My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


25. More than half way!

It has now been 6 months. And i'll tell you, it hasn't been the easiest 6 months either, and i still haven't figured out what i'm going to do. I am almost postivie that it's Zayn's baby, but the doctors can't tell me yet. How am i ever going to break the news to Harry? My life will be a living hell. But, at least if Harry leaves me i'll have Zayn. LENA!!!! SNAP OUT OF IT! I can't think this way. If Harry leaves me, i'm not jsut going to crawl to Zayn. That isn't the right thing to do. BAD LENA!!! Derp, :/ Anyways... I found out the gender of the baby today! Harry was overjoyed and i was too i guess. I mean i've always wanted a baby. The gender never mattered to me. My parents were the same way. They were just greatful to have me. It didn't matter if i was a boy or girl. I know they would have and did spoil me either way.

I know this chapter is so so so so short. And i'm sorry lol. Clif hanger :D and what gender do you guys think the baby is? Comment opinions!

~Lena xx.

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