Still The One

Harry Styles, member of the raging boy band, One Direction, meets the love of his life unexpectedly. Brook, a new singer trying to become famous, runs into One Direction on her journey to fame, and everything starts off from there. Brook develops feelings for Harry, but tries to push them away as she knows how Harry can be. But this time it may be different, can Harry change for the girl of his dreams??


9. Shopping Time


               As the days went on, interviews occurred and prep for the tour was happening, I was spending a lot of time with 1D. We started doing our interviews together, since everyone started to find out about Harry and I. We became a couple, and there were a lot of pictures of us holding hands so the fans wanted to know more about what was going on. That is why John and my Mom decided interviews together should be fine. After a few weeks, it was time to start the tour. Our first stop was in New York, to play at Madison Square Garden. We all booked in the same hotel to make it easier for our limo drivers and for our security to look after us. It was the day before the show, and I had went shopping to find something to wear for tomorrow. I wanted to wear a really nice dress and some new heels.  I went with my Mom because she didn’t want me wondering around the city by myself. We went into a few stores and I still hadn’t found exactly what I was looking for. Finally, our last stop, I saw the most beautiful dress in the window. I knew it would be perfect. Mom just waited outside on the bench to rest and to get some air. It was really hot in all of the stores and I had made her go into quite a couple.  I went right in and asked the manager of the store where the dresses were that had been displayed at the window. He pointed to the back of the store. As I was almost to the dresses, a girl called me over. I thought she needed help or something so I walked over. As I got closer she whispered in my ear, “You stay away from Harry, I like Harry and I have liked him since day 1. Don’t touch him ever again.” Then, she quickly turned around and ran out of the store before I could say anything. It caught me a little off guard, but I tried to let it go. I picked out my size of the dress, paid for it and left the store. I just wanted to see Harry. When I got out, Mom asked if I found everything okay, and I just nodded. I wanted to tell her about what had happened, since I tell her everything, but I didn’t want her to worry either. I didn’t want her thinking that it wasn’t safe to be dating him or something like that. When we got back to the hotel, I went straight to my phone and called Harry. I waited until Mom was occupied doing something else, and I told him what happened. I was a little shaken up about it, since I had never experienced anything like that before. He calmed me down, and hearing his voice just made everything better. “Awe babe, I’m sorry to put you through that. I love you so much and it pains me when my fans behave this way. I love my fans too, but they can be a little crazy with love sometimes” I told him it was alright, and that I was just scared of losing him. He re assured me that nothing was going to happen between us because he loved me very much. He didn’t seem too bothered about it; I guess he was used to it. He was concerned about how I felt though. He kept asking me if I was alright. I told him I was fine, and we said goodbye. I hung up the phone, and not two minutes later, I heard a knock on our hotel door. I opened it, and saw my Harry. I gave him a big hug and he held me tighter than ever. “I couldn’t stand to think that you were upset, babe so I thought I would come and check on you just to be sure” I smiled at his compassion, and I told him I would be alright. As we stood there talking for a few minutes, he got out his phone and went on twitter. I didn’t see what he was writing, but he showed me when he was done. “To all my dear fans, Brook and I are together, and I love her very much. I love all of my fans as well, but it scares me to hear some of you talking horrible things about Brook. I know my true fans will respect us together, and love us as a couple. I love you guys so much xoxo”. As I read this, a tear fell from my eye. He really did care about me; he was willing to let the whole world know. I kissed him on the lips and thanked him for what he had just done. “That was very brave of you darling” I said with a smile on my face. “I did it for us, babe” He said in his sweetest voice. With that, we both said our goodnights and went off to bed. 

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