Still The One

Harry Styles, member of the raging boy band, One Direction, meets the love of his life unexpectedly. Brook, a new singer trying to become famous, runs into One Direction on her journey to fame, and everything starts off from there. Brook develops feelings for Harry, but tries to push them away as she knows how Harry can be. But this time it may be different, can Harry change for the girl of his dreams??


3. Makeover Time!


          Inside our room was absolutely amazing.  There were beautiful curtains that hung just perfectly, and amazing hard wood flooring throughout the entire place. White seemed to be the theme, and everything looked brand new and so elegant. Mom and I were in awe. If only Dad were here to witness all of this with us, I thought to myself. My father had been taken by cancer when I was only 12. He too had always supported my singing and I knew if he was here, he would have been so proud. 

             Mom and I decided to check out the pool which was on the main floor somewhere, we had heard. We walked around aimlessly in a huge hall, and suddenly when we turned the corner, we saw it. It was amazing. The sparkling, clear water looked so perfect, and the tiles surrounding the pool were so fancy. Everything was fancy. There was also a hot tub onto the side that I almost didn’t notice. “We’ll have to come back down here later!” Mom said with a huge grin across her face. “Yeah, now that we know where it is!” I said with a slight chuckle. Mom started to laugh and gave me a big hug. “I’m so glad to be here with you Brook, experiencing all of this and sharing all of these moments”. “Me too, Mom”. I said hugging her back. We headed back up to our rooms to unpack and get settled in for the week. After unpacking, we laid in our beds watching T.V and talking about everything. We decided we should get some sleep, as I had a big day, and week for that matter, ahead of me.  We set the alarm for 7am, giving us lots of time to eat and get ready before getting picked up by John at 9. As I drifted off to sleep, I had a smile on my face thinking about what was to come.  Early the next morning, I woke up to Mom already awake and getting dressed. She was an early riser, and loved to be awake for quite some time before having to go anywhere.  She smiled at me and said good morning. I smiled as well, and went to the bathroom to have a shower. After we were both dressed and ready to go, we went downstairs for our breakfast.  We had some fruit, muffins and coffee before it was time to leave.  We waited outside for him and by exactly 9am, he arrived.  He asked if we were all ready, and had everything we would need for the day. We both nodded and got into the car. Before I knew it, we had stopped again, and this was the place I would be getting my makeover.  I met the people, who worked there, and they told us to sit in the waiting area and I would be called in any minute. I nervously waited with Mom on the cold chairs, and John told us he was stepping out to make some more appointments and preparation for events later on in the week.  I wasn’t sure how the makeover would go and what I was going to look like and that made me a bit nervous.  The girls working there seemed very nice though and welcoming. After only a few minutes, I was called in and sat down on the hair dressers chair.  One of the girls, Ashley, told me she would do my hair first and then the other girl, Nicole, would do my make up after. I nodded in agreeance, and without further ado, she starting styling my hair.  After it was all done, it looked amazing. We decided to curl it, and she did a great job. My brown hair had perfect curls which lay gently on my shoulders, perfectly set in place.  She proceeded to spray it with some hair spray, and some other product to prevent it from frizzing. After my hair, Nicole took over and began doing my makeup. She chose perfect eye shadow colors, matching the dress I was wearing, and she placed the blush on my cheeks perfectly. My mascara looked immaculate, and my eye liner was noticeable, but didn’t stand out too much.  For a finishing touch, she gently placed ruby red lipstick on my lips, making them stand out in the best of ways. After it was all done, I went back to the waiting area to show my mother. As soon as she saw me, she was in shock. “You look absolutely amazing, sweet heart” She said with a tear resting in her eye. I modestly thanked her, and thanked the girls for doing such a good job. Before I knew it, John was back again, complimenting me and rushing us into the car. He told us we needed to make one more stop, and I was a bit confused. I didn’t ask any questions, as I knew he was quite good at what he was doing. After all, every appointment had been booked for me, paid for, and ready to go before we got there.  After a few short minutes, we pulled into the parking lot of what looked like a huge shoe store. He told me I was going to pick out a nice pair of heels, as all I was wearing were the only summer type shoes I had brought.  I smiled and walked towards the door, I loved shoe shopping. I found a pair of silver heels that I loved. John and my Mom both agreed they looked perfect with my outfit. John took them up to the counter and paid for them. After only spending a half hour in there, it was already 11am, and John wanted to head straight to the place where the photo shoot was so we could be a little bit early.  When we arrived and walked in, I was in shock. 

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