A special Christmas surprise (One Direction)

Mia hasn't seen her boyfriend, Niall Horan, in months, and she miss him a lot. She suddenly gets a call from Harry Styles, who asks her to help him making a suprise for Niall.


4. 4


Mia follows the staff member through the crowned airport. They enters a door with a big sign over it saying, “VIP Lounge”. Mia can’t help it but smile. She’s going to see her boyfriend AND fly with a VIP plane. All because of her best friend, Harry.

“Sheeran! Mia is here!” shouts the staff member as he haves closed to door after him and Mia. Mia sees some red hair appear in the other end of the room. The red hair belongs to a boy. The red haired guy smiles and waves to Mia as he comes closer to her. Mia can now see who he is. It's the boys' good friend Ed Sheeran. She smiles brightly. Ed is one of her biggest idols. "Thank you, Bryan. I'll take care of her from now on" Ed says and shakes hands with the staff member. The staff member nods and disappears out the door him and Mia just came in through. Ed puts his hand out to give Mia a handshake. Mia also puts her hand up and shakes Ed's hand. "Great finally meeting you, Mia. The boys have been talking a lot about you. Especially little Niall" he says with a smile on his lips. Mia giggles shyly. "I'm glad to hear that I'm not totally unknown to you." Mia says and smiles. "It's also great to finally meet you, Ed. I am a big fan of yours." she continues, still with a smile on her lips. "I'm glad to hear Mia. Let's get on the plane. They are only waiting for us" They both take their suitcases in their hands, and walks toward the plane's entry. On their way they’re stopped by two flight attendants who take their luggage and enter the plane. Mia and Ed follows the flight attendants into the airplane. The air cabin is huge and there are already a lot of people in there. Among the people Mia can see people as Cher LLoyd and Cheryl Cole. "Could this be more amazing?" Mia thinks for herself. Mia feels that Ed grabs her arm. "This way," he says, pulling her with him. He leads her to a seat where her name is. She sits down and enjoys the good chair. It takes a while before anything happens, but suddenly starts all the other people in the plane also to sit down. Mia can’t help it but smile as she hears a voice in the airplane speakers say, “Welcome on first class. We are now headed towards the States.” 

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