Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


16. Date with Horan


Chapter 15

{Victoria’s POV} 

“I don’t think that’s how you pronounce it.” I laugh as Niall tries his hardest to pronounce the name of one of the dishes that were on the menu. We were currently sitting at French restaurant and we were trying to decide on what to eat. It was a very nice posh place, but the only problem was that neither of us had any idea what half of the menu said. I was pretty tempted to actually pull out my phone and start using google translate to at least somewhat understand what I was about to eat. 

“I don’t know what to order.” Niall confessed setting the menu down and closing it which made one of the waiters instantly come over to our table. 

“Are you ready to order sir?” The young probably only about 19 year old waiter asked pulling out a elegant notepad from his apron. 

“I would love to order, but I don’t understand the menu.” Niall said with a soft smile, which wasn’t really noticed at all by Niall since the waiter was currently looking at me.

“Then why did you come to a French restaurant if you don’t know French?” The waiter asked with a smirk at Niall who only glared at the waiter. 

“Because I wanted to take my girlfriend out somewhere nice.” Niall said glaring at the waiter before standing up. “But this place sucks so I guess I’ll be leaving.” I quickly mumble out a sorry before following Niall through the maze that is this restaurant. “They have horrible service just saying.” He said as he took his keys out of his pocket. I let out a soft chuckle before speeding up a bit to catch up with his longer strides. 

“You know you could have taken me to McDonald’s and I would have been perfectly happy. I hate fancy restaurants actually.” I confess in hopes that it would make Niall a little bit better. 

“Then I know exactly where to take you.” He smiled before opening the door of his car allowing me to slide in. He shut the door behind me before striding over to his side and slipping into the driver’s seat. “It a bit of a drive, but trust me it’s worth it.” Niall smiled at me before pull away from the parking lot with all the fancy posh cars. 


“See this is my idea of a perfect date.” I laugh at Niall as I took a bite of my burger while Niall just laughed and shook his head. “What, is it so bad I am not a fancy, romantic person?” I asked him while sipping on my soda. 

“No it makes you, well you I like it.” He compliments making my cheeks warm at his statement. “I still can’t believe you don’t like fish and chips.” He says taking a bite of his fish. 

“I don’t like seafood, it’s gross.” I said crinkling my nose at the fish that Niall was waving in front of my face. “It’s funny I actually used to love fish, but now it’s just gross.” I said causing Niall to laugh at me before finish off his last piece of fish. We looked so out of place in the small dinner that sat just outside the border of the city and country. Niall sat in his black tux while I sat in the mid-thigh gray dress that Courtney had let me borrow. 

“Ready to go?” Niall asked as I finish off the last French fry that was on my plate. I had a nice time with Niall was it was nice the way he would ask me random questions about myself and how he wouldn’t push certain questions further when I refused to answer. He was sweet and funny guy that I honestly wouldn’t even mind going on other date with. “We should get going, it’s getting late.” He said looking at the clock that hung on the wall of the dinner.  After a short argument about who would pay, which Niall ended up winning after threatening to making walk home, we decided to head back home. 

“These stupid shoes at killing me.” I said before I felt myself being lifted off the ground and into Niall’s arms. “Niall!” I shout at him as he spins around a few times before walking over to his car that sat in the gravel parking lot. 

“I was just helping you out no need to get so defensive.” He said with a soft smile as he unlocked his car and placed me in the passenger seat. 


“Victoria!” Courtney shouted from somewhere in the house. It had been a few days since mine and Niall’s date and Courtney still hadn’t stopped bothering about her OTP was together. Every time that she would once again mention that I would have to correct her that it was only one date and we were in no form together.  I had also found out the Canadian girl had a date with Harry in a few days, which she still couldn’t stop freaking out about. “Bella has something to tell you!” I force myself to get off the couch and head over to where the two girls had sitting. 

“What?” I said walking into the living room where only Courtney sat with a strange expression on her face. You would think that about being friends with her for over a two years and having lived with her for the last couple of weeks I would get used to it, but I don’t think I will ever get used to the insane girl’s actions. 

“I lied.” She said before patting the spot next to her on the couch. I walk over and sit next to her with my legs crossed as I faced her. She copied my actions and soon she looked at me with a strange look that I couldn’t place. “Don’t get mad, or upset, or just jump to conclusions before you hear the rest of the story.” She said placing her hands on my shoulders softly as she looked me in the eyes. 

“You’re scaring me, Courtney.” I state and she only shook her head before taking a deep breath as if readying herself for whatever she had to say. 

“Niall called a few minutes ago.” She started before taking another breath. “He said that management,” She paused once again before continuing. “They don’t want him seeing you.” She stated before pulling me into her arms. 

“Okay.” Was that was able to come out of my mouth at the moment while my mind raced with millions of different thoughts. 

“Do you want ice cream? We can go get some ice cream.” Courtney said while still hugging me. 

“Ice cream sounds good.” I said before pulling away from her. “Thanks Court.” I said sending her a soft smile before getting up to grab a pair of shoes to put on. 


“We can have one of each, it will be like a flavor heaven!” Courtney said excitingly as we walked down the street to the small ice cream shop that sat around the corner of our apartment. “Or can just permanently move there and eat ice cream whenever we want!” She exclaims. 

“I don’t think that is very healthy Courtney.” I state chuckling before rounding the corner to see the familiar shop that we had visited a couple times while being here. 

“True.” She said while opening the door for me and allowing me to step inside. We order our ice creams and decide to go sit in the far back corner of the shop as we wait for our order. “You know we could always just kidnap him. Management can’t stop him from seeing you, if they have no idea where he’s at.” Courtney ponders making me laugh at her. 

“I don’t think the fans would like that.” I said as they called our names to go pick up our orders, I got to get them but as I stand up I see someone in a black hoodie walking over to us with our ice cream in their hands. He places our ice cream in front of us before sitting down next to me and smiling at me. I look at him and see that familiar smile, that Courtney just made clear only about an hour ago wasn’t allowed to see me. 

“Surprise!” Courtney shouts from her side of the booth with a large smile on her lips. “Management can’t stop me from keeping my OTP together. Stupid assholes were lucky I didn’t drive down to their offices just to kick their asses.” Courtney huffs before shoving a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. 

“You did this?” I ask to Courtney who instantly nodded her head with a big proud smile. 

“They are stupid to think I would allow him to just not see you.” She said. “And they were stupid to think that their little rule will last long because we already have a plan to show them whose boss.” 

“If you don’t mind?” Niall said speaking to me for the first time since he got here. 

“I am up for a little rebelling what do we need to do?” I said leaning folding my arms on the table. 

“Easy we are going to prove to management that they do not control the boys’ lives and we are going use Niall and Harry to do so.” 


Author’s Note: 

I am dead serious when I say that this is my favorite story to update…see two updates in one weekend…you should be proud! I am going to actually try and update the rest of my stories now…and then go make a cheesecake that my mom has been begging for…She’s lucky I love her. -.- 


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