My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


10. What the hell happened there?


                I walked downstairs with my stuff I had 5 suitcases. Louis had 3, Zayn had 6 and I’m pretty sure that one of them is full of just hair products, Liam, Niall, Shyla, and Lena all 3 and Lena had a backpack. 

                “Ready gang?” Niall shouted.

                “READY!” everyone shouted.  We all are so excited.  Paul arrived and we all got in the car. It was about a 30 minute drive and I was sitting with Lena. My arm was over her shoulder and her arm was around my back/waist and she was laying on me. I thought she fell asleep and soon I drifted off too.

                The next thing I knew, Louis was in my face shaking me I opened my eyes and he said,” Haz, the plane is about to take off all you guys’ stuff is already taken care of come on get up!”

                Lena was crying and shaking, as usual. I couldn’t wake her, so I tried carrying her. She woke up and got out of the car. We ran into the airport as I explained. There were tons of fans there and I looked back. I saw some girl bolt up to Lena, shove her to the ground, and start yelling. I stopped dead in my tracks and Louis looked back and stopped. We ran to Lena.

                “What the hell is wrong with you?” I yelled at the fan. Lena was unconscious, and her head was bleeding.

                “Harry, oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” the fan pleaded.

                “Yeah, save it, come one Lou we have a flight to catch,” I said as I picked up Lena. We started running again. We just made it on the plane. The others swarmed  Lena and my seat. They wanted to see her. I started crying, this is my fault. I was pretty sure her arm was broke and she had some serious damage. I called the flight assistant and asked if they had a nurse of doctor on the plane, she smiled and called someone. They walked over.

                “Hi, I’m Harry and this is my girlfriend Lena, we were running to catch our flight and some girl shoved her to the ground, she hit her head and I think she broke her arm trying to catch herself.

                “Let me take a look, yup her arm is definitely broken, but I can’t do anything about it here. Let’s wait to see what happens. If she doesn’t wake up in an hour or two this is serious, until then take good care of her. I’ll go get a rest/split for her arm and a washcloth to clean up her head,” the doctor explained.

                “Ok,” I said and nodded. Zayn stayed with me and Lena and the others went to their seats.  I was so worried about her, I was still crying and Zayn was right there with me getting a little teary-eyed.   It has been 2 hours and she is still out. The doctor said the only thing we can do is wait, until she awakes or until we get to Los Angeles.

                I decided to do a twitcam. I turned it on and continued crying. Everyone commented why are you crying? I said this,” Hey everyone, I know you’re all wondering why I’m crying, well it’s because of this, and I turned the camera to Lena. Yea, she is unconscious and her arm is broken because some fan pushed her down and she slammed her head into the airport floor at full speed.” Everyone commented Harry I am so sorry and poor thing. A lot of them told me to look at my twitter, so I did. I went on and looked still on the twitcam. All I saw on the page was #stophateonLena #stophateonLany and #stophateonLenaandHarry, I smiled.  The fans noticed and asked why I was smiling. I told them why and they commented you welcome. I then said,” If you helped trend these send a question in the comments and your twitter name, I’ll follow you, and I’m checking. I gave them all the answers and followed them. I then proceeded to sign off of the twitcam and take a nap.

                I woke up with Liam in my face this time.

                “Mate, wake up, we are here,” he said

                I looked next to me. Lena was still out. I got up, picked her up, and walked out of the plane. When we got into the airport a mob of fans swarmed.

                One girl came up to me and gave me some aspirin and said the take it easy and another girl told me to stay strong.  I was so pleased with all the fans but one right now. I was in a good mood so I decided to sign some autographs.

                “Sorry, it’s a little messy,” I said to a fan.

                She smiled and said,” Its fine thanks love.”

                Of course I took pictures will fans too and a bunch of people filmed it. I had Lena in my arms and I let go with one hand to sign a shirt and boom Lena fell right out of my arms. But, I didn’t drop her someone pushed her. Luckily, this was being recorded so I would know who did it if they didn’t own up to it. I picked her up and looked up. There she was that same girl.

                “Why do you keep hurting her, first at the airport in London now here? What the heck?” I screeched.

                “To be honest,” she started out.

                A fan interrupted,” This is the part where you make up some excuse right? The part where you say I’m jealous or it was an accident. Well to be honest, no one deserves this kind of treatment, no matter who they are, or what they did, which by the way Lena didn’t  do anything besides be with Harry. And look at him, everyone turned towards me, he is happier than ever, you should be happy for him like the rest of us,” she said and shoved the girl a little, not enough to make her fall though. I blushed, mainly because she was right.

                “Aw,” all the fans said.

                “Thanks so much what is your name?” I asked.

                “Alyssa S.” she said.

                “Let’s hear it for Alyssa!” I yelled. I gave her a big thank you hug and she blushed.

                “You are a really beautiful and sweet girl, here,” I said. I handed her a paper with my number.

                “Don’t give it to a single soul,” I whispered to her.

                “You have my word, directioner’s promise!”She whispered back. I smiled at her and kept walking on. We needed to get to the hotel so I could sit down; believe it or not carrying Lena was getting tiring. Of course the other boys got mobbed too, but they were smart and said they couldn’t, therefore they were already at the hotel. I called a cab. Our luggage was already there as well, because Paul had called and got them sent there.

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