and you have to take 4 pictures, One Black and White, One with a Caption, One Original, and One Photo shopped or edited. I decided for the black and white to take a picture of the posters on my wall at an angle so it would be looking up to it. So, yea. I hope it works out.

On another note, I made a One Direction quote in Art class outta Acrylic Paints. It says 'The Person Who Gives You Unexplained Happiness, will always be the reason for your Unexplained Sadness
-Zayn Malik'
Aint that creative. It took a whole double block art class. :3

~Courtney :3
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