My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


3. The concert and the after math

Lena’s POV:

            “Honey come downstairs, it’s time to go! Lanna is here!” Mom yelled.

                “Coming,” I said as I shoved my other foot into my white converse. I was soon going to be on my way to a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT!!!!!! Plus, to make things even better, we have front row seats and a meet and greet afterwards!!!!  Diana couldn’t come, she had family stuff, which really sucked she was looking forwards to this.

                We were in the concert. Harry jumped off stage along with the rest of the boys and came directly to me. He hugged me and touched my hand and I smiled and blushed. The other boys came around and I got hugs from everyone, same as the girls next to us. Their names were Shyla and Alondra they seemed to be buddy buddies but I wasn’t sure. For my understanding, they too had a meet and greet. They both were really nice and pretty and from what I heard had “goo-goo” eyes for Zayn. But, it seemed like Zayn had “goo-goo” eyes for Shyla.

                The boys were at the end of Over Again from Take me home. “So we can start it all over again,” Liam sang and finished the night off.

“Thank you everyone for coming, hope you enjoyed the show! “ Louis said and handed the microphone to Harry who then said,” Goodnight everybody” and winked at me.  They bowed and left the stage. We went backstage, ready for our meet and greet.  When they came out we squealed softly. Zayn went to Shyla, Lanna went to Niall, Alondra went to Liam, and I stood their awkwardly.  Someone pulled me aside and covered my eyes.

“Do you remember me?” Harry asked.

Yes, I remember you; you are the love of my life. “Ah good old Harry Styles,” I replied.

“Yeah,” he said as he turned me around and hugged me really tight.

“Well then, hi,” I said surprised that he embraced me like we’ve been friends for years now… well, technically we have, but you know what I mean.  

“Hey,” he replied. He let go and we joined the others.  We said our hellos, and goodbyes and all exchanged numbers. Even, Shyla and Alondra gave us their numbers.  I was in the car when Zayn texted me.  It said,” I saw you with Harry today... Is there something I should know?”

“Yeah, but I’m driving text when I get home,” I replied.

“Okay,” Zayn answered.

I continued to drive; it was a long drive home. I finally got home around 12. I was so tired I texted Zayn this,” So tired! Can we get together face to face tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I understand I’m going to bed too,” He replied.



I went upstairs and called mum’s name. She didn’t answer my call so I went into her room, only to find her in her bed motionless. I didn’t think about it so I approached her and saw her eyes were open. I said her name again and she didn’t move.   I saw her chest wasn’t moving and touched her arm and it was ice cold. It instantly hit me, she died.  I didn’t make a scene, I called the funeral home. After dad died she put away money for her funeral. We didn’t have many friends or relatives, so I had her buried right next to dad.  I called Zayn, he answered, “Hello” with a scratchy voice.

“Zayn I need you,” I cried.

“Love what’s wrong,” He said worriedly.

“Can we have that face to face now?” I said.

“Yeah I’m on my way,” Zayn said as he hung up the phone.

Zayn’s POV:

            I was walking out the door when Harry approached me. I knew something happened between Harry and Lena so I didn’t want to tell him.

                “Where you headed?” He asked.

                “Just meeting some old mates,” I lied.

                “At this hour?” He asked.

                “Yes….” I replied.

                “Alright be safe,” he said.

                Lena told me she lived in Cheshire so it was awhile away.  I was at Lena’s. She ran outside sobbing. I spent the whole car ride trying to calm her down.

“Love, it’s okay, Shhh, we’ll talk about it when we get home,” I soothingly whispered to her. 

                She gathered herself and then looked at her phone. It read: text from Shyla, “Hey girly.”

                “You text Shyla?” I asked curiously.

                “Yeah at the concert we exchanged numbers and became pretty close for the hour we were actually together and not screaming. You like her,” she half said half questioned.

                I didn’t want to talk about it but her mind was off her mom so I went along with it.

                “Yes, I think so,” I replied nonchalantly, even though I’m pretty sure I blushed.

“Aw you should text her, you guys would be great together,” she glared at me with hope.

“I guess so, I just don’t want her to get hate,” I replied worriedly.  For now I’m not sure of my feelings. Yes, I like Shyla loads, but then there’s the fans and Alondra… 

We got to the flat and Lena walked into the door and she managed to immediately fall. She got up and tried walking but she fell- well almost fell again, I caught her this time.  I carried her upstairs into my room, shut the door behind me, sat her down, and said,” Mate are you okay?”  She burst into tears, telling me everything through weeps. And by everything I mean everything, all her memories, childhood, about her and Harry, and about her mum and dad.  

“Wow,” I replied speechless. I didn’t know what else to say.

“Look mate if you need a place to crash you are welcome here,” I said and smiled a big fake smile at her.

“Thanks, I finally feel as if there’s someone who I can trust, someone who knows me, and that I’m not alone,” she smiled and hugged me.

“You can borrow boxer shorts and a shirt if you like, I’ll go get some blankets for myself and ice for you,” I gleamed at her.

 “Sure thanks, and wait for you?” she questioned.

“Yes, I’ll be sleeping on the couch,” I said in a tone that suggested I was stating the obvious.

“Ha ha no,” she laughed blandly.

“Um… where else am I supposed to sleep?” I questioned that the couch was the only possible way.

“On YOUR bed,” she replied.

“No, you have a bad knee.”

“Too bad, I’m either on the couch or the floor.

“Or…we can share, you know sharing is caring.”

“Alright,” she replied willingly and smiled.

“So, scratch the blankets, I’ll just go get some ice for that knee. Boxer shorts are in the top left draw, shirts in the top right,” I told her.

                “Thanks,” she replied

Lena’s POV:

            I went over to Zayn’s dresser.  It felt weird going through his stuff. I found a journal under his shirts, I was tempted to read it but I put it down knowing it was the right thing to do. I went into the bathroom with Zayn’s clothes.  I changed and came out to Zayn striping.  I whistled and said,” Sorry about the shirt mate…”

                “It’s okay it’s just water... right?” he replied.

                We both laughed. I got in bed and Zayn “tucked me in.” 

                “Thanks mate,” I said like a little kid.

                “Welcome love, now get some sleep,” he told me and kissed my forehead.  Then, he shut off the lights and I drifted away into my thoughts.

                “Lena, love wake up,” Zayn whispered. I screamed at his touch and he said,” You were crying and shivering in your sleep."

“I know this happens a lot. I’m sorry to wake you. Next time, the best thing to do is stroke my hair, or sing to me, don't wake me up and don’t touch me. Yes, I know that sounds harsh but trust me I’ve hit someone before, “I warned him.

                “Yes ma’am,” he said.  We lay down again, but this time he hugged me, I liked it. It wasn’t romantic, it was brotherly and protective

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