My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


9. Special Trip almost gone wrong?

Harry's POV:


                “Good morning love, wake up,” I said as I kissed Lena gently. She must have woken because she kissed back and I felt the corners of her lips go up into a smile.

                “Good morning,” She said back.

                “What would you like to do today,” I asked her.

                “I’m not sure, I can’t wait for the tour, when is it,” she asked me.

                “Oh yeah, that’s right, we are leaving tomorrow! So today you should pack, and say goodbye to any friends,” I told her.

“Oh okay, but I know Zayn’s going to bring Shyla and Louis is going to bring Diana, so can I bring someone?” She asked.

                “Who?” I questioned.

                “My friend Lanna, she loves you guys and I can’t leave her here alone, me and Diana are her only friends, just like her and Diana are my only friends,” she explained.

                “Oh okay let me ask call the boys and we can have a discussion about who’s bringing who we’re only aloud one guest each, and you don’t count because you’re my guest,” I winked at her.

                “Oh am I now,” she asked and kissed me. She got up and called through the whole flat,” GROUP MEETING TIME MEET US DOWNSTAIRS IN 2 MINUTES!!”

                I got out of bed and walked into my room next door.  As I was about to leave I said,” You know it’s hard to not share a room, when we get back home from the tour we should change that.”

                “I know one of us has to walk into the hallways halfway naked ad rush in to their own room,” she agreed.

                I smiled and said,” See you downstairs.”

                We gathered all around the in the living room.  

                “We’ll go down the couch and each person will say who they are bringing, besides the ladies, because you are the guests,” I announced.

                “Bring where?” Niall asked confused.

                “Oh Niall, Niall, Niall, Niall,” Liam shook his head.

                “Umm…Mate out tour,” Zayn clarified.

                “Oh,” that’s all he said.

                “Ok Liam go,” I started.

                “I’m bringing Alondra,” he said.

                “Shyla, of course,” Zayn said grabbing her hand, she smiled.

                “Diana,” Louis said, Diana smiled.

                “I’m not bringing anyone,” Niall said as he put his head down.

                “Aw cheer up mate, you’ll find someone don’t worry,” Lena put her arm around her shoulder and hugged him.

                “And of course, I’m bringing Lena,” I said.

                “Now, Lena wants to bring along her friend Lanna, is this okay with everyone?” I asked looking at Lena.

                “Yes!” Diana exclaimed.

                “Sure,” Liam and Louis said.

                “I’m down,” Niall and Zayn said.

                “Okay, it’s settled, Lena call Lanna,” I told her.

Lena’s POV:

             I walked out of the living room to go call Lanna. She answered her phone, and I explained everything. She had a mini freak attack and then cooled down. She said she’d meet us at the airport. I went back into the living room and everyone looked at me. I announced,” She said she’d meet us at the airport.”

                “Okay,” Everyone replied in unison.

                We all just hung around the house all day. I watched some tellie with Niall and had I chance to talk to him.

                “So, Niall how come you don’t have a girlfriend?” I questioned.

                “I’m not sure, I’m just waiting for the right girl,” Niall replied.

                “Would you ask someone out right away if you liked them?” I asked.

                “No, I would get to know them first,” Niall explained.

                “OK that’s sweet,” I said.

                “Look Niall, we haven’t gotten a lot of time to talk, and I want to be close,” I said.

                He smiled and hugged me.

                “I want to be close too,” He responded.

                I went upstairs to see Harry packing.

                “Hey,” I said as I kissed him.

                “Hello love, are you packed?” he asked me.

                “Yes! “I replied. “I am so excited!”

                “So, I have an awkward, but serious question,” he asked me.

                “Yes?” I asked not knowing what to expect.

                “You know how some people put a limit on the amount of dates before they you know,” he asked.

                “Oh, I’m not that type, it will happen when it happens,” I said.

                “Oh,” he said and smiled.

                “Let’s go to bed, I said.

Louis’ POV:

                I really liked Diana, so I wanted to make things official. I went upstairs and sat down on the bed.

                “Diana, I know things happened really fast, like we went on one date and now we share a room. SO, I want to take this time to ask you something. I love you a lot, so would you do the honor of being my girlfriend?” I asked.       

                Her face dropped and she said,” I love you too, but there’s someon-“Oh I see,” I cut her off. She smiled and said, “Yes.”

                My face lit up like a Christmas tree.  I moved closer to her and kissed her, with passion. It was the first time we kissed. At first she didn’t kiss back then, I felt the corners of her lips curl up into a smile as she kissed me back.

                “Louis can I ask you something?” she asked as she pulled away from the kiss.    

                “Anything love,” I said.

                “Do you have a thing for Shyla?” She asked.

                “No babe, why would you assume that?” I asked confused.

                “No, I didn’t assume, I wanted you talk to you, so that I wouldn’t assume. And because someone told me you did,” she stated

                “Oh, sorry love I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, and who?” I questioned.                           

                “I’m not sure when we left the restaurant someone whispered in my ear I couldn’t see a face or if they stopped walking,” she said.

                “Oh, love I don’t have a thing for Shyla, I have a thing for you, you are the one I want. It’s Gotta Be Youuuuuuuuu,” I sang the song title.

                “Only Youuuuuuuuu,” she sang back.  I just smiled and so did she. She was the best; most girls would have accused me and not confronted me about it.

                “I’m glad you confronted me about it though,” I said.

                “Trust me, you can ask Lena when something’s on my mind I say it,” She said and smiled.

                “Good honest is a good quality,” I said. “But, everything about you is good.” She blushed.

                ‘So, what do you want to do?” I asked.

                “I don’t know, but I know I’m not tired. Hey! Do you have any tea we could make tea and watch a film?” She said enthusiastically.  We both got up and went downstairs and made tea.

                “Mmm, that’s good thanks,” Diana said.

                “You’re welcome love,” I said.

                “So what film do you want to watch,” I asked.

                “I’m not sure, something sad and romantic, titanic?” she suggested.

                We sat through the whole film, hand in hand. My arm was over her shoulder and she was resting her head on me, she put one hand behind my back and the other around my stomach hugging me, and with the hand over my stomach she held my hand. It got to the part where she wakes up and Jack is dead. Diana started crying.

                “Shhh, love it’s okay,” I said as I wiped her eyes.

                She smiled and said,” But it’s so sad,” as she made a puppy face.

                I laughed and said,” I know love, but that’s how love goes sometimes, you die for the one you love. Wow, I just said the word love like 3 times in one sentence that has to be a record,” I said trying to cheer her up. It worked she smiled and went faced the film again. I just stared at her. She was gorgeous; I couldn’t help but be turned on by her. She noticed me staring. “What,” she asked.

                “Nothing you’re just so beautiful, I don’t see how I got so lucky, or how you didn’t have a boyfriend when I met you.”

                “I didn’t have a boyfriend because I knew that day was the day, the day I met the love of my life, my soul mate, Louis Tomlinson. And you didn’t get lucky; you are the most handsome, loving, caring, gentle, and hysterical.”

                “Aw, thanks love.”

                “You’re welcome; she said and leaned in for a kiss. I kissed back softly and this time I smiled. I think she noticed because she too smiled. It lasted for about one minute or two and then, she pulled away and whispered,” I love you Louis the Tomo Tomlinson.”

                “I love you too Diana, I love you too.”

                We finished the film and headed up for bed, it was 2:00 am. On the way up we ran into Niall who was probably heading downstairs for some late night Nandos.

                “Why are you guys up?” Niall asked.

                “Just finished a film, late night Nandos?” I asked.

                “Yup,” Niall replied and kept walking.

                We got to our room and I striped down into my boxer shorts and she wore sweatpants and a jumper.

                “How could you wear all that? It’s boiling in here.” I said.

                “I’m just really naturally cold,” She said.

                We got in bed and she hugged me. She was freezing, why haven’t I noticed this before?

                “Wow you really are cold,” I told her.

                “You can warm me up,” she said and winked.

                “This is a corny quote from twilight but, ‘it’ll go faster if you take your clothes off.”

                She smiled and said,” Okay, but if I do we need to go get more blankets because eventually we won’t be hugging anymore.”

                “Alright, I will,” I said and got up.

                “Well, alright then.”

                I left and got more blankets. When I came back she was in nothing but her black, matching, lace underwear and bra. She looked stunning. I started to stare again and she looked and me and blushed.

                “You’re beautiful,” I said smiling like an idiot. “I can’t believe I have a girlfriend that is this amazing,” I said still smiling.

                “Thank you,” that’s all she said. We got into bed and I hugged her. I was pretty sure she was still blushing.

                “You’re right, this is going faster,” she said. I just smiled, that’s all I could do right now.  

                “I love you,” I said as I kissed her forehead.

                “I love you too,” she said as she looked up at me.



Niall’s POV:

            Harry made breakfast and it was the big day.  Lena was still asleep so Harry asked me to go wake her up.  I walked into the room, Lena was adorable. Not like that, like baby cute.

                “Lena, love wake up,” I touched her shoulder. She freaked out and hit my lip, hard. It started bleeding. She started to shake and crying. Oh, god what is happening. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up my lip, it was cut, but all good. I went back into the room and decided to throw a pillow instead.  She woke up finally, and I ran to her.

                “What happened to you, you were shaking and crying and you hit me,” I told/asked her.

                “Oh, sorry I have night terrors all the tim-, Niall what happened to you lip?!?” She interrupted herself.

                “I told you mate, you it me, but it’s okay I’m fine.”          

                We went downstairs and everyone asked what happened to my lip, and I explained it one million times and Lena apologized on million times.                       

                “I told you its okay,” I said to her.

                “I’m Irish everything is all good,” I commented.

                “What does being Irish have to do with anything,” Lena and Liam said in unison.

                “Well… I don’t know,” I tried finding an explanation.

                “Ha ha the Irish boy can’t explain himself,” Louis teased.

                “Evil leprechaun,” Zayn commented.

                “What?” I asked.

                “Nothing,” Zayn said as he laughed.       

                “Ok…” I said.

                “So guys, we are leaving for the airport in one hour. We will be sitting in 2 person coach seats. Zayn will be with Shyla, Harry with Lena, Louis with Diana, Niall with our new guest Lanna, and of course me with Alondra,” Liam announced.

                Alrights, Okays, and cools filled the room.

                Harry and Lena left the room. I’m not sure why, but it was weird.

                “So, Liam what’s the first stop,” Alondra asked.

                “Los Angeles,” Liam replied.

                “Yay! Beach time!” Alondra shouted.

Harry’s POV:

                I am really happy that I get to sit next to Lena. I mean we are dating, but I have something I want to say to her.  I really like her and I think she likes me too. I saw Alondra staring at me. I walked upstairs and sat on the bed with my head in my hands, I was just thinking not about anything in particle. I looked up and saw Alondra, and before I could say anything she kissed me. I tried pulling away, but she held me there. I saw Zayn walk by and peek his head in to stare. I widened my eyes and he could tell what was going on.

                “Get off him!” Zayn screamed coming in and pushing her off me. She got right back up and came back this time she sat on my and started getting touchy. I then, proceeded to push her to the ground. She again got up and started humping me.       

                “Are you high?” I asked. I then again pushed her off, this time Zayn sat on me.

                “Thanks,” I said.

                She then sat on Zayn and kissed him, touching him.

                “What the hell,” Zayn said as he grabbed her hands.

                “I want you both right here right now,” She said. Yup, she’s high, or drunk.

                “NO,” we stated.

                Shyla walked by and saw what was going on.

                “Zayn?!?” she screamed.

                “Help us!” I said.

                She walked it and bitch slapped Alondra across the face and she fell to the ground crying.

                “What happened?” She yelled.

                “Well, I walked by when Alondra was kissing Harry, he looked like he needed help so I came in and pushed her off. Then, she got back on his lap and touched him, and Harry pushed her then, I sat on Harry to stop her and she just sat on me and did the same thing,” Zayn replied.  

                “Oh my gosh, boo are you okay?” Shyla said and hugged him.

                “I’m fine but Harry has been like that for like 5 minutes now,” Zayn said.

                I then realized that I was frozen with my mouth open and eyes wide. Zayn waved his hand in my face.  “Harry, hello Harry, is anyone home?”

                “Huh?” I said. Shyla asked if I was okay and left, and Alondra finally got up and left.

                I didn’t want to let that little “episode” get in the way of today.  I headed downstairs and went up to Lena. I swept her off her feet and kissed her with passion. She kissed back, and I smiled.

                “I love you,” I whispered.

                “I love you too,” she said back. I put her down and walked into the hallway to go to the bathroom. On the way I saw Liam and Alondra kissing. It got me so mad, I immediately slammed the door opened and screamed,” What the hell Alondra?”

                “What?” Liam said confused.


                Liam looked at Alondra and she walked up to me kissed me again, and walked out. The only thing she said was,” I’m sorry, I won’t bother you guys anymore.” Then, she left out the door, with her bags and got into a cab. YES, I am so happy she is out of here!



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