Still The One

Harry Styles, member of the raging boy band, One Direction, meets the love of his life unexpectedly. Brook, a new singer trying to become famous, runs into One Direction on her journey to fame, and everything starts off from there. Brook develops feelings for Harry, but tries to push them away as she knows how Harry can be. But this time it may be different, can Harry change for the girl of his dreams??


2. Meeting up with John!


                 Soon after I was packed and ready to go, Mom and I were grabbing a quick bite to eat, and packing all the luggage into the car. We were off to the airport, to catch out one o’clock flight. I was getting so excited to get there; I just wanted it all to begin. The fame, the people, and the places: I thought about it all while sitting on the plane next to Mom. We were told that when we landed in Miami, John would be at the airport to pick us up and take us to the hotel. I could hardly wait. I listened to the songs on my iPod that I would be singing, studying each word carefully. They had been written for me to sing, and I had been practicing like crazy. Finally, after boarding a couple different flights and what seemed like days, we were landed in Miami. We were here, and it was beautiful. Mom and I searched for john. We had only met him a couple of times, but we knew we would recognize him if we saw him.  After a few minutes of wandering, John was standing there waiting for us. He gave us a huge smile, and walked over grabbing some of the luggage. We said our greetings, and he took us to a taxi that would be driving us to the hotel.  Mom and I put the big suitcases in the trunk, and kept our carryon bags with us in the back. John began making small talk, about the flight and such. As we talked and talked, we soon arrived to this gigantic, beautiful, sparkling hotel. My jaw dropped and I looked over at Mom. She had a huge smile on her face and she said, “This is it baby girl.” John got out first, opening the door for both Mom and I, then headed for the trunk to take out the bags. He walked us to the front desk, told the woman his last name, and with that, we were given our hotel keys. “This is where you girls will be staying for the week, so unpack your bags and get comfortable.” He said with a soft smile on his face. John had such a comforting smile, and his eyes told me that he truly cared.  Without wasting any time, Mom and I both smiled while nodding at John, and we were off to our rooms. John quickly added, “Oh, I almost forgot, be ready for 9am tomorrow morning, you have your first photo shoot at noon and we have to get your hair and makeup done before we get there.”  We turned around once more, waving and agreeing.  This was it, and I was ready.


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