Still The One

Harry Styles, member of the raging boy band, One Direction, meets the love of his life unexpectedly. Brook, a new singer trying to become famous, runs into One Direction on her journey to fame, and everything starts off from there. Brook develops feelings for Harry, but tries to push them away as she knows how Harry can be. But this time it may be different, can Harry change for the girl of his dreams??


7. Lets party!


                   I arrived at that party and saw that the boys were standing at the front waiting for me.  I wondered why they were being so nice to me and wanted me to attend the party so badly. I was just an ordinary person; I sure wasn’t as famous as them or anybody else that would be at this party.  I got out of the car, thanking John for the ride and telling him he could pick me up by midnight. It was only 10 now, and I figured two hours would be more than enough. I was a little unsure about the whole thing, since the only people I knew were the boys, and I didn’t even know them too well.  As I walked towards them, they all said hello, and started to go inside. Harry stayed a bit behind, walking with me. “I’m really glad you could make it, babe” he said as we walked towards the door. Babe? Why was he calling me babe? I was shocked, but I kind of liked it. I reminded myself once again not to get caught up in all of this; he probably talks like that to every girl. “Yeah me too,” I nervously giggled and he looked at me and winked.  As we walked around, I recognized famous singers and actors. It was all so interesting. The boys were conditioned to this kind of life and had met all these celebrities many times, probably.  I, on the other hand, was just getting used to this crazy life. I followed the boys around, mostly because I didn’t know anybody else, but also because Harry wouldn’t leave my side.  I got introduced to many people, but I just stayed with Harry and the rest of them, I was having a lot of fun with all of them. They really were quite funny. They each had their own personality that was different than all the others in the band. Together, they all fit perfectly together. Like some sort of perfect outfit; each was an accessory, but together they made the perfect ensemble. I enjoyed their company quite a bit. After a while of listening to music and hanging out with everyone there, it was about 11 15pm. Harry told me to follow him, and the other boys stayed behind. I wondered where we were going and what we were doing, but I had a feeling I knew. I didn’t want anything to happen like that between us. We had just met, and plus, I didn’t want to be just another one of the girls he leads on and then never calls back. Even with all this running through my mind, I still followed him. I couldn’t help but follow. He was so cute, and his accent made me want to hear him speak forever. How could one just turn away from all of that? Never mind the fact that he was the ‘Harry Styles’, I would never forgive myself from walking away from him.  I followed him all the way to a side room that had a small T.V, a fireplace and a couch. I wondered how he knew about this room; I guess he must have been to a party here before. Anyway, that didn’t matter at this point. What mattered was that he was sitting down on the couch, motioning for me to come over. My heart was racing and I didn’t know what was coming next. I couldn’t walk out now, so I went over and sat down. He smiled, and he asked me to tell him about myself. Tell him about myself? That was not what I was expecting, but I wasn’t about to complain. “Well, uh I like to sing and write songs.” I said my voice a little shaky. “Well, I guess you already knew that” I said before he had the chance to say anything. He laughed and said “Yeah, I had an idea you liked to sing. You did a very nice job opening up for us tonight.” I could feel myself blushing. “Thanks” I said with a nervous laugh afterwards.  “What else do you like to do?” Harry asked me. He looked right into my eyes, as though neither of us wanted to look away. Suddenly, I had forgotten who I was. I was in such disbelief that I, Brook Wallans, was sitting here with Harry Styles, alone in some room, at some party with famous celebrities. I finally managed to say “Well I enjoy drawing, although I’m afraid I’m not too good.” I laughed. “Drawing? That’s nice, Zayn enjoys drawing as well!” He said with a soft smile. His eyes were so amazing. His smile was so gentle and so protective at the same time. I felt safe just sitting near him. “Zayn is a very good drawer, isn’t he?” I remembered all the drawings I had seen on the internet, and in One Direction’s album covers. “Yes, he’s not bad.” Harry agreed laughing. We started to get more comfortable around one another and soon it didn’t seem as awkward. As we were talking, I stared at his lips. Not because I wanted to, but I couldn’t help it. They were so amazing and I couldn’t believe the sweet, raspy voice that was coming out of them. He was so perfect and as he continued to talk, I stopped listening. All I could think about was his lips and how I could imagine how they would taste. I tried to remind myself about what I had told myself earlier, but it was too late. There was no going back; he had me captivated by his mouth and I didn’t want to ever leave his side. As all of this was playing in my mind, he must have noticed me staring at his lips. He leaned in closer and went in for a kiss.  It was the most amazing kiss I had ever had. It was strong and confident, yet shy and insecure. He was controlling it but staying at my pace. It lasted a good minute and a half and I didn’t want it to end. Just as he slowly pulled away, I began to smile, and so did he. How was this happening? I knew I should stop but at the same time, I knew I couldn’t. I just let it happen naturally, and everything fell into place. After a little while, I checked the time and I knew I would have to make my way to the door shortly. Harry and I were still alone, but were now just talking.  I told him I had to get picked up soon, and he gave me a pouty face but agreed to walk me to the door.  As we walked to the door, I said goodbye to the other boys and they all gave me hugs. Niall was too cute. His blonde hair was so adorable, and I could tell he was the ‘baby’ of the group. The other boys looked out for him and they were so gentle with him, always wanting him to stay safe and out of trouble. It was so cute.  As we said our goodbyes, they promised to keep in touch and said that I should open up again when they do another show like they had done tonight. I hoped I could, but I knew John had probably already planned my next move, I just hoped they were somehow involved. Harry waited with me outside until I saw John’s car waiting for me.  Harry gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. As I said goodbye, he asked for my cell number. I gave it to him and he gave me another hug, but this time a kiss on the lips. I smiled as we kissed and I waved goodbye. He was so lovely. He seemed so sweet but I still was a little unsure. I walked away and got into the car with a huge grin on my face. I hoped that my Mom and John had not seen the kiss, which would have been embarrassing. Neither of them said anything about it, they just asked if I had fun. I told them I did and that I would like to see the boys again. “Lucky for you, I have some plans for you to hopefully open up again for them sometime soon” John said with a bit of a laugh in his voice. I smiled a lot and said “I hope so, they are a lot of fun” As soon as we got back to the hotel, I went straight to bed. I wasn’t even sure what we had planned for tomorrow but I didn’t care, I was too tired. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if I had made a mistake tonight with Harry. I wondered if I was just another girl to add to his list, or if he was ever even going to call me or mention my name again. All I could do was see what tomorrow would bring; and with that, I fell asleep. 

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