A special Christmas surprise (One Direction)

Mia hasn't seen her boyfriend, Niall Horan, in months, and she miss him a lot. She suddenly gets a call from Harry Styles, who asks her to help him making a suprise for Niall.


2. 2


Harry’s house is near by, and it doesn’t take long time before Mia stand in front of Harry’s house. You walk to the doorstep and look under the mat. As Harry said is there an envelope. Mia opens the envelope and sees the ticket Harry told her about. A big smile is spreading on her lips as she thinks about finally seeing her boyfriend. She puts the ticket back in the envelope and puts the envelope into one of the shopping bags she haves in her hands. She takes her headphones on and starts to walk home. As she walks through the streets of London are "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" playing in her headphones. On the whole walk home has she a big smile on her lips. She can feel that it is going to be an amazing Christmas this year.


Mia soon arrives to her apartment. She unlocks the door and enters. She lays shopping bags on the floor and takes off her shoes. She takes off his jacket and hangs it on a hook. She walks into the room, turn on the radio and screws up the volume. “Winter Wonderland” by Michael Bublé fills her apartment, and she starts dancing happily around. She dances up the stairs. She goes into her room and lies down on his stomach beside the bed. She looks under the bed and sticks her arms in there. From under the bed she takes out a big suitcase and says, "It must be big enough". She gets back up on her feet and dances towards her wardrobe. She takes all her favourite clothes and put it into the suitcase. She packs her favourite shoes and some make-up. Now anything she needs to pack is the things that she’ll need to get ready the next day, so she’ll with packing them. She decides to get ready for going to bed, so that she isn’t tired when she meets the boys tomorrow.


She finds some nightwear and takes it on. She goes into the bathroom, washes his face and brushes his teeth. While she brushes her teeth, she looks in the mirror. She smiles to herself. She can not help it, but do. She’s so excited for tomorrow. She leaves the bathroom, still brushing her teeth. She walks down the stairs and into the living room. She turns off the radio. The living room is completely quiet. She sighs, smiles and goes out into the hall. She put her hand down in one of the shopping bags and takes up the envelope from Harry. She let go the toothbrush with her hand, so the toothbrush are just sticking out of her mouth. She opens the envelope and looks at the ticket. She will be leaving with the plane at 12. She puts back the ticket in the envelope, grabs the toothbrush and start brushing again. She walks up the stairs and into her room. She throws the envelope on the bed and goes into the bathroom. She spit out, and puts the toothbrush in place. She smiles to herself one last time in the mirror before she goes into the room again. She crawls under the cover, and takes the envelope in her hand. She smiles brightly and kisses gently the envelope. She lays the envelope on her night table and lies down on the pillow. She looks up at the ceiling and thinks once again of how much she is looking forward to see his girlfriend. Soon Mia falls asleep with a smile on her lips.

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