My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


27. The father is...

Just as the doctor finished his sentence the boys walked in. I couldnt stop them, so the doctor went ahead and said the father. 

"And the father is....Mr.Harry Styles," the doctor replied.

"Of course the baby is mine!" Harry said confidently. Zayn and I were still sighing in relief. Harry noticed and said something. 

"Zayn, Lena? Have something to explain...?" Harry asked desperately. 

"Zayn i got this. Okay so Harry when you got called into that work thing, we still went to the bar. Zayn and I got really really drunk and we didn't know what happened until the next morning. But, you can't blame him. This is all my fault, but you know my heart belongs to you. I love you," I pleaded.

"Lena........How could you? We....we need a break," Harry replied as he walked off in tears. Derpppppp!! :/ great. 

"What should we do?" Zayn asked me.

"I don't know...i just don't know," I trailed off. 

*Next day* 

I decided i was going to put the baby up for adoption. I took her to the adoption center. "Darcy Mae Styles, i love you and i am so sorry. I want you to have a family that is sure that they even want a baby. A complete family. I will never forget you baby girl," i whispered. I gave her a bear. It had a secret zipper with a picture of us and a letter. I knew one day, when she was smart enough, she would find it.  

I walked out in tears. A beautiful little angel that just came into the world was just given up.

The boys chilled together all day, so to make it less awkward i went upstairs and locked myself up in my room. I cried and cried and cried. I also did something i haven't in a long time. I cut my wrist. I couldn't believe what i just did. I haven't slit my wrist since i was 16. I had cut when i was 13, 14, 15, and 16 then I stopped. I forgot how good it felt. The pain and the hurt taking me into this dream land where no one existed. Then, my dream land lit into flames when Liam walked in.I quickly slammed my bathroom door shut and cleaned up my wrists. I put my knife and razors away and put some bracelets on. I walked out of my room and saw Liam holding a adorable baby. She was so cute. Who was she? 

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