Changed Sis

When Danielle Peazer started dating Liam, things started to change with her relationship with her 18 year old sister, Czarina Peazer. What will happen?

No Hate! First Movella


1. Czarina's P.O.V

Hi, I am Czarina Peazer. If your asking, Are you Danielle Peazer's sister? Yes, I am her sis. She has changed when she started dating Liam. She became a lot meaner to me. She calls me a slut, whore, bitch, and a lot more. I mostly stay home while Danielle goes with her boyfriend. I am invited to One Direction's 2013 tour. I am super excited hanging out with them because they are like my brothers, except Liam. I don't hang out with him anymore. Today, I am packing my clothes and my other stuff. I packed my iPhone 5, Apple Laptop, Ipod Touch, earphones, Tablet, iPad Mini, and all the chargers for my electronics. I was soooo excited for tomorrow because we are meeting them at Ireland. 


The next morning, I was woken p with my stupid alarm clock.


"SHUT UP" I yelled at my alarm clock while I was trying to get up. I went inside my washroom and took a shower then brushed my teeth. I changed into my lazy outfit. Then, I came down finding Danielle cooking breakfast. 

"Good morning" I said

"Mhhmm" She said back rudely. 

I sat down and ate my breakfast. After I ate my breakfast, we went to the airport. We were at the airport and now boarding. When we took off, I started going on twitter with my Apple Laptop. I logged on to see some nice comments and a lot of hate comment from Danielle's fans. 

I tweeted 'On the plane to meet the guys! Can't wait'

After that, I logged off and played on my tablet. I was sooo bored after playing non stop hour of Angry Birds. We finally arrived at Ireland. I was soo excited that I started to jump like a little kid. But, Danielle saw me adn told me to stop because I will be ruining her image to the papz. I got really mad at her at first but, I forgot about it because I'm use to it. And that's when I saw 5 guys waiting for us. I ran up to Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry and hugged them at once tightly. I didn't hug Liam because he was too busy kissing Danielle. When he saw me, he smiled and went to his car. I looked at the boys with a funny expression and they were looking at me with there funny expression too. We looked at each other for a while until Niall had to lough his head off making us laugh too. When Danielle and Liam came back we started walking away while laughing quietly.

"Czarina, we have a suprise for you" Louis and Zayn said in sync.

When I saw Perrie and Eleanor, I literally squeaked my head off. I ran up to them and hugged them so tight that they turned pink. I started laughing and soon they both started laughing. When we were talking, Danielle pushed me a side that I almost broke my wrist. She only did that because she wanted me to embarrass myself. I was so pissed at her that I started yelling

" What the fuck is wrong with you" I yelled.

"Nothing you little bitch" She yelled back.

She came up to me and slapped me twice on the face. I had tears coming down my cheeks like a waterfall. I looked at her and said "How could you!" And started running.                                                                                                                           

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