A special Christmas surprise (One Direction)

Mia hasn't seen her boyfriend, Niall Horan, in months, and she miss him a lot. She suddenly gets a call from Harry Styles, who asks her to help him making a suprise for Niall.


5. 5


After many hours in the air is Mia back on solid land. But it’s not English land anymore, now it’s American. When she gets off the plane, she sees a guy with brown curly hair standing with a sign that says, "MIA". Mia lets out a laugh. She starts to running towards her best friend, and he starts to run towards her, too. When they meet, they give each other a big hug. "I missed you, Mia. Thank you so much would come!" Whispers Harry in Mia's ear, while they’re hugging. They pull a bit away and look at each other, both smiling. “Thanks for the chance! I’ve missed you, too!” says Mia. Harry sees Ed coming out of the plane and asks quietly, “What do you think about the meeting with your idol?” Mia smiles and says, "It was amazing! And first class flight! You've really outdone yourself this time, Harry!" Harry smiles brightly and waves at Ed. Ed waves back and shouts, “See you there lad!” right before he walks out of the exit. “Yeah, see you there!” shouts Harry back. Harry looks at his watch. “Holy moly. Its already getting late! We have to go now, if we shall reach to the concert in time!“ Harry lays his arm around Mia's shoulder and they start to walk towards the exit. While they walk asks Mia, “So, what is it that you want me to help you with?”, with a smile on her lips. Harry smiles and says, "Well, you see. Niall has been almost sick lately, because he has missed you so much. So the boys and I have arranged a little surprise for him. At the concert tonight is he going to sing a cover of 'All I Want for Christmas is You' by Mariah Carey in the hope that you somehow will hear it and know that he loves you, and this is where you come into the picture. We’ll make his hope come true. You will, when he almost has finished the song, be placed in the front row, right in front of him. He will be so happy!” “That’s an amazing idea, Harry” says Mia, while both of them get into a cap.


Mia and Harry soon arrive to the concert arena, where the boys will play their concert tonight. “Mia, please cover you with this” says Harry, and throws her his jacket. “It would ruin everything if you were recognized” Mia takes his jacket over her head and gets out of the taxi. Out of a small hole she can see a lot of screaming fans. She turns around to see where she should go, but its hard to see out of the little whole. She hears Harry’s laugh and feels an arm around her waist. “This way” says Harry’s voice. Harry leads her in the direction of the arena. He leads you into a room and says, “You can take it of now, Mia” Mia takes of the jacket and sees Liam, Zayn and Louis right in front of her. “Boys!” she screams and hugs all of them. “Glad you could be here” says Zayn as she hugs him. A guy Mia hasn’t seen before joins the group. “This is Michael” says Liam. “He’ll help you to finish our plan.” continues Louis. “I’m sorry, Mia, but we have to go now. Niall is probably walking confused around, looking for us, because the show is about to start. You can ask Michael, if you have any questions. Once again, thank you so much!” ends Harry. Mia hugs all the boys and they leave the room. “Lets find some seats for you, so that you can see the start of the concert, before you will make the surprise.” Says Michael, and leads Mia inside the arena. Mia comes into the arena just as Niall comes on stage. She can feel the butterflies spread in her stomach. She can’t wait to surprise him.


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