Life of a God

What is good and evil? Does it exist or is it a mere illusion of opinions? A self-proclaimed god brings it all to question when he challenges this world's evil.




Something was awake in the dark. It was no peculiar animal or obscure vision of the night, there was no flickering of stars to create uneven movements the clouds had covered both moon and stars, making it the darkest of nights in many months. The nights had been like this for very long now, clouded and blurred, shrouded in darkness. There had been nothing mysterious of the night there was nothing new moving here, nothing out of the ordinary that spun tales of enchantment for children, myths had long gone from this darkness. What was left in this thick darkness was nothing but danger. You could feel the danger throughout the area, from the shivering wind that went through skin and vein, chilled every body temperature of the living, the silence of the ground that meant no prey was moving either prey was hiding or had already been found by danger that lurked. Silence in darkness like this meant that predator was hunting. The danger was in the trees, making shadows of imagination, danger was within mind and body by the smallest stroke of your own figure that would make you spark in surprise. You know that you cannot see in this darkness, but you know danger sees you. You do not feel the movement in the ground, you do not hear it coming upon you, you do not see danger you feel it for it is within you before it ever reaches you. Succumbing to darkness is what ultimately takes your life, for danger does not have to spook you or be seen, it simply waits for your fear of imaginary danger to take you before it gets to you and it swallow you whole.

All darkness holds a secret though. Through trees and bushes something was alive in it. Two small figures of the night had taken cover under roots of trees, their eyes moving fearless from shadow to shadow, they did not bolt or run by the smallest sound or movement, they had nothing to fear anymore, it had been months ago they had fought their fears and left it behind, run from what they had all once known, attached to something that had once felt safe yet made them quiver in fear. They had known of fear for far too long and one of them had finally turned eyes to his fears. He did not crumble, he did not look away, he opened his eyes and locked eyes with his biggest fear and he saw the hint of doubt in its eyes. That fear left him, that there was no longer anything imaginary about the fear, he could see it, he could make out its form and it was as mortal as any life of the earth, it could not disappear or gain some power he did not possess himself. He could fight it but for far too long fear had blinded him from this. Fear swept through him before leaving him and never entering in his life again. He killed that night for the first time he killed to save a life and the savior and saved left behind what had once been the comfortable sense of the known, entering the world of their own. They saw things they had never seen before and they saw light in even this thick darkness. The savior hovered over the saved and looked to her, affection filtering through the heart of a man that had killed for his very first time. He knew he could not regret his actions, he had done right, he had protected the one that was supposed to live through him, saved the one that was him, the one that ultimately was his other half of the world.
“Brother, come to peace.” The saved tried to calm her brother but while her brother respected and often obeyed her orders he found no peace.
“They are out there.” The saved looked worried at her brother before standing as well and move beside her savior.
“Whom?” She looked out, trying to sense, hear or even smell whom her brother spoke of. But the savior simply shook his head at her.

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