My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


12. Hospital time

We were on our way. We got in and I explained everything that happened with Lena. They said that Zayn and I would have to step out while they do some tests and figure somethings out. I was scared and lonely. Lena was my one and only girl. The one I want to marry, the one I want to be with forever, the one I want all day every day. She is my life, my love, and my passion. I need her to stay with me. I needed her to be with me, by my side. If she goes i go, if she dies Idie,if she gets hurt I hurt. She is my everything and I want to show her that. I'll write her a song while she's in there. It will be okay angel, I promise.

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