My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


5. Talking talking and more talking

Zayn’s POV:

            Lena was still sleeping, so I got up quietly. Then, Liam walks in and says,” He- whoa sorry mate.”

                “No, it’s not like that, she didn’t want me to sleep on the couch and I didn’t want her to sleep there either, so we agreed to disagree and just shared,” I pushed him into the hallway.

                “And?” he replied.

                “She’s just a friend, a sister,” I assured him.

                “Okayy…” he replied.

                “Don’t tell Harry.”

                “I won’t.”

                “Thanks and one more thing mate,” I asked.

                “Yes?” he said unsure and a little curious.

Lena’s POV:

                 I woke up and not thinking went downstairs. Luckily, only Zayn was there, in the living room. He was texting someone.

                “Hey who you texting? Is it Shyla huh huh,” I said and nudged him. 

                “Yes,” he said not taking his eyes off the phone and typing on it.

                “Cool,” I replied not knowing what to say.

                “Hey! Want to know something,” he said finally looking at me and putting his phone down.

                Before I could even open my mouth he said,” I have a surprise for you come on get up.”  I listened and we both forgot about my knee so I fell to the ground. He gave me an I’m sorry I forgot look and I nodded.  He picked me up and carried my upstairs.  He opened the door and all I saw was my dream bedroom, even my stuff was there.

                “But…I…thank you!” I exclaimed.

                “Don’t just thank me, it was Liam too,” Zayn replied.

                I went up to Liam and said,” Thanks.” I also hugged him, it shocked him at first, and then he hugged back.

                “Aw you’re welcome love,” Liam said to me as I let go.  There was a huge smiled plastered on my face.

                “If you don’t stop grinning like that then I‘m taking a picture and it’s going on twitter,” Liam teased.  I didn’t move.

                “Fine, but you asked for it,” Liam said and took the picture. He really did post it on twitter. It said,” Newest member of the family, everyone this is Lena. She’s really excited about her new room in our flat. #nohate!!! Love you guys xx.

                “Zayn can I talk to you outside,” I asked him.

                Liam nudged him and he started walking with me. We walked out the front door and sat.

                “Okay I spilled my life, now it’s your turn,” I demanded.

                “Okay,” Zayn said and started talking. He told me all about everything. His past, present, and what he wants his future to be like. It must have been an hour or so because Niall popped out and asked me if I could cook.

                “Sort of, some stuff yes, some stuff um no,” I replied.

                “Well, King Harold isn’t awake yet and we are hungry,” Louis said with sass.

                “Yeah!!”Niall agreed. “And it’s already 8:30,” he pleaded.

                “Okay okay but I have to get ready at some point,” I replied. They all shook their heads.

                “But… food first,” Niall begged. 

                “Okay Zayn you are on bacon and eggs, I’m on French toast and tea,” I instructed.

                He nodded and said,” Okay.”

                “Yay!” Niall shouted.

                “Food’s ready,” I called, they all can racing over.  I called Harry.

                “Coming….wait who just…,” he said confused as he came downstairs.

                “Lena no offense but when did you get here?”  He asked freaked out.

                “Last night/morning, it’s a long story,” I told him.

“Oh okay,” he quickly replied and we sat.

“How come you didn’t take any bacon?!?”Niall asked shocked.

“I don’t like it, plus I’m a vegetarian,” I replied. Harry smiled at everyone’s shock, because of course he knew; I have been a veggie since 5th grade.

“Say what?!?” Louis screamed.

“Huh?” Niall questioned.

“How long have you been, you know a vegetarian,” Niall stumbled over the last word.

“It really isn’t that big of deal she loves animals, she’s been a vegetarian since 5th grade,” Harry defended me.

I gave him a smile and mouthed thanks. He nodded and they all calmed down. We finished eating and I headed upstairs for a shower, Harry followed. I knew we should talk. We walked into my room, and Harry closed the door behind us.

“Harry, I’m here because my mom died and I had no place and no friends, so I called Zayn,” I told him.

His face fell, and he said,” Why not me?”

“I don’t know, it just happened,” I responded.

“Look we… I don’t know what we are… or what happened,” I said.

Him being the corny person he is started singing ‘Change My Mind.’

“The end of the night, we should say goodbye, but we carry on while everyone’s gone,” Harry sang.

Of course I knew the words so I joined,” Never felt like this before are we friends or are we more as I’m walking towards the door I’m not sure… But baby if you say you want me to stay I’ll change my mind cause I don’t want to know I’m walking away if you’ll be mine won’t go wont goo so baby if you say you want me to stay, stay for the night I’ll change my mind,” We sang.

We continued the whole song and then finished together.  Harry started to talk again.

“Sorry, I just had too, I’m surprised you knew that song,” He said.

“Of course I do I’m a directioner!” I said.

Harry replied to this with, “Oh, so back in the 5th grade, when you know, I was hoping you’d ask me out, and I still do. I never said this to a girl I barely know and kissed once, but I feel like I know everything about you and that we have a connection. Lena I love y-.”  I was tired of talking so I crashed my lips in his. It was just a kiss. His hands were on my waist and his fingers in the belt hoops of my skinny jeans, pulling me closer. My hands were around his neck, and he started rubbing my back as I ran my fingers through his hair. After a good 10 minutes I pulled away.

“I should shower now,” I said sadly.

“Can I come,” Harry winked.

He left and I got clothes out. I had the best room ever; I never had a tellie in my room before.  I got out of the shower and went into my room. UGH! It’s that time of the month again… I put on my clothes and then stopped and thought. If Zayn brought my stuff here he went through my stuff, including my bras, knickers, and pads.  Well, that was a thought I never needed to have O.o. Wow, that’s awkward…

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