Give Me Love


4. Tomorrow

I threw on a pair of sweats and grabbed my Derby County jersey. I never was the girly type. I fixed my messy bun and checked my phone. It was 1:59. I walked downstairs and was greeted by my brother. "Hadley, where are you off to?" "I have a date Connor." "Dressed like that, Hads. You'll scare the poor guy." "I'm pretty sure I won't since we've been best friends for 13 years." He looked at me pretending to be shocked. "Niall finally asked you out. Wow, get in there son." "Connor, what do you mean by finally?" "He's loved you for years now. He realized when he comforted you when mum died." I looked at him shocked. "You knew he liked me and you didn't tell me?" "Oh come on Hadley, everyone saw it but you. You were completely oblivious." I looked at him before I said anything. "Wow, nice to see you have such a large vocabulary", I retorted. "You're such a bitch sometimes." "But you still love me." I smiled at him before walking outside to see Niall talking to someone on the phone. "Thank you so much. Bye." He hung up and looked at me, a smile plastered to his face showing his braced teeth. "What was that about?" He just kept smiling. "You'll find out later." He grabbed my hand and pulled me along to his car. He opened the passenger side door and I hopped in. He closed the door and walked to the other side, getting in and starting the car. I continued to smile until I realized what day was tomorrow.
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