Let Me Kiss You

Mandi (Amanda) is the outcast. She used to be "pretty" but a fatal accident has left her scarred, both inside and out. Her Ex Boyfriend Bobby was abusive, one evening she tried leaving him....thats when she knew her world would be forever changed.


1. December 3

This morning Bobby threw a lamp at me. He didn't like that i was leaving him. I should have never moved in with him....none of this would have happened if i had just said no. He has abused me since the first day i moved in with him a year ago. Now i am writing this entry in my hospital room, post-surgery. I have 4 sets of stitches on my face, on my forehead there was a cut, which now has 8 stitches. On both of my cheeks there was gashes which now has 3 and 4 stitches. And lastly there was a big gash from my lower lip to the bottom of my chin, now being held shut with 7 stitches. The only advantage to being in this hospital bed is that i now have control of my self. The doctor is allowing no visitors upon my request although the only person that would visit me would be Bobby, my foster parents only took me in for the money that came with me. My only friend lives an ocean away in London (she moved there when we graduated last year) and is preparing a flight for me to escape this town without Bobby knowing. As soon as the Doctors permit me to leave here that is exactly what i will be doing.
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