Give Me Love


1. Expect the Unexpected

I watched as the familiar car drove past my house and pulled into the driveway next door. I saw the blonde headed boy hop out of the car and turn his gaze to me. I started running to him as he dropped his backpack and got ready to catch me, arms open. I collided with him and ended up on the ground. "I've missed you, Hadley", he said in his rich Irish accent. "I've missed you too, Nialler. It's good to see my best friend again." We stayed on the ground for a few minutes chatting before getting up and heading to our usual place, the park. "You know Hadley, the boys really missed you. Why couldn't you come with us?" "I told you already Niall, I have uni and anyway you guys really wouldn't have wanted a girl hanging around for two months in America. You have your dreams, I have mine." He stopped walking and looked at me in the eyes. "You're right. What's your dream?" "I don't exactly know yet." "Well it's great you're at uni then." I started to get frustrated with him so I walked away. I was scared to go away from home for so long. Rain began to pour but I kept walking through the streets of Mullingar. I began to run as Niall started after me yelling my name. He eventually caught me and before I could do anything, he kissed me.
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