Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


33. Disappearing Act

Vic has writers block... Again. SO, I MOVE BACK TO THE EVENS! This will probably be the last Climax, so there probably will be a sequel. Cuz... I love this story line alot. Like alot alot. So, enough of my babbling, onto the story.

~Courtneys POV~

"To the left, no right, up a little..." I jumped slightly then relaxed. "That's the spot. Right there" I sighed closing my eyes.

"Courtney my fingers are getting sore...." Harry complained.

"Its not my fault Ryan got a kink in my neck and you have magic fingers to make the pain go away" I shot back smiling.

"Well... This is a reason why I should walk into a room and investigate before telling Niall anything...." Vic uneasily muttered.

"What did you tell hi-" I started confused.

"GET OFF THE TABLE YOU FILTHY MUTTS. I EAT FOOD THERE." Niall screamed running in. I looked at him confused.

"Niall..... I'm getting my neck rubbed... On a chair... In the living room..." I sighed. "You two are dirty minded. Jesus." I stood up stretching my legs and back. I heard a knock at the door and groaned. "Niall get the door" I muttered, gesturing to the door.

"Why me?" He whined.

"Cuz your closer" I threw back. Vic and Harry looked between us.

"She has a point Nialler..." Vic nodded. Niall groaned, and trudged to the door pulling it open. Zayn walked in awkwardly.

"Is Sam here? I need to talk to her."
I looked at Zayn confused. This is the second time in 10 minutes that ive been confused.

"Uh, No? She never showed up.... Was she even coming?" I asked Zayn. Zayn and Victoria went pale, and started looking similar to Niall. "Whats wrong..."

"She wrote on the fridge she was coming to talk to you Courtney." Zayn spoke quickly and flustered. I shook my head.

"Haven't heard from her in a week." I turned to Vic. "Why are you pale?"

"I saw someone who looked like Sam with another guy, but I knew Zayn wouldn't let her walk here alone so I dismissed it..." She muttered looking at her feet. We all looked at Vic.

"What. Who Vic. What did this guy look like." I shot worriedly.

"Um, 6'0, Brown Hair, kinda like a mohawk, uh, he had light eyes. Probably blue. Had a larger nose, and looked somewhat handsome I guess." Vic shrugged quietly. My jaw dropped.

"Zayn, Is your flat locked and do you have your phone?" I asked.

"Yes... Why?" He curiously answered.

"Well, Victoria described Kyle. Sams Ex." I noticed Zayn tense up.

"Zayn, do you know about Kyle?" He nodded in response.

"You know that means she really trusts you, right?" Zayn looked me in the eyes, with guilt highlighting them.

"Its not your fault, now, Hurry along. Zayn, Vic, you come with me. Harry, make sure Niall doesn't eat everything." I ordered.

"Why cant I come!" Niall asked.

"Someone has to watch Ryan. Now, Come along little duckies." I commanded grabbing Vic and Zayns hands, pulling them out the door.

~Sams POV~

"Don't make trouble Samantha" I heard him harshly whisper in my ear, making me wince. He tied the bindings tighter to my arms and legs, making it impossible for my legs or arms to adjust, much less circulation go around.

He ripped the duck tape off my mouth making me inwardly scream in pain, but on the outside, all I did was wince. Then, the blindfold was released. My eyes adjusted to the harsh circle light in the middle of the dark room.

"How do you think of heat Samantha?" He asked getting another piece of duck tape out and taping my mouth again. My eyes grew wide as I saw him head towards me with a pot of hot water.

"Or maybe even your allergy?" He asked putting a slab of sod in the middle of the room beside the pot.

Grass has been my allergy forever. I get extreme hives and end up getting as sick as people allergic to cats or dogs. I can go outside, I just cant have it on my body or sit on it.

I saw him come up again with a picture of Zayn and I in the park, I'm laughing, and Zayn has a smile on his face. "Or maybe, I should terminate him?" He put the picture down and showed me another picture of Harry and Courtney slow dancing, with a smile on both of their faces. "Or maybe them?" He placed the picture beside the one of Zayn and I, and showed me one of Niall spinning Vic in a field with them kissing. That one was adorably gross. "Or them?" He placed the picture on top of the other two before showing me the picture of Louis, Liam, and Abby watching a movie. "Or them? Hell, I could terminate them all, and let you watch them in their screams of agony." He smirked. I closed my eyes to stop myself from crying.

He could kill them all, and it would be my fault. I know what he's gonna do. He plans to torture me, then kill them. Finally, he picked up a bat. "But first, I must plan Samantha." He raised that bat over his head, as realization delayed on my part. "Goodnight." And with that, I felt the bat crack me in the ribs, then the head, knocking me into a painful unconsciousness.




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