My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


33. Yay!

YAY! so i just recently had been through a tough time, and all i'm going to say is it worked out. I know i'm waiting for 20 favorites to update, but since my fans keep busgging me i MIGHT update today! i really want to reach 20 favs! And also thank you readers so much! 917 Reads is just :D so yeah that's all i have to say! Love you guys <3

~Lena xx.

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