Let Me Kiss You

Mandi (Amanda) is the outcast. She used to be "pretty" but a fatal accident has left her scarred, both inside and out. Her Ex Boyfriend Bobby was abusive, one evening she tried leaving him....thats when she knew her world would be forever changed.


3. December 17

I have just arrived at my friend Miranda's house. London is so beautiful, and even with my face being cloaked by my scarf, it is cold too! Miranda has set her life up beautifully here, she has a fiancé, and has sucessfully completed her first year of schooling...i am so proud of her! She has everything i dont, love, family, a home, and success. I hope i can start a new life here and stop burdening my best and only friend, i dont want to lose her too...

(this chapter was mostly a filler, the One direction part is coming soon i promise XX)
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