Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


17. Its on like Donkey Kong

How the fuck am I gonna write this... SHIITTTT. You know what. YOLO.

~Courtneys POV~

Niall raised his eyebrow as I smirked. "What are we forced to do..." Niall asked unsure of what I would force him to do."Well... Considering your dating my new best friend here, and you plan on marrying her a making little mexichauns t-" "Mexic- what nows" Niall asked, clearly unknowledgeable of Vic furiously blushing. "Well, You see a Mexichuan is like a Mexican... And a Leprechaun... Mixed together. Yea know af-" "IMMA STOP YOU THERE" Vic interrupted me in the middle of my very valid conversation. "We arent even together Courts" Vic laughed As Nialls face dropped slightly, and I smirked. I totally ship Viall.

"Well... We need to rebel yea know. Like, Yeah." I trailed off unsure. "So do you even have a plan..." Vic asked me. "Pfft Yea" I scoffed. "Then what is it" Niall smirked. "Well... You see... Whats the next thing planned for you all that you dont want at all..." I smiled."We have another tour in..." Niall trailed off looking at his hands. "Niall...." I warned. He sighed "4 days..." Victoria looked... Bothered by it, but tried to hide it. I read this girl like a book."Well... You two are standing up to Simon." "How?" Niall scoffed. "We cant do anything to sca-" "Yes you can. Your gonna leave the band"


"WHAT?" Liam shrieked. "See I told you... Never tell Daddy Direction." Niall chuckled. "Well... If you let me explain, you'll know why I'm imposing this." I rolled my eyes aggravated. Liam crossed his arms and waited patiently."Alright, So, If Harry and Niall here say they want to leave the band because they have unfair restrictions, Simon will argue and say a 'Fine Do What You Want' Type thing. Then as the boys agree and they will say 'Good luck taming the fans' They close the door as Simon realizes... He's fucked cuz the other boys wont sing and his world wide profit will go down. So, He'll ask the boys if they want anything, and this is when Niall and Harry say they want complete freedom of their decisions and anything they do, without Management interference. Advice, Fine. But no Interference." I explained.The 5 boys looked at me like I was brilliant and I just solved world hunger or something. "And you think this will work?" Zayn asked. "Well... I might need a little help. I'll need my best friend to act as someone... Like a secretary if this doesnt go as planned." "So Me?" Vic sighed. "Actually, No. We cant have Bella, or You, or Myself." "Why?" "The paps already know us. Simon could easily figure us out." I explained for a second time. "So... Who?" Zayn asked. "This house is about to get fucked up" I answered picking up my phone.


"Ok, So shes coming in... 3 days. One day before your tour. You guys can do it when she actually arrives in... London." I hesitated. "But who is it." Zayn asked for a second time. "Samantha Topilko. My best friend from home. If she says anything awkward... Please dont believe her." "What could she possibly say?" Niall laughed. "She told me she smoked drugs and she was high and Courtney was her dealer" Vic said seriously. The boys laughed but we just looked at them serious. "My God. Your serious?" Harry asked in disbelief. We nodded. "But shes single... So thats a reason why." I reasoned.

-2 Day Later-

"COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY COURTNEY" A person screamed my name over and over. It sounded like one of those stupid alarm clocks that you just really really hate. I smacked the person over the head annoyed. "OW!" Vic screamed in pain falling dramatically to the ground and squirming. I propped myself on my elbows and watch her 'Die in a withering heap on the ground' as she called it. I sat there laughing to myself, not noticing her get up off the floor and push my off the bed. I groaned in pain as the door was opened carefully. "What happened?" The person asked thoughtfully. "HARRY. GET THE FUCK OUT. YOU CANNOT SEE THIS GIRL UNTIL YOUR DATE!" Vic yelled slamming the door on who I assume was Harry. I crawled onto my feet and sighed.

"Dont go all Hunger Games on me." I sighed scratching the back of my head. Vic just grabbed my arm and threw random summer dresses at me. I looked at her strangely as she just continued throwing dress after dress before she finally hit her 'AH HA' Moment. A pair of white shorts, and a nice flowy purple top with black sequins and a transparent fabric over my stomach region was thrown at me. I caught them and looked at her quizzically. "Well Courtney, Harry told me to dress you up casual. So, I'm putting you in that and gladiator sandals." She remarked throwing the pair of gray sandals at me. I sighed and walked into the bathroom changing. It was to early to be up. I started to work on my hair before Vic stormed in and worked on my makeup because I had an odd inability to do makeup. Im serious. If you let me do your makeup, you look like a clown. I've taken all those makeup lessons, But I fail. Incredibly. Its not even funny.


I smiled looking at the surroundings of the small park. It had a pretty burch tree and a small winding river with elegant bridge over looking it. Ducks quacked and waddled into the water. I smiled as I felt Harry's larger hand intertwine with my small and... dainty one. He pulled me over the bridge and towards a cliff, over looking London. I gasped at the sight as the wind swirled around us, making my flowy shirt flutter against my stomach softly. I looked over at Harry ans smiled. "Its beautiful." Harry looked at me with his glimmering green eyes and sat down, motioning for me to do the same. I sat down on the soft green grass, and I oddly leaned comfortably on his chest, as he wrapped him arms around me. I smiled as he rested his chin on my shoulder, and kissed my cheek. I blushed slightly as he chuckled. He pulled a picnic basket from a nearby bush and opened it. inside layed some of my favorite foods... which made me wonder how he knew. I pulled out one of the chicken pot pies and munched on it. We laughed and told jokes and I had the best time of my... well... date less life.

You heard it right! I have never had a boyfriend.

Or a first kiss

Or a proper date

Im Virgin

And I cannot use technology to save my life.

Yeah.... I'm odd alright..

The sky blended with yellows, reds, and oranges as the sun plunged down below the skyline. The buildings sillouette with the splashes of color was majestic. My eyes twinkled with wonder as I looked at the beauty unfold in front of me. It was truly perfect. The sun had finally set behind the busy down town London and I sighed. I turned and faced Harry, my own face inches from his. We inched closer and closer to each other. Our lips we're about to connect, but, a pap had to be a damn cockblock. The camera flashed causing us to jump apart, worried and flustered. We looked up at eachother, alarmed, grabbed the picnic basket and ran. A crowd was piling behind us and screaming and chanting thing about how I was a whore and how much they wanted Harry's gravy. Do I really sound like that? Being a directioner and all... We ran as fast as our legs could take us, but our hands staying linked. He threw open the car door for myself, and closed it behind me. Always being th gentleman. As soon as we got far enough from the mob, We burst out laughing. It was nice to just... laugh. I learned something that day. Harry Styles was quite normal... and he was cheesy too. Perfect for me.


"So who are we waiting for again?" Zayn asked being our driver. Harry and I have been awkward for a bit, since the date really, where as Vic and Niall have been all flowers and dasies and roses. "Sam." I answered in one word as Vic and Niall were talking. To be honest, it annoyed me that Harry and I havent been talking. I really like him. Maybe he is just a popstar. But I'll never know. I cant read minds like Edward Cullen.... Boy I wish I was Edward Cullen sometimes. Sam's flight was called as her plane landed and the luggage passed through the belt. About 10 minutes later, a very tired, tall, brown haired girl with hazel eyes, showing her excitement laced in her exausted body. She perked up as soon as she saw me and engulfed me in a hug. "COURTNEYYYY" She squealed. I hugged her back and laughed. "Hello to you to Sammy." Vic and Niall looked at me and Sam like we had been smoking something illegal or talking about assainating the president. I laughed slightly at there reactions while Zayn was just staring at her.... like a stalker. My God. STALKER ZAYN! "Sam, This is Zayn, Victoria, and Niall." I smiled gesturing to each person. "Courtney are you already dating someone?" Sam asked laughing. I looked at her unamused "No." "Well... I doubt that. I feel sorry for the poor lad." Sam giggled. Zayn just laughed. "Well, Im pretty sure Courtney thinks Niall and Vic are OTP's, while on the other hand, Vic thinks Courtney and Harry are while she slaps Harry over the head with a stick because Harry and Courtney have been having awkward times since their last date." Zayn reasoned. I looked in awe at Zayn. Alright then, We have a smart ass. "YOU WENT ON YOUR FIRST DATE AND YOU DIDNT TELL ME?" Sam screamed. "Or just tell the entire world. Thanks." "YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE MA GIRL" Sam screamed dragging me by the arm, going the wrong way. "Sam... the car is this way..." Zayn chuckled. "I KNEW THAT!" Sam announced dragging me towards the car. What did I get myself into.


AND I FINALLY GOT ALL OF IT! You know how hard it is to talk to Vic, Dance to Music, Watch Big Brother Canada, study, do homework, and update at the same time while expected to do my chores. Not. Easy. Anyway, Enjoy. I'll try to bias Sam off mt realy life Bestie.... YAYAY! So.... Hope you liked it. This is dedicated to Ella.... my friend from school.... now she knows how much of an awko taco I am. YAY!

BTW, Chris Hadfield = AWESOME!


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