Life of a God

What is good and evil? Does it exist or is it a mere illusion of opinions? A self-proclaimed god brings it all to question when he challenges this world's evil.





The world was holding its breath underneath him, the beating of the ground had halted and nothing moved or lived as long as he was standing he knew too well what could reach him if he moved too fast or too soon, he had been here so many times before that nothing could be new to him, it didn’t matter what life that came here it was all for his taking. A birth right if you will, this was what he was destined for, taking the life of others as well as giving it to those deserving of it. This other being had not yet realized that the decision was only for the god like creature to make he did not understand that Loath had already made a choice, he had already decided if he got to live or die and the other being had no say in it. His life was not for him to live anymore it was only his duty to carry out what was asked and Loath had asked for simplicity, he was judge of all living as well as the executioner. The much larger creature chose to move first his body slowly turning muscles looked like they were about to burst out from his skin as they rippled along his veins, exposed so close to the surface the massive animal never took his eyes off the white wolf before him. Loath stood no peek of interest to follow motion, no hint of fear or doubt. There was no questionable outcome for he had picked the outcome. The white wolf was nothing like his opponent, his legs were long and solid lined, his chest broad though, but his head was fine and arrow shaped even pointy. His ears weren’t rounded but also pointy, his nose was light and creamy but surrounded by dark pigments of the skin. His body was tall and long, he did have power though, muscles did hide underneath his white coat, not as obvious as this one, but existing. His tail hang relaxed down and his eyes moved to follow the brown male that was readying himself for his death in an attack of the god. Loath had no marks but the pigments around his nose and under his stone orange eyes. They were cold and emotionless to this creature and while the brown male was raising alarms in defense, barring teeth, raising his tail and pulling his shoulders back ready to leap, Loath was relaxed. What was unsaid between the two was the fear in the eyes of the brute, the way the green eyes sank bank, how he hesitated to leap.

The brown one had heard of this white wolf before, he knew the white god had never lost a battle that his name was on everyone’s lips at this point. The brute had heard this youngling had defeated older and larger opponents yet had no scars, no wounds to show for it. It brought questions amongst others but also fear. Even more so, now that the brute had found him, challenged him to prove his skills he saw that the white one was – cold. The white wolf did not raise his tail or voice in answer, he did not bare his teeth or move his ears to express emotions he was solidly planted on earth and no hint of doubt or fear reached his eyes. He either had something to base this on or was very foolish. The brown brute had little reason to think the other one was foolish but he could not back out now, even if he wanted to he wasn’t too sure the other one would allow it. They did not speak to each other after the challenge had been given and accepted and the brute was realizing that the white god was not going to go first. They could stand like this for very long unless he attacked first, but he wanted this over with. The longer he waited the more fear crept up on him. He looked into the white wolf’s eyes and he saw that the other knew. The white one knew that the brute’s fear was growing the longer he waited. Anger flared in the brown brute and with one last snarl he set off toward the white wolf.

Loath didn’t react to the oncoming snarl the brown one caused and simply watched for a split second him leaping toward him. Then Loath shifted his weight to his left side and moved his entire hind part, swinging it so he stood facing the right side of the brute as he now spend time stopping his very own momentum of his force, trying to turn toward Loath. But it was too late. Loath threw himself at the creature and he didn’t waste time with wrestling, he motioned a leap and the brute immediately pulled his head upward, stretching his head up, shoulders up and ready to catch him – but the leap never came. Loath instead slid under him, fooled him and now by his fully exposed throat. He may not have been the largest but he did not always play the fair game of warriors and so his teeth sunk deep into the flesh of his throat, puncturing flesh and hit veins and pulses of life, feeling and tasting the metallic sweetness of blood running into his mouth and his body pulled backward, ripping the skin and flesh open and let him bleed to death. The match was short lived, for the white god had decided to not let this one live. He licked his now red stained fur from the thick blood at his muzzle, chest and legs. Loath watched as the pool under the slain beast grew larger and slowly pushed toward his paws, it was odd how Loath as a child had thought blood was some kind of red water flowing in one’s body, but it turned out blood was thicker than water, almost clumpy when getting in touch with air and standing still for long. He stepped back so the blood would not stain his paws and turned around, leaving the body behind for whoever felt like feasting upon it. Cannibalism was not yet a charm he took on. He never looked back on his kill, he never had second thoughts on the dead or living he was not like the rest, and he was not mortal enough to doubt or make mistakes it was not for the kinds like him. He was too aware that he was set upon earth for something greater, for a bigger purpose of life itself and he was starting to see it the further into this world he went. Demons like this one who took him on in a hope to defeat good, the burning earth he was walking would have eaten him up if he was mortal, turned him into another sinful being like the rest of the crowd of this world. His upper lip twitched at the very idea of how innocents had been overtaken by evil flames that surfaced beneath him how sin took over their minds because no one could save them, show them the way. They were not like him they could not stand on safe ground or be protected with their weak minds. He had to help them he knew that, help them from lost demons like the one slain behind him, a path for the innocent who knew they were lost those who had hope for something better. Those were the ones deserving of saving. The rest – he would conquer them and lay them in ruin. He had stopped walking as these thoughts came to him and he knew he could not ignore them he had to act upon them, he had to save the innocent and destroy the rest. He was so caught up on this very idea that he did not take notice of the identical white wolf that came up next to him and licked his face.
“Neno?” Loath turned his face to his twin who stood beside him and then looked ahead toward the west. There was a place there, he had heard of it, the abounded land of the loners, unharmed but scattered. Yes, yes that was it.
“Nena my love. We’ve work to do.”
We have an entire world to save from itself.

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