Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


30. If I Lay Here

My last chapter until the famous 30? Holy. Victoria is just the lucky bastard that gets to write it :( OH WHALE :D Enjoy.


I guess technically I got chapter 30....

-Courtneys POV-

Being back at home for a week and three days was sweet, but London felt like a home now. I haven't really told anyone, but I was accepted into The U of A, University of Manchester, and University of Westminster. I only really handed in an application for University of Alberta, which is in Edmonton, but I really have no idea where I want to go to. It was one of those hard decisions I hated making. Yet, I knew what I wanted to be.

"So Courtney, Stop being all lovey dovey and shit for just a moment, and answer this," Vic interrupted as I cuddled beside Harry. He was so warm, and made me feel safe as cheesy as it sounds, I was falling in love pretty hard. Its like, Being a fan girl and actually loving is 2 different things. You can think you know usually (unless you're a stalker) you wont.

"Whatcha need" I sighed looking on the other side of me.

"Are you accepted into a university yet?" She asked raising an eyebrow. Should I tell her. I sighed deeply.

"Three different ones." I muttered.

"Speak up yea mumbler." She complained.

"I've been accepted in three different ones?" I answered again. She looked at me bewildered.

"And I was only accepted into one. What is this" she pouted crossing her arms as we went into a descent. I giggled and shrugged.

"They all want the Canadian." I smirked. Vic smacked me playfully

"I think its just cuz you're more foreign" She smirked.

"Nope, Its the Canadian charm." I giggled.

"So what are you taking?" Harry asked softly.

"Well, I want to be a therapist, so, Yeah." I nodded. Now I have to make the decision on where to go.


"WE'RE HO- NIALL ARE YOU EATING MY FOOD!" I screamed. Niall looked at me with wide eyed with poptart in hand and started running. "GET BACK HERE YEAH ASSHOLE" I screamed chasing after him. Vic just shook her head in disapproval as she watched Niall and I circled around the flat at high speeds. I was just about to tackle the boy to the ground and grt my food, When Suddenly, I got the feeling of being off the ground. "HEY!" I yelled squirming around. I felt Harry kiss my cheek.

"I can always buy you more" he chuckled. I pouted and sighted.

"Fine." Harry chuckled and put me down on the couch, and sat perched beside me.

"You really love those things don't you?" He smiled. I nodded not taking my glare of Niall. He flashed me his eyes and an adorable 'Sorry'.

"I forgive you" I replied genuinely.

"Really?" He asked with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

"HAHA no." I replied, flipping him the bird and facing the tv.

"Niall just got owned." Abby mumbled sitting on a chair, texting that Kyle guy.

I didn't like the sound of Kyle. He sounded like an asshole. Speaking of assholes, I wonder where Sam is... Not saying shes an asshole... Her ex is. Who happens to be named Kyle. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.


After a few minutes of channel surfing, we came across The Lion King. "FUCK NO ITS HAPPENING SHIT SHIT SHIT" Victoria cried looking around for the tissues. Simba started crying for his dad, and it just triggered emotions. I buried my head in Harrys chest trying to block out the sadness of the sweetest most adorable Lion Cub ever in the existence of the Earth.

Half way through the movie, I know I fell asleep, because the last thing I remember is the 'mature' Simba singing 'Hakuna Mattata' with Simone and Pumba, and cuddling the closest I could possibly be to Harry. I still loved how he smelled. It reminded me of happiness... And just... Harry.


I woke up beside a shirtless Harry, who was still sleeping. I took the time to examine him without being judged with that stupid line 'take a picture it lasts longer'. His tattoos (even though the butterfly really annoyed me) weren't that bad, and the curls were painted softly around his head, and his breathing had a pattern.

I felt him shift and I quickly shut my eyes. I heard as well as felt Harry sigh. He chest moved my head up and down, making it hard for me not to smile. I felt his hand stroke my hair on top of my head with care, and I heard him hum the tune of Little Bird by Ed Sheeran, my latest song addiction. Softly, He kissed my temple and continued humming. I fluttered my eyes open, and acted as though I had just woken up. "Good morning Kitten." He whispered in his ever so sexy morning voice.

"Good morning Hazza" I whispered back. Even though I was clever around words, I could not make a single nickname for Harry. It would take time, but I'd find one. He kissed my temple softly, making me break out a smile, and leaving us in a comfortable silence.

"How long have we known each other?" Harry asked softly as he played with my hair, and breaking the delicate silence. I paused for a few moments before answering

"3 months." And just like that, the silence was regained. I looked up at Harry and smiled as he planted a soft kiss on my lips. This curly haired boy was driving me crazy with something I have never ever felt before.

"I just wanna lay here today." I decided after a while. Harry smiled at me and kisses my forehead.

"If I lay here,
If I just lay here,
Would you lay with me and just forget the world.
Forget what we're told,
Before we get to old..."
He sang just loud enough for me to hear, and to make me smile at the song of choice. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.


-Sams POV-

RECAP: "Are you hiding anything from me?" I asked softly. But instead of getting a gentle no, I got nothing.


"Zayn..." I repeated softly. "What are you hiding from me?" I asked propping myself on one elbow. I was worried. I really was. What if he was an imposter. Or a murderer? Maybe even a rapist. I placed my fingers softly on Zayns shoulder, and instead of sighing, he brushed them off. "Don't touch me. I'm a monster" He answered shakily.

I breathed in a shaky breathe. OK... So he could still be a murderer and a Rapist. "How are you a monster?" I asked softly, digging myself a hole. Please to God don't be a rapist or murderer.

"I controlled her." He whispered. HES. A. RAPIST. OH MY SWEET JESUS.

"What do you mean?" I asked. Maybe I was digging the Grande Canyon for myself.

"I controlled Perrie. I didn't let her have friends or go out. That's why she slapped me and told me the truth, then got up and left." He mumbled.

"What did she say?" I asked. OK, so maybe I didn't dig that deep.

"She said I was Untrustworthy, Sad Excuse for a lover, Controlling, a monster, a sad excuse for a life and soul." I saw tears leak from his eyes, which made my heart shatter. "And then she said the next girl I find is going to be a whore." With that final sentence, he broke down crying. "I made her do things, I made her stay in the house, I didn't allow her to have friends." He sobbed. I tried to touch him, but he gingerly brushed my hands away. "Im not good for anyone." He finished. Silence erupted. Not a word was said.

I looked at Zayn, Concentrating. "I think I've been through worse." I finally said. Breaking through the tension.

"Oh really. What did you not get a pair of shoes you really wanted." He scoffed.

"Ow, that one hurt buddy." I remarked, slightly pissed off.


"And then he beat me again and threw me on the street to bleed to death. Courtney was driving by, and found me. She got me to the hospital, and... With 8 broken bones, a concussion, and lots of blood loss, I survived. Yet this... Guy, Is still obsessed with me. He sends me letters saying how we'll be together forever.. A-and..." Then I broke down into tears. I felt Zayns arms wrap around me comfortingly.

"You are a beautiful girl Samantha. I wont let..." He trailed off.

"Kyle" I sighed.

"I wont let Kyle touch you. Or even go near you, if that's OK with you." He added sincerely. I smiled and nodded, sniffling.

"Thank you Zayn." He pulled away from our hug, but we just kept looking at each other. The next thing I knew, our lips were connected, and It felt right.

-Unknown POV-

I watched them all. Every single one of their moves. Sam and Zayn? I saw that kiss. I heard the before conversation too. She is getting herself into something to deep, too fast. It stung, but I wasn't after her. She was always Courtney's close friend.

"Can you stop them." The blonde girl asked from across the table. I looked at her.

"Why should I." I answered intertwining my fingers together.

"Because he was mine first." She hissed pushing the chair away from the table and slamming the door shut. I'm not a fairy. If you break up with a boy, I'm not going to fix it.

Courtney and Harrys kiss and sweet conversation. Saw and heard that. To be honest, it makes me gag. How someone could like Courtney? Ill never know. Harry is all she could ever ask for. He's sweet, cute, taller then here where she can wear some heels, and has a funny bone. Its her dream boy. But, being myself, I could ruin that.

"No, I'm more famous then that twat Courtney!" The second blonde girl today hissed. I had an urge to punch the girl in the face.

"Really?" I said through gritted teeth.

"Harry Styles belongs with me! I didn't even mean to break up with him! I didn't write a song so that should be like 'forgive me and take me back' type of thing! I want him!" She screamed.

"I'm sorry, but I cant do that for you." I replied.

"But you're the only one that will!" She shrieked.

"Well, I'm the one that wont now." I shot back.

And then there's Victoria and Niall. Sweet sweet Victoria. Niall always has his arms protectively over Victoria, and it bugs me. I should be in his position. I'm better then Niall, and I'm just gonna have to show it. Old fashion battle for the girl. Victoria will be mine, and all mine. I'll hold her in my arms, I'll marry her, I'll have children with her.... Oh yes. I can see it now. All I need to do it beat this Niall Horan. Easy enough. I've taken training lessons from the best.

I clicked around on the laptop and booked a Ticket to London. Two days. Two days to see my future wife. I smiled at the thought. Pulling out my phone, I shot a quick text to my sister.

To: Sister :p
I'm coming down to London, Be there in two days.

Seconds later, the reply was fired back at me.

From: Sister :p
I guess. But, you'll have to sleep on the couch.

To: Sister :p
I'm fine with that.

Plan settled. I'm going to London.

OH HO HOOO WHO IS DIS UNKNOWN PERSON? Vic might get it :p I hope so. In other news, Directioners have leaked Best Song Ever... I decided to treat myself cuz last time I didnt listen to Rock me and TDKAU when they were leaked, so this was like 'HERE YEA GO' Even though I have it one my ipod, im still gonna buy the real deal :p

So, How do you like the chappy? It was so much better... Then my ipod died JUST BEFORE I PRESSED SAVE. So when it does that it auto saves but NOPE. This time it didnt save shit -.- Its ok though! I spent 2 hours re writing it. So it may be shit. Sowwy.


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