Let Me Kiss You

Mandi (Amanda) is the outcast. She used to be "pretty" but a fatal accident has left her scarred, both inside and out. Her Ex Boyfriend Bobby was abusive, one evening she tried leaving him....thats when she knew her world would be forever changed.


8. December 23

I hear Niall whispering to someone, I think Liam
"Man, nothing happened! I swear she just slept here we cuddled that's it, I love her and I want to be with her for the rest of my life! I don't need to do that with her the 2nd day I know her!" I smiled and Niall looked down and stroked my hair back out of my face.
"Okay Mate. I just wanted to make sure. I can see now more than ever how much you love her. I will go make breakfast for you guys"
"I want waffles" I said groggily
"Waffles it is" Liam laughed and walked downstairs.
"Did you hear all that babe?" I open my eyes and see Niall staring down at me.
"Yeah, why do they think that you and I had sex?"
"Because they are boys! And think they know me so well!"
"It's okay darling, we know the truth and thank you so much for holding me so tightly. It was the first time I have ever felt safe in the arms of a man! I love you so much Niall! I never want to leave your arms!"
"We'll in the day, you have to! But in the evening until the morning light, I want you to be here with me. Mandi I know that this is sudden...but will you please move in with me? I don't want you to ever feel unsafe again!"
"Of course Baby! I am so glad you asked! Because well sometimes at night I can still feel him waiting there, waiting for me to slip up or do something wrong so that he can hurt me! I just don't want to be hurt again!"
"I promise, I won't ever let you be hurt again!"
"Love Birds! Your Breaky is Ready!!!!!" Louis yells
"YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY" Niall yells. We race each other down stairs and both slip just before the kitchen. We look at each other stunned for a second then get up and walk calmly to the kitchen and burst out laughing.
"Man you two are PERFECT for each other" Harry laughs
We both heap waffles onto our plates and drench them in syrup.
"So guys guess what," Niall says between bites, " Mandi is moving in with me! And we are going shopping today!"
"What happened to 'I just met her'?" Liam teases
"The waves in her eyes pulled me in. She now directs my life!" Niall jokes
"Oh, Niall, by the way if you had forgotten because of you love stricken ness we have a concert this evening and have sound check in about 45 minutes"
"Sorry guys, she distracts me! C'mon Mandi! Time to get ready!"
"Niall, I only have my clothes from last night! They are gonna know I slept over!"
"Ah who cares? Not me! They are going to find out that you live with me sooner or later! Wy not sooner! I love you so much! I want them to know it!"
"Umm okay....but you do know that I have a change of clothes at Mir's?"
"Okay, alright. Go do your hair upstairs there should be hair stuff up there from when my mum stays. And we will run you to Mir's to get your clothes. THEN after sound check we will take you to buy some new clothes, shoes, hair stuff!"
"And makeup"
"Your beauty's deeper than the makeup!"
"Quoting Hunter Hayes Wanted? You little cheese ball!"
"I Love You, Mandi Heart!"
"I Love You More, Niall Horan!" I pecked his cheek and ran upstairs into the bathroom
"Mandi! Mandi Darling! Mandi," Niall runs into the bathroom and pushes me backwords into the wall playfully, kisses all my scars, and then grabs my hand and kisses it too, "be ready in 10 my darling, I love you so much!"
I yell out the bathroom "I love you so much much!" I hear him giggle
"Are you getting your hair done? My love how about go with sex hair that'll drive the Paps bonkers!"
"No, I will go with it all down and curly, with the back backcombed a smidge! Nice try though! You should wear red! You look dashing in red! Also how did you know that I would be wearing red?" Niall walks into the bathroom shirtless holding up two red shirts.
"Which one love? Stop gawking at my body!;) and I may have contacted Mir, telling which dress to buy...I knew you would look beautiful in it!" And runs out laughing.
10 minutes later~~~~~~~ Niall walks out of his room wearing red shoes, black pants,and red tshirt.
"Snowflake, you look sexy in that shirt...I pick well" I say winking at him. He blushes and giggles then says
"well you don't look terrible either. Oh and just so you know we don't have time to stop at Mir's but we will after sound check! I love you!"
" You planned that didnt you!? oh and I love you too!"
~~We entwine our fingers and walk down the stairs hand in hand, proud at how we are a couple, even proud that we are matching! In our red and black!~~
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