This is a short about a lonely little raindrop called Piddle. One day Piddle decides that he would like to be the first raindrop to fall to the earth. This tells the tale of how Piddle comes across his idea and how he manages to convince all the other unsociable raindrops to follow suit.


1. Raindrops


Tell me, have you ever looked out of doors while the rain thunders down? Battering at your windows, hammering at your doors, beating at the floor. Well, if you have, I think it’s about time I tell you a little secret.

Raindrops you see, are not what they appear. In fact I feel I must tell you that raindrops are our most precious gifts from mother nature. It all started when…

Oh, but dear me! Before I tell you. I must ask you to do one tiny, teeny, little thing. You must promise that you will believe me. For if you don’t believe me, the raindrops will become too shy to ever come out to rumble and tumble again. And as you’ll find out(after you promise that is!), our precious little droplets are of the upmost importance thank you very much! In fact, I cannot think of anything more horrible than if our raindrops were to go into hiding and to never come back. So, do you promise?

Phew! Thank you! Well now that I have that, I am quite confident in tucking your promise away into my pocket where as we know, all important things go.

As I was saying. Raindrops are of the upmost importance. In fact when the first raindrop fell to the ground, no one truly understood what it was. And even now only a special few learn why the sky chooses to drop liquid beads at select times. It all started when Piddle looked down on the earth from his sky perch and decided that he, unlike the other raindrops, would like a friend. To you this may seem very ordinary. But back then raindrops were very unsociable little creatures and everyone thought Piddle was rather peculiar. This only made poor Piddle more alone and more in need of a friend.

So Piddle went away with his new idea locked surely away in his heart to find and share it with his father. I must tell you that if any other came to Sergeant Skillywid with such an idea he would have immediately sent them away with a quick insult. But as Piddle came running to him with excitement in his voice Sergeant Skillywid found himself listening,

“Father! Father! I noticed early today that down in the ground, the flowers seemed unhappy. So unhappy in fact that they turned themselves away from the sun and dropped their heads! So I thought, I could make them happy by going to earth and having chitty chat with them!”

Now if you remember, back then raindrops were very unsociable. So quite obviously Sergeants Skillywid’s reply was a gruff,

“Why would you want to burden yourself with a friend? Anyway no one down there likes us raindrops.”

And Piddle replied with a very simple,

“Because father, everyone needs a friend.”

With his son’s words ringing true in his ear, Sergeant Skillywid called for the cleverest little raindrop in all of the skies, Deputy Damp/ Splish. Now convincing Deputy Damp/ Splish that going to earth was in the whole raindrop colonies interest was extremely difficult. But when DD/S finally understood, he rattled his brain. And with a quick nick and a nack he shouted with glee,

“I’ve got it! I’ve got it! By golly I’ve got it! Why don’t we ask the clouds? Yes that’s what we’ll do! We’ll ask the clouds if they will let us borrow some of their floatiness and parachute down to earth!”

And with that, all three little raindrops, Piddle, Sergeant Skillywid and DD/S went on their way. Now, clouds being of the airy nature will happily do anything to help anyone. And were more than happy to let the raindrops fasten a piece of string to some of their excess floatiness and float them down to earth. This is why you see clouds floating around in the sky before a big rain storm you see. They are getting a good rest in, before thousands of little raindrops attach themselves and parachute down.

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