Let Me Kiss You

Mandi (Amanda) is the outcast. She used to be "pretty" but a fatal accident has left her scarred, both inside and out. Her Ex Boyfriend Bobby was abusive, one evening she tried leaving him....thats when she knew her world would be forever changed.


6. December 22

Mir was so excited that I was going on a date with Niall. She told me that he was in a World Famous band called One Direction, she made me listen to all their songs too...they are actually REALLY good! I, Mandi Heart am going on a date with THE Niall Horan. And Miranda in no way whatsoever would let me to on a date with him in my one pair of jeans and baggy sweater. She took me to a cute boutique and bought me a black dress with black lace over top, red wedges, red belt and red ruby pendant. She curled my bleach blonde hair and braided a crown around my head, my eyeshadow was smoky; it really made my ocean blue eyes pop, and my lipstick was cherry red. I took in my appearance, I was breath taking even with all my scars. I Texted Niall "Can't wait to see you tonight Niall! I am really looking forward to it" He replied "Me either Babe! Remember, nothing covering your face! I need to see your beautiful face! :)XX" I got a rush of butterfly's when I read the last text message.
When I finally arrived at the place Niall told me to meet him I was in aww! The restaurant was called LeGavroche, it was small romantic and French! Niall was waiting for me at a table in the back. He was wearing a black tuxedo, with a red dress shirt. As soon as he saw me his jaw fell open. He stood, walked around the table to hug me, kiss my left and right cheek scars, and pull my chair out for me. It wasn't until he ordered our wine that he could stop gawking at me and speak. "Mandi, you look BEAUTIFUL!" I blushed and responded "Well Mr. Horan you don't look too shabby yourself" he blushed a deep crimson "How do you know my last name, I thought you didn't know who I was." "Well to be honest, I didn't! Miranda-the girl who gave me my food yesterday- told me all about you, and made me listen to your music...you have an amazing voice." Niall giggled and blushed again "Well since you know my last name it would be very unfair for me not to know yours." "Heart" "Now I understand why you have such a big heart! It's even your last name!" I started laughing and he chimed in. We were laughing until the waiter came and asked our order. Niall ordered us: Saumon Mariné au Citron Aigre-Doux Gelée à la Vodka AKA Marinated Var Salmon with Lemon and Vodka Jelly and Filet de Maigre Parfumé au Ras-el-Hanout Fenouil et Riz Rouge de Camargue AKA Stone Bass and Pastilla, Scented with Arabian Spices Fennel, Red Rice and Meat Jus. After the waiter left Niall grabbed my hand-when we touched i felt a jolt of intensity- and told me "Please, don't ever let anyone tell you you aren't beautiful, you are, your scars are just battle wounds that show your strength, never let anyone call you weak." I nodded my head in response gosh he is so sweet and such a gentleman! I looked into his blue eyes, they were a perfect balance of light and dark with a twinkle, I could stare into them forever! Niall returned the stare and grasped my hand a little firmer. We stayed staring at each other and holding hands until our food arrived and even then we continued talking about my life, and his. After we were done eating Niall payed for our dinner and we went for a walkin the park. "I am sorry for asking farther into this babe, but I need to know...what happened to your parents?" "It's okay Niall, I was going to have to tell you sooner or later. My dad killed my mom, and then killed himself afterwords...I was 4 years old and was constantly tossed around from foster home to foster home so I never really had parents." "Well, then we can share parents! I actually wanted to take you to meet my mum soon....umm....uh...I wanted to show her my uh....true love **blushes** and well...Mandi I love you! I have loved you ever since I first laid eyes on you and started talking to you! Mandi, i want to spend my life with you...but for now, will you be my girlfriend?" "Oh my god Niall! Yes! I will! A million yes'! I have too! And everytime we touch...well I get this kind of rush!" "It's a sign! 'Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends Makin' them drool down their chiney chin chins Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight Baby be mine tonight yeah' Mandi, you are my everything! So LET ME KISS YOU!" And he kissed the bottom of my lips and part of my chin. Then moved his lips up so that they were both connected with mine. Niall James Horan, my Last First Kiss.
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