Still The One

Harry Styles, member of the raging boy band, One Direction, meets the love of his life unexpectedly. Brook, a new singer trying to become famous, runs into One Direction on her journey to fame, and everything starts off from there. Brook develops feelings for Harry, but tries to push them away as she knows how Harry can be. But this time it may be different, can Harry change for the girl of his dreams??


4. So much, so soon!


             There we celebrities walking around. None that I was obsessed with or anything, but nonetheless, they were here! It was so exciting to know that I was here in the same place with celebrities! I could feel myself becoming more and more excited as the day went on. I was being treated like I was famous. That was how john wanted me to feel, and I was thrilled.  As soon as we got in, John led us to a private room, with a photographer setting up and getting ready. He introduced himself, and John introduced my mother and I. I was so happy to be here, and I think it was showing. The photographer, Mike, asked if I was glad to be here. I simply nodded, but the smile said it all. “Well, let’s get started then!” Mike said grinning. John and Mom went outside the room and left us some privacy. Mike was really nice, and funny. He never made me do any shots I didn’t want to, and he didn’t keep any I didn’t feel comfortable with. I was very impressed with my hair and make-up, and the pictures turned out great. There were some of me smiling, some of me doing random things I was instructed too, and some just for fun shots.  It went by so fast, and I couldn’t believe it had already been an hour when John and Mom returned. They asked how everything went, and Mike showed them some of the pictures to answer their question. Mom couldn’t believe how amazing they turned out and John said he would send them all to us so we would have a copy of them as well. This was so much fun, today was great I thought to myself as we said goodbye to Mike.  As we got into John’s car, he asked if we wanted to go somewhere for lunch.  We picked what looked like a beautiful Thai restaurant. I loved Thai food. We sat down and ordered almost right away. The service was great. Once our food came, it was delicious. I had never tasted anything quite like it. We headed back to our hotel and it was still kind of early.  I was tired already though, so I took a quick nap. After getting up, Mom asked if I wanted to take a swim. We both got on our swim suits and had a long swim, spending some well- deserved time in the hot tub.  The next few days flew by. I attended interviews and more photo shoots, each time getting my hair re done as well as my makeup. Finally, it was Friday, and it was the day that everything had been leading up to. We got to the arena where I would be performing quite early, so we could do one more dress rehearsal with the band and so that I could get ready in the dressing rooms before the show. John had arranged for hair and makeup stylists to come right to the arena to get me ready before the big show. I was getting nervous but also very excited. All these experiences were so new and everything was happening so quickly.  The show was planned to start at around 7, and I was the opening act so I had to be ready to go on at exactly 7pm. It was about 4 in the afternoon, and sound people and light technicians were everywhere setting up different things and making sure the lights were perfect. I still did not know for sure who I was opening up for. I had seen brief posters in the arena before, but I was not sure which band I was opening up for tonight.  I was in my dressing room, when I heard a knock on the door. It was John, and he said someone wanted to meet me.  I told him I would be out in a minute, and I got up off of my chair and left my dressing room.  I wondered who it could be, maybe somebody famous!

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