A special Christmas surprise (One Direction)

Mia hasn't seen her boyfriend, Niall Horan, in months, and she miss him a lot. She suddenly gets a call from Harry Styles, who asks her to help him making a suprise for Niall.


1. 1


It's the middle of December and snowflakes are falling gently down from the sky in the streets of London. The streets are teeming with busy people who only are thinking about buying Christmas presents. On one of the main streets walks a large group of these Christmas present buyers with large shopping bags. Most of them are talking in their phones, complaining about that they can’t find the right presents. In the middle of this stressed group walks a girl named Mia. She's out to buy the Christmas presents of the year for her family, and especially a Christmas present for her boyfriend, Niall. She doesn’t really know what she should buy for him. She doesn’t even know if she would buy anything for him at all, because she is not sure if she even gets to see him this Christmas. Her boyfriend and his band and his band are very busy doing their tour in The States and Mia and Niall haven’t seen each other for months.


The group of busy people walks by a giant window. Behind the windows was the most amazing dress Mia had ever seen. She punched her way out of the crowd of busy people to see the dress more closely. As she stands in front of the window, her mouth opens without she even notices. She really loves this dress. She stands, gaping, for several minutes before she gets distracted by her cell phone to vibrate in her pocket. She takes up the phone and looks at the screen. ‘Incoming call from Harry Styles’. Mia gets a weird look in her face, thinking about why Harry would call her. She shrugs and takes the phone. "It's Mia" she says in the phone. "Hi love. How are you?" Harry’s deep slow voice sounds on the phone. "I'm fine. How about you?" Mia respond. "I'm fine. Actually I called to hear if you would help me and the boys with giving Niall a little Christmas surprise?" As Harry mentions Niall, Mia feels her cheeks turning a bit red. “I would love to” she says, still with red cheeks. “Great. Is it okay for you to take a plain tomorrow? We want to give him the surprise as fast as possible, because he’s feeling a bit down at the moment” Harry asks. A huge smile light up Mia’s face as the thought of seeing her boyfriend the next day hits her mind. “That would be great! It’s amazing! I’m really looking forward to it” it flew out of Mia’s mouth. Harry laughed a bit. “We thought so. Everything is actually already arranged. The ticket is in an envelope under the mat in front of my front door.” Mia let out a laugh, too. “I’ll tell you the rest when you get here. But please! Don’t say anything to Niall! At all!” Harry continues. “I will not. I’ll talk to you later, Harry” Mia says. “See you tomorrow” Harry says and hangs up. Mia let out a little scream and jump excited around, but stop as she sees that everyone around her looks weird at her. She immediately gets quiet and her cheeks turns red. She takes a last look at the dress behind the window, and then starts to walk towards Harry’s house.


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