Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


27. Death Machine


Chapter 26

{Victoria's POV}

"Anything?" Simon asked being very intrigued with the offer Courtney's mom was offering. Anything which could literally mean anything. For all we know Simon could ask for their house, their car, their souls! Okay, so I am pretty sure Simon wouldn't ask for their souls, but you never know.

"Anything reasonable." Courtney's mom says giving Simon a pointed look. He looks at Courtney and Harry then strangely at me before sighing.

"Rules I am setting rules and if any of these rules are broken you are both gone." He announces looking at both me and Courtney. "No contact with the press, no scandals, and if you guys break up there is so no getting back together. I am only giving you each one chance and if you guys mess it up it's your fault."

"So I can stay?" Courtney asks looking at Simon with the most adorable face ever. I swear if she denies her the right to stay than I will personally make sure that his life is a living hell.

"If you follow the rules." Simon says before getting tackled by Courtney and Harry who had the expression of a couple who just won the lottery.


"Victoria!" Courtney shouted from somewhere in her house. We have been here for about a week now and I still haven't been able to find my way around. I still get lost even trying to find my way to the kitchen or bathroom.

"What!" I shout back at her from the living room where I was sitting with my phone in hand texting Niall who had been freaking out the last few days because Liam was being very moody apparently.

"Come here!" She shouted as my phone buzzed in my hand distracting me from Courtney and her current crisis.

From: Niall!

He wont talk to me! He keeps telling me to leave him alone!!

To: Niall!

Maybe he wants to be left alone? Just a thought.

From: Niall!

THE SAD PUPPY EYES! Hes upset but wont tell me why!!!

To: Niall!

I'll call him later and ask what's up with him.

From: Niall!


"Victoria! Come here!" Courtney shouted again now sounding a lot angrier than before which honestly scared the crap out of me.

"Where is here?" I shouted back hoping to get some sort of clue as to where the hell she was currently located.

"My room!" I get off the couch and head towards the stairs while trying my best to think of which way it was too her room. This why I hate going somewhere new because then I get lost all the time and I look like a complete idiot later having to ask for directions. For goodness sake's it took me about a good two weeks to at least learn my way around the kitchen back in London.

"Found it!" I shout when I finally make my way into Courtney's room that seemed to be still in the same state it was in when she left it. Still the same posters that covered her walls that I had seen millions of times before.

"Did you almost get lost again?" Courtney laughed at me before throwing clothes at me. "Go put those on we are going out!"

"Out?" I asked looking at the top and jeans that she had thrown at me. "Like outside?"

"Yes Victoria out, like outside as in out of the house." Courtney said sarcastically before walking into her bathroom. "Go get dressed I need to give you a proper tour of Edmonton before we leave tomorrow."

"We are leaving tomorrow?" I said with a large smile on my face, I honestly missed our small cramped flat that was made for three but now housed five.

"Yes you will finally be able to go and see your leprechaun, which remind me did you two ever talk about the fact that he didn't even ask you to be his girlfriend, but he kind of just forced you to be?" Courtney asked leaning against the counter in her bathroom.

"Well after you left I sat in bed with my laptop and a bottle of wine next to me for about three days before finally what Abs called 'sobered' up and got a plane ticket to come here. Originally Abs was supposed to come with me, but I guess she told Harry and he showed up on the plane demanding that Abs get off so he could come with me. You know he almost got us kicked off the plane, I had promise the pilot that if he let Harry come that I would give him my phone number." I said leaning against the doorway into the bathroom.

"You didn't actually give the pilot your number did you?" Courtney asked, "And if you did was he at least cute?"

"No! I did not give the semi cute pilot my number, Harry dragged me off the plane the second they started allowing people off." I explained rubbing my wrist that was still a bit bruised from how tightly Harry had tugged me around in our search for Courtney.


"You do know how to actually drive this right?" I asked Courtney as she sat in the driver's seat of her dad's truck while I sat in the passenger seat clutching onto the seat in complete and utter fear.

"Well this is only about the fourth time I have ever driven it, but it can't be that hard." She said turning the truck on and going to pull out of her driveway before freaking out when it almost went speeding down the driveway. "Fuck never mind I can't drive this death machine!"

"Do you want me to drive or do you want to just get a cab?" I asked getting out of the truck and standing by it as Courtney got out as well.

"Our first stop isn't too far from here we can just walk and get a cab from there. Do you have a lot of money with you?" She asked as we started to walk down the side walk to where this mystery place was.

"I have my credit card."

"Good you are going to need that." Courtney said with a large smile.

"And exactly why will I need a credit card?" I asked speeding up my pace to be able to catch up with her.

"Cause we are going shopping!"

Author's Note:

This is a filler chapter.

Just putting that out there right now.

I got a friendship necklace from my best friend Abby! I feel so special >.< and I slept most of today. I also have become obsessed with New Girl I am determined to watch every single episode on Netflix before Friday.


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