Lost Love

Darcy and Harry used to be best friends when Darcy 'died' in a car crash. Harry, her best friend, had feelings for her and gets a big surprise in Miami.


1. Chapter 1

HARRY'S P.O.V.          Three years ago I lost my best friend, Darcy Monrow. We had been best friends since we were about two or three and I lost her the year I auditioned for the X Factor. I have so many great memories with her. When we were twelve we would go down to the creek and throw rocks into water, and I mean we did this all the time. At the age of fourteen we would go and climb trees and see who could get up higher. When we were sixteen, I received the news of her death. I was so upset. Everyone says I was more upset than her parents. I would climb trees with my other friends but it didn't feel the same. I still have pictures of us in three different scrapbooks. I also have her cell phone number in my phone. I've thought about calling it, but I never did. All the time I think why. Why? Why? Why did this happen to me? Why did I loose my best friend? I never knew.
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