Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


18. Cant Destroy the OTP



Chapter 17: 


{Victoria's POV}


It's been three hours since Sam got here and since then her and Courtney have taken over the living room having a "catch up marathon" which consisted of them laughing and screaming at each other. Moments like these make me really worry about those two's sanity. Niall was out with Harry picking up some food and Bella was wandering around London being "awkward" as she said. At this point I was really tempted to just go outside and start ranting to random people on the streets. I was currently laying in my room watching Doctor Who which I have been doing for about the last four hours. After about the second episode my interest in the screen became less and less.

"Victoria!" Courtney screamed from the living room as I sluggishly get off my comfy bed and head into the living room.

"What?" I mutter while settling down on the recliner on the other side of room.

"It's time." Sam said in mysterious tone. I only raise an eyebrow at the two girls before they sigh at the same time.

"Rebellion?" They said once again together. This little twin thingy they had going on was currently creeping me out.

"Oh yeah." I said and it seems like those were in perfect sync today because at the exact same time the two shook their heads at me disappointingly.




"Now don't be a pussy." Courtney reminds Niall and Harry as we park outside the Syco Studios.

"Wow great advice Courtney." Niall sarcastically replies and even adds in an eye roll for more emphasis.

"Don't get sassy with me, Horan." Courtney scolds before going back to her conversation with Sam as everyone expect me and Courtney pile out the car. Courtney had decide that we would wait outside while Sam, and the boys which at the moment only consisted of Niall and Harry went inside. To say it was going to be awkward just sitting in the parking lot in Niall’s very familiar Range Rover was an understatement. I was just hoping me and Courtney wouldn't do anything that would attract anyone's attention.

“Okay how about you guys wait outside in the car and look like random fan girls while me and the boys go inside.” Sam suggested as she fixed the outfit that she was wearing which she had stolen from Courtney. Since we were unsure if we would ever see anyone inside the studio we all decided to switch outfit which sucked for me since I was currently wearing a dress that I had taken from Courtney. While she wore a pair of my skinny jeans along with a white tank top from Sam's closest and a leather jacket from my closest. Sam wore a bit of a mixture of all of our closest so she looked a bit more profession with my sleek black pumps and Courtney's gray dress. If I was to see us all together I don't think you could recognize me with my pair of jeans and some flats or sneakers. We all had a different style and I think that's what made the outfit switch successful.

"So we're basically going inside and demanding for our freedom?" Harry asked brushing the curls out of his eyes so he could actually see.

“Don’t think of it as demanding, but like somewhat kindly ask for the freedom to do whatever you want.” I said trying to make the boys didn’t chicken out before they even made it one foot inside the building. I knew they were probably freaking out since they both knew the extents that management was willing to go to make sure they got what they wanted. In a way this was all a Courtney and me throwing out the last card possible, because what was the point of the boys getting to live their dreams if they weren’t allowed to live it how they want.

“Wish us luck.” Niall said before walking into the building with Sam and Harry both following right behind them. We watch them as they head inside and after a short conversation with the secretary in front they manage to get inside.

"Do you think that this will work?" I ask Courtney as we sit in the car waiting for them to come back outside.

“I hope so if not, then I guess we can kiss good bye those two boys.” She said nervously running her hand through her hair. “I hope that management just lets them be, because I’ve really grown to like Harry and if they tear him away from me someone is going to get their ass kicked.” If there was one thing that I have learned about Courtney over the past three years was to never mess with her. She was nice and caring as long as you didn’t piss her off and I am pretty sure tearing Harry away from her would piss her off.




“It’s been over an hour, don’t you think that they should have been out by now?” I texting Niall for what seemed the millionth time in hopes that he would finally answer.

“It’s Modest we’re talking about they aren’t about to give into the boys’ request so quickly, I am surprised they haven’t called in the other boys yet.” She said and almost on cue a two black SUVs pull onto both sides of the car that me and Courtney were currently sitting in. After the engines shut off Louis and Zayn both hopped out of the SUV that parked on the left of us while Liam hopped out of the one from the right. Almost immediately Louis’ head turns towards our car and he sends us a small smile before knocking on the window.

“What have you five been up to, that we all got called in?” He said from outside the car and I only shrug my shoulder, before going back to spamming Niall in hope he would respond.

“Victoria, they want to speak to you two as well might as well come out of the car.” Liam warns us as he opens the door to the passenger side were Courtney was sitting.

“I swear if they threaten me I am going to punch them in the face.” Courtney mumbles before hopping out of the car. We make our way towards the entrance of the building where the same secretary that had let Niall, Harry, and Sam in was lazily typing away on her computer.

“We’re here for the meeting?” Liam asked politely to the girl who only looked at Liam with a bored expression before huffing and grab the phone next to her.

“Yes, Mr. Cowell it’s the boys from One Direction.” She said before pausing and looking at her nails looking completely impatient as Simon talked to her. “Yes those two girls are with them.” She said looking at me and Courtney before going back to looking at her nails. “Of course, I’ll send them up.” She responded before nodding at Liam to go ahead and head up.

Sadly it wasn’t a long elevator ride up, seeing that this was a pretty high tech studio.  As we walked down the hallway both Courtney and I couldn’t help, but get a bit nervous seeing that we were just basically called into the offices of Simon Cowell.

“Don’t worry, he probably just wants to have the whole “Don’t mess with my boys” chat that he had with Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle.” Louis encourages us as we continue to walk down the hallway where multiple shouts could faintly be heard.

“Why should you get to decide who we want to date!?” One of them screamed before a sound of something slamming against something else was heard.

“Because you are my boys and I don’t want some silly girls coming between you lot!” I heard other voice shout and I was pretty certain that was neither Niall nor Harry.

“Or maybe not.” Louis said taking a few steps ahead of us and walking into the room before any of us could even reach the door. When we walked inside what I saw absolutely stunned me. There were things thrown on the floor and Sam was basically hiding away in one of the sofas on the farthest right of the room just staring in the direction of Harry and Niall.

“What going on?” Zayn said walking in and having a seat in one of the chairs in front of Simon while Courtney and I just awkwardly stood in the doorway too scared to really take one step into the office that belonged to Simon. People said that he was scary, but that under all that scariness was a sweet man. At moment though he looked like the cruel, heartless, dream crushing man that Bel and I had cheered on during American Idol and later the X Factor.

“You two.” Simon said pointing in the direction that I was currently frozen at since being in his mere presence seemed to terrify me.

“What?” Courtney said taking a confident stride into the room leaving me to stand awkwardly all alone in the doorway.

“Explain to me why two of the member of One Direction are currently threatening to quit the band unless we give them full rights to their personal lives.” Simon said not even flinching when Courtney narrowed her eyes at him, glaring at him with what seemed like pure hatred. Even though I knew she loved Simon and would spend hours ranting about how much she was thankful for putting the boys together.

“Because you are all assholes who believe it’s right to ban the boys from their rights to make their own decisions.” She said standing in front of Simon leaving only a desk separating the two from standing face to face. I honestly don’t think anyone had a solid bet on who would win this battle because I know Courtney and she is strong headed and will for what she believes in, but Simon is a business man. He’s used to having these type of arguments with people and from what I have seen and heard, he knows how to persuade people onto his side.

“How old are you.” He asks randomly crossing his arms across his chest trying to show Courtney who the top dog is but Courtney isn’t going to take his shit and she sassily places a hand on her hip.

“18 turning 19 in May.” She said not breaking eye contact with Simon.

“Then explain to me what an 18 year old knows about running a business and trying to help these lads be successful in their careers.”




“How long as it been?” Sam ask from next to me as we sit outside against the wall of Simon’s office where him and Courtney currently stood still auguring.

“About two hours?” I said looking at the top of the screen of my phone before going back to scrolling down the feed of my Tumblr dashboard. This has been the only way to entertain myself since we were all “kindly” kicked out of Simon’s office. The boys all sat on the opposite wall talking amongst themselves only occasionally adding either me or Sam into the conversation. They mostly went after poor Sam seeing that a few interruptions I had just stopped responding to them in general. Niall sat next to me trying to get me to converse with him, but I was just too worried to really say anything.

After another twenty minutes of sitting in the same butt numbing position the door to Simon’s office finally opened revealing and smug looking Courtney.

“All fixed.” She said walking away as a tired and frustrated Simon stood by the door waving the boys inside.

“All fixed?” Sam asked standing up and stretching her arms and legs probably in hopes of waking them up.

“Yup, Victoria you are now free to do whatever it you and Niall had planned. While me and Harry go on our second date in public and not having to hide.” She said placing a large and happy smile on her lips. I couldn’t believe her words and the first thing that registers in my mind is to hug the girl standing in front of me. “Yeah, Vic I know I am amazing and all but loosen your grip there.” She said trying to wiggle her way out of my embrace.

“You must be like a genie!” I shout pulling her into other hug only a bit less tightly this time. “Thank you so much Court.” I said swaying us around the hallway as she laughed at me before I pull away.

“Well he was about to destroy my OTP and we can’t have that now can we?” She said with a very proud smile that only makes me laugh.

“No I guess not.”


Author’s Note: 

Well look at who finally decided to update again. 

*innocently smiles* 

I HAVE AN EXCUSE. This lovely thing called…WRITER’S. BLOCK. 

I hate it with a burning passion, you see the last couple of weeks I have had a horrible case of writer’s block and well you’re lucky you got this update. Anyways…I am off on my summer break (unlike Courtney xD) so after Courtney updates. If I don’t have the same horrible case of writer’s block then I will update again real soon (: 




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