Meet Victoria Perfecto and Courtney Schroter... Two teens with one thing in common, their love for One Direction. Though they live thousands of miles apart, their connection was made on a small website named twitter. Heard of it? yep thats where they met while trolling the boys twitter pages. When they finally decide to meet each other, they choose London as that perfect place. They never believed one summer could change their lives so much. Follow the insane and strange lives of Victoria and Courtney, as they find themselves in the large place of London. The city of their dreams.


1. Stalking!


Chapter 1

~Victoria's POV~

"Yeah, yeah whatever Sophie." I tease of my best friend as we talk home from our final day of school.  "I am serious Victoria! He was all up on this." She says pointing to her body. I just wave her off while laughing. 

"Uhuh, sure." I said extending the end on sure. We had finally fallen into a peaceful silence when my phone binged. I pull it out of my back pocket while adjusting the straps to my backpack on my shoulder. It felt so much lighter thanks to all the books and notebooks that were gone. I unlock my iPhone to see that I had a twitter notification. 

"Twitter? Who uses twitter?" Sophie says while looking over my shoulder at my phone. 

"I do, I have to stalk my future husbands somehow." I said while sending her a sweet smile and she only gave me a strange stare. 

"I am gonna head home and look for a mental hospital to check you into." She said while slowly walking away and running the rest of the way to her house that was only two away from mine. 

"I love you too!" I shout to her as her dark brown hair flies behind her as she ran faster down the street.

After I hear the slam of her front door, I chuckle and look back down at my phone. It was a notification that I had been mentioned by someone. I click on the glowing blue icon an soon i was spammed by a bunch of tweets from the same person. 

@courtschroter:  Just waiting for @ItsVictoria to get home so we can Skype

@ItsVictoria WHERE ARE YOU! 

@ItsVictoria were you kidnapped :O 

I chuckle at the crazy girls tweets before arriving at my empty house. I unlock the front door and walk inside, locking the door behind m as I walked in. I make my way to the kitchen, but then change my direction when I hear my laptop ringing upstairs in my room. I run up the stairs only pausing for a second when I almost lost my balance and fell down the stairs.When I finally reach my laptop I instantly click the accept button for the Skype call and the familiar face I have been talking to pops up.  

"VICTORIA!" Courtney shouts as my face probably appears on her screen.

"WE ARE FREE NO MORE SCHOOL!" She shouts while spinning around in the chair she was sitting in. 

"Ever, we both graduate this year Court!" I said while sitting down in the chair that was sitting by my desk. I still couldn't believe it last night both me and Courtney had graduate from high school we were now official done with mandatory schooling. Now don't believe that we graduated together, nope. Courtney lives over a thousand miles away from me, and no she isn't some friend who moved. Courtney was my fellow insane directioner, who I had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter. 

"So any plans for the summer?" She asks finally somewhat calmed down, since she wasn't spinning to bad in her chair. Why her parents gave her a spinning chair, was beyond my understanding. 

"Nope, I don't have to work or anything since I got a scholarship!" I shouted proudly at Courtney who only nods her head at me. 

"Don't forget about me! We both got scholarships!" She said smiling so proudly at herself while looking around at the walls in her room. Which were covered in about a million posters of One Direction and few dozen pictures of her and her friends. 

"Can you believe in we are going to be going to college in only two months!" I said while staring at my own walls which were almost bare thanks to my parents' rule about keeping room looking decent. 

"We need to plan our senior trip!" Courtney shrieked suddenly while jumping around in her chair. She had been jumping so much that she almost fell straight onto the floor but instead she grabbed onto her desk and held herself up.  I stare my screen while watching Courtney blush in embarrassment, before sitting down back into her chair. Suddenly I just burst out laughing at her which causes her to childishly stick her tongue out at me. 

"Crazy Courtney." I said still trying to catch my breath from laughing. 

"You know it!" She said smiling very proudly at the fact she is completely insane. "But seriously we should meet up and go off on a summer vacation." She says while staring at her walls again. Well she get's distracts easily, but I don't blame her it was One Direction. 

"How do I know that you aren't just some creepy 60 year old pervert trying to rape me?" I said while raising an eyebrow at her. Which causes Courtney to raise one of her eyebrows back at me. 

"You're not serious? I am sitting right here! See! See! DO YOU NOT SEE ME!" She shouts suddenly shoving her face in front of the camera. 

"Nope." I said while smirking and looking at the drawing of One Direction on my wall. One of my friends Valerie had drawn me the anime version of them, for my birthday. I treasured that one picture, because it was just completely amazing! 

"We should go to London." Courtney shouted causing me to slightly jump since I was kinda zoned out. When she noticed she scared me it was her turn to laugh at me and trust me she didn't let the opportunity pass. 

"You-almost-peed yourself!" Courtney laughs loudly at me while I huff and push my hair out of my face. 

"Shut up." I mumble grumpily at her as she finally comes down from her laughing high. 

"So what about London?" She asks while wiggling her eyebrows like a forty year old creeper would do. 

"Please don't ever do that again." I said while trying to copy her actions, but failing miserable. My failure only made her fall into another fit of laughter, which needed quickly.

"Okay, got it. But seriously Vic we should fly out to London and meet there!" She says really excited at the mere idea of getting to meet each other. After almost a year of being friend over the Internet we have never even considered the thought of actually meeting each other. It would be nice, considering that even if we have about a thousand millions separating us, we were best friends.

"And where do you plan on staying? And what do you plan on doing there?" I said watching her give me the are you completely retarded look. 

"We can rent a 'flat' and how can you call yourself a directioner and not know what to do in London!" She shouted at me through the computer, which still caused her voice to echo around my room. 

"Are you thinking about doing what I think you're thinking about doing?" I ask her and she only smiles at me while nodding. 

"Yes my dear friend we are going to go stalk our future husbands." She said while grabbing the closest stuffed animal and petting it like a mob boss in the old time movies. 

"We are going to stalk," I paused letting her finish my sentence for me. 

"One Direction." 


Okai so this was written by vic. YAY VIC =D. This is how this is gonna work, so you can tell my crappy writing from Vics writing. I will do my POV (Courtney) and Vic will do hers (Victoria).    Vic = Falling_ForYou21 Courtney = CourtneyStylinson


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