Lost Love

Darcy and Harry used to be best friends when Darcy 'died' in a car crash. Harry, her best friend, had feelings for her and gets a big surprise in Miami.


3. Chapter 3

HARRY'S P.O.V.               We were walking around Miami when all of a sudden a huge crowd of girls surround us and are screaming, taking pictures, kissing us, and yelling our names. Niall just pushed through them and grabbed us. We started running with fans chasing us and we finally lost them. We were walking along and stopped for pictures with a couple fans, when I ran into someone. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry." I said. The girl was on the ground picking up her instrument she was carrying, and stood up. I looked at her in shock. "Darcy?" I was just starring at her. She just looked at me and ran off. I chased after her. "Darcy! Darcy! Darcy!" I lost her. I looked at Niall and Louis. They just starred at me.  "Harry, Darcy died when you were sixteen. That wasn't her." "Louis, I know that was her. She is my best friend and I look at pictures of us together every day. I have seven picture frames of us together before she 'died', but she never did. That was her, that was her, and I know it."

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