Mia texted a boy who username is Zayn Malik there have been texting for five months.So there planed a date where they can meet.It would be on July 7,2012 to meet. Mia could not wait but she was scared that  the person she have been texting is not who said he is. Mia said "Today is the day I will  meet Zayn Malik". So she want to the place where they are meeting  then a guy come in he was THE ZAYN MALIK she couldn't believe that the person she is texting is him. She was so happy that it was not a fat ugly guy. So they hung out with each other for 6 hours. Before he left they made a plan to go on a date. Two months later they went on date there hung out that is a that she remember. Five months later Mia found that she is pregnancy. She texted Zayn Malik to say "That she is pregnancy with his baby."

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