A special Christmas surprise (One Direction)

Mia hasn't seen her boyfriend, Niall Horan, in months, and she miss him a lot. She suddenly gets a call from Harry Styles, who asks her to help him making a suprise for Niall.


3. 3


Its almost 8 when Mia wakes up. She yawns, gently rubs her eyes, stretches her arm out and turns on the lamp which is standing on her nightstand. She looks at the envelope with the ticket in which is laying on her nightstand and a smile spreads on her lips. She takes the envelope in her hand and turns the light off again. She quickly jumps out of bed and goes down stairs. She walks into the kitchen and lays the envelope on the table. She opens the fridge and looks into it. There is noting to eat for breakfast is there. She closes the fridge and opened one of the drawers. Here she finds a bun. She opens the fridge again to take some jam. She also finds a plate, a glass and some juice. She puts it all on the table and sits down on one of the chairs. She smears jam on her bun, and begins to eat. She looks in the envelope one last time, and sees to her surprise, a small handwritten note, which she hasn’t seen before. It says, "Ed will meet you at the airport - Harry ". She gets a confused expression in her face. "Ed? Which Ed? Who's Ed?" She asks herself. She decides to wait and see, and don’t over think it. She finishes eating and cleans up after herself. She goes upstairs to get herself ready. She walks into bathroom and begins to brush her teeth. She spits out and looks in the mirror. She smiles to herself. She washes her face, and put on some make-up. She doesn’t use a lot make-up, because she knows that Niall likes her naturally. She lets her long, blonde, curly hair hang down along her back. She leaves the bathroom and goes into her room. She picks up some clothes on takes it on. She packs the last things she’ll need in the States, and carries her suitcase downstairs. She walks to the kitchen, takes the envelope and puts it down in her bag. She walks into the hall and takes on her jacket and shoes. She takes a deep breath and look around in her apartment. Then a big smile spreads on her lips. She’s ready to go. She takes the suitcase and walks out. She locks the door behind her, and walks towards her car. She throws the suitcase into the trunk and goes into the car. She’s now on her way to the airport of London.


The airport is crowded with Christmas busy people. Mia has never been out flying before, and thinks it's very overwhelming to stand in the airport. She decides to find a staff member, so she isn’t doing anything wrong. It takes her a while before she finds someone who can help her, but when she finally one she can ask she asks, "Can you please help me? This is the first time I fly, and I'm a bit confused." Mia takes the ticket back and shows it to the staff member. "Where shall I go?" asks Mia. The staff member smiles brightly at Mia, which gives Mia a surprised expression in her face. The staff member says, "You are so lucky to be flying with a VIP flight, my friend. You must be Mia. Ed is waiting for you in the VIP lounge. Follow me" and makes a move with his arm showing that Mia must follow him. "You’re full of surprises, Harry" whispers Mia for herself, with a big smile on her lips.


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