A Love Like No Other

my first fanfiction! please don't be harsh!


1. Chapter 1

Mel's POV

Ughhhhhh... here I was, working at nando's and buiseness was verrryyy slow. Nobody in sight. Suddenly, a black van pulled up. 5 boys walked in... they looked familiar... hmmmmm. I walked up to their table "Hi I'm Melodee and I will be serving you today." I said in my sweet 'work tone' as I called it. The blonde boy with the amazing blue eyes looked up at me and ordered the whole menu!  figuered it was for the whole table so I started walking away. "Um, miss?" a voice asked. I turned around "we would like to order also." he said geturing to the rest of the group. I went back over and took their orders.


When it came time to pay, the blonde one walked up. He handed me the money and a napkin. I looked in the napkin and his number was in it! He winked and walked away. I closed up and went home to my 2 best friends.

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