Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


19. I'm Schroter, Courtney Schroter

~Courtneys POV~

I looked Simon hard in the eyes, as he demanded the boys, Victoria and Sam leave. I'll admit, I was scared shitless, But I was taught 'If you believe in something, defend it', so... That is what I plan to do... I suppose.

Simon closed his door and sat in his mob boss style chair. "What do you know about buisness Ms..." "Schroter." "Ms. Shhroter." He pronounced, making me cringe under his pronouncation of my name. "S-ku-row-ter." (A/N Say Scrotum. Now instead of 'um' say 'er'.) I corrected annoyed. His eyes narrowed as he glared at me as I 'Talked back' at the man I had once so much admired for all his doing with One Direction. This man was my God, but he had quickly turned into my sworn enemy in the blink an eye.

I stood up tall and proud and paced the room trying to make a point. "I may be just an 18 year old, but I do know that you would have to go through law suits, and courtrooms, and you would lose millions of dollars, and most importantly, The boys would say why they spilt, and you would have a group of rabid fans. Further more into a deeper explaination, If you so need more proof, stocks would go down.., and if you're hated by people now, you'll be hated even more. But just between me and you, We both know what people think of you is not important, But money is. How much money do you make off these boys each tour Simon?" "In two years we made over 100 million." "Over 100 million... so about 50 million a year? Kiss that goodbye Cowel. Kiss you're money goodbye." I concluded. Simon raised his eyebrow towards me. "How about these terms and conditions." He handed me a piece of paper. My terms and conditions. No one else but mine. What, was I signing up for the Disney website or something. I examined the paper I was handed. A sole peice, not a whole booklet, but one flimsy peice of paper. I read over the complex terms and words and made my own little comprehension.

Basically, I was told that if I told any band secrets, Broke any of the boys hearts, used them for fame or popularity to boost myself up, spread rumors about the boys or their close friends, and I had no job or I was not studying for university, the boys rights would be removed immediately.

If they realised the boys from control... I would be letting these men control me.

"No." I answered coldly. "Then you are forbidden to see the boys." He shrugged smirking. "YOU CANT DO THAT!" I whispered harshly. "Oh bu-" He started before I stepped in, interrupting him like a rude ass mofo. "NO! LISTEN HERE MISTER. YOU THINK YOU ARE ON TOP OF THE FUCKING WORLD AND YOU CAN CONTROL LIVES BUT NO! YOU THINK YOU CAN SCARE ME? NO! Give these boys up... let another record label pick them up all I care. They can do so much better then you." I hissed, my voice laced with venom. I turned on my heel and walked towards the door. Just as quickly, I felt my arm being jerked back from the door and spun to face him. "Do whatever you want... but dont mess this up. You have a total of 3 dates to get Harold to ask you to be his girlfriend. If he does not, you must leave. The same goes for Victoria. They must not know either. Comprenday?" He hissed back. "Like three in total... cuz me and Vic have both been on a date already..." I mumbled. "You have two more, and if your 'Samantha' friend wants to date a boy from the band, she better not destroy any of the boys love lives." He growled pushing me out the door to my awaiting group of friends. What the hell have I gotten myself into.



I highly doubt that Harry Styles would ask me, Courtney Schroter, to be his girlfriend. My own grandmother has a better chance then I do for crying out loud. We hardly talk now too. Its... Awkward. On the other hand, Zayn and I have become close, we can relate to alot... Like how Niall eats too much, and Vic is plane weird... Then we talk about home. He's a really sweet guy... And truthfully I know more about Zayn then I do Harry... Its disappointing. Zayn is quite deep too... Even though since Perrie turned all diva on him... Though I doubt that. Zayns not telling me something and I have no idea what that something is. Maybe I can get Zayn the quiet artist with Sam the shy but loud artist! Yes. I have the name already. Sayn. HA! SEE. IM BRILLIANT.

On another note, Victoria is obsessed with saying I should become a lawyer. Lawyers have no damn life. I would much rather prefer to be an author, or a screen writer, or a therapist, or even a Drama and LA teacher.


'The fiery red breathe of the crystal dragon scorched the knights and their metallic armor like they were a group of marshmellows. The deed being done, the glimmering dragon announced a terrifying and bone rattling roar into the twilight. Charred metals and bones at the foot of the beasts cave showed the courage of the failures, trying to get a glimpse or small fraction of the magnificent creatures treasure, only to be roasted on the spot. But this day was different. This day, the dragon would meet its match and' I scrawled on a piece of paper in concentration. My eyebrows furrowed as I corrected each incorrect word and trying my skills in a fantasy story instead of my typical g rated romance novels. "Courtney?" A deep rich voice asked from my door way. "Yes?" I answered not looking up from my incomplete work. "Whatcha doin..." He asked stepping in nervously. I looked up from my page and smiled at Harry "Just writing a book." I shrugged. "Can I read it?" He asked softly moving closer. I put the piece of paper in my writing binder... Or as Sam called it 'My Crap Binder'. Ideas flooded in and out of it. Everything I ever thought of laid in this petite binder. "Why mot?" He asked moving closer to myself with every syllable. "Because you have to wait like everyone else." I smiled as our faces were mere inches apart.










~Sam's POV~

I looked around at the 5 boys in wonder. I learned so much in 3 hours. Louis was the silly one, and extremely sassy, Reminding me of Lisa back at home. Niall was the happy go lucky Irish boy, he never had a frown... And seemed to crush on Vic... Or as they say it 'Fancy'. Liam is the responsible one, nothing like Courtney or I... And he loves disney movies... So Liam and I are forever movie buddies. Harry is the flirt and silly, much like Courtney. If he likes Courtney, then He's in luck because Courtney is obsessed with curls... But... She doesn't let boys in easily. She's secretive. Then Zayn... Zayn is.... Adorable. He's muslim... And the most quiet out of the 5 boys. He has this bad boy look going on for him. His hair looks so soft... And if I ever touch it and it feels like how it looks, I'm going to rob his conditioner. I read through one of my Harry Potter books and felt the couch dip slightly. Someone sat beside me. I peeled my eyes from the story and locked eyes with Zayn. I smiled and waved nervously. He smiled back. "Harry Potter?" He asked quietly. His voice was so.... Interesting. Unlike mine. I nodded "Yeah. Its book number 3. You read the series?" I asked hoping to strike a conversation. "Yeah. Ive read the books and seen the movies" He chuckled softly. "The books are so much better then the movies" We said aloud in unison. We looked at eachother and laughed. "Im Samantha Topliko, but Call me Sam. My mom and Courtney call me Samantha when they want something and im not paying attention so... Yea." I smiled. "Im Zayn Malik... But please dont think im the average rockstar whose to good for you." He smiled. We laughed together. "No, You're really nice and quiet." I smiled. He smiled back at me. "Maybe wanna go to dinner one time? Yeah know to get away from all the crazies and just talk?" He smiled. I nodded "Sounds like a plan Stan." He laughed along with me.

"So, Tell me about Canada." He asked striking up the conversation. "Well... What do you want to know?" I answered. "Everything a true person from Canada knows." He smiled. "Well... The war of 1812 was the most important war in Canada, We have 10 provinces and 3 territories, Edmonton has the biggest indoor amusement facility as well as the 3rd biggest parking lot, Alberta does not have PST, Which is Provincial Sales Tax, but they do have GST, which is Goods and Services Tax, or General Service Tax. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and we are a Bilingual country, meaning we speak 2 main language. We support immigrants, and have the number 1 production in Maple Syrup and Oil. Hockey is a main sport for us, We are known as Canadians, and the french say Canadiens. Many say Canadians are stupid, and wear lumber jack shirts and live in igloos, when obviously we dont and we are actually extremely intelligent. We support gay marriage and adore bacon. Our 'accent' is that things like 'Colour' for Americans is spelled 'C-O-L-O-R' but for us, its 'C-O-L-O-U-R'... Um... Tim Hortans is 100% better then Starbucks will ever be... And... We have free health care." I concluded, knowing I left out alot. "There is so much more, but I dont want to bore you." I smile.


I had a really good night to say the least. We ended up walking home, and being environmental. By reflex, we held each others hand and it felt like our hands were molded to fit together. We laughed at jokes we made and walked in the door to the hotel... Only to see a very pissed off Liam and Courtney. Courtney may be silly... But shes a leader mama bear type of girl. We. Were. Screwed.


"And never"



"LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING US AGAIN!" Liam and Courtney shouted finishing their nice 4 hour speech. I had almost fallen asleep on Zayn 3 times. I saw Courtney glare at Zayn as I rested comfortably against his arm. "I set up another hotel room for you lot through the connecting door." I heard Courtney mutter. I felt myself being lifted off the couch, but I still felt Zayns warmth radiating off his body. I nuzzled against his chest and fell alseep, just utterly exhausted from Jetlag... Unlike Courtney who has never even experienced it. Slowly, I drifted off into my happy place, where Zayn was keeping me company. Let the dreams... Begin.


There we go. First update ive done in a while... But I blame my big ass thumbs... And school. Vic doesnt have school so yeah. I HAD AN ART GALA! And I pwned... Made people laugh... And yea. So... That was fun. And I got a 20 for one of my art works. Hope your weekends fabLOUIS :3


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