My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


8. Double or Triple?

Louis’ POV:

                I walked into the café. There was a beautiful brunette in line ahead of me. She got her drink and went to get a straw I quickly made my order, I’d take at least 5 minutes to fulfill my order, so I walked up to her. 

                “Hello,” I said.

                “She turned and faced me and said,” Hello, my name is Diana.”

                “Louis,” I said.

                She blushed and said,” I think you might have met my friend Lena.”

                “Lena? Really? Yeah, she is living with us,” I told Diana.

                “Really, wow I really need to catch up with her,” she laughed.

                “I guess so,” I said.

                “So, would you like to um go out sometime maybe,” I stuttered.

                “Yes,” that was all she said.

                “Great here’s my number,” I said as wrote my number on a napkin.

                She blushed and then the cashier called,” number 21.”

                “Oh that’s me,” I said disappointed.

                She smiled and said,” See you later.” Wow she was amazing. Lena had one beautiful friend.

                I got home with the stuff. Harry came rushing down with Lena.

                “Yummy,” Harry chimed.

                “Agreed,” Lena said with delight.

                “Hey, Zayn and Harry and Lena, can I tag along on your double date?” I asked.

                “Sure,” they all replied.

                “Did you pick up someone at the café?”Niall asked.

                “Yes, but I want it to be a surprise,” I replied.

 I texted Diana and she said that today would be fine. I didn’t tell her the part that Lena was going to be there I just said that it was a triple date. 

Lena’s POV:

            It was almost time to go so I started getting ready for our now triple date.  I slipped into my dress, I was green, the top was tight and the neck was heart shape, and that part was silky. It came down the right above my knees and the bottom was puffy and glittery.  I decided I’d do my make-up before I tried putting my shoes on. I applied eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip stick, and a little blush since my cheeks were naturally red.  Then, I put on green hoops and deodorant, can’t forget person hygiene. Lastly, I curled my hair and put on perfume.  The only thing left was my shoes. They were very tall. It made me almost as tall as Haz. They were black and sparkly, opened toed and opened backed.  I walked downstairs where only Zayn was.

                “You look nice,” I complimented him.

                “Thanks love, you looking stunning yourself,” Zayn replied.

                “Aw thanks mate,” I thanked him.

                Harry came downstairs, and he looked amazing. He was wearing a grey suit and a tie that complimented my dress.  I went up to him and hugged him, he smelt good.

                I looked up and him and said,” You look absolutely handsome and you don’t smell too bad either,” I smiled.

                “Thanks, same goes to you, except you don’t look handsome, you look beautiful and you smell impeccable,” he smiled. Then, he leaned down and kissed me. This kiss lasted about 10 seconds.  Louis came downstairs and Shyla arrived, so we were off. They too both looked amazing.  I was sat next to Harry and Shyla so this was the perfect time for me to compliment her.

                “You look gorgeous Shyla, I love you dress,” I told her.

                “Thanks, you don’t look too bad yourself,” she smiled and laughed. “No, I’m just playing you look ravishing,” she told me.
                “Thank you!”  I smiled.  We kept our small talk going for a bit until we arrived at the restaurant. I was so excited to meet Louis date! She must be beautiful.  We sat down and Louis got up. He said,” Oh I see her I’ll be right back.”

                He can back and my mouth dropped in awe.

                “DIANA!!!!!!!!” I called her.

                “LENA!!!!!!” she called back.  We ran in slow motion to each other, it was kind of our thing. Everyone laughed at us.   We contained ourselves, gave each other hugs, and sat down. We ordered and then Diana and I started talking again. Zayn and Shyla also started a conversation and since Harry and Louis were left they started talking as well.   

                “So why are you living with the boys?” Diana asked me.

                “Oh, mom died,” I frowned.      

                “Lena that’s terrible I’m so sorry,” she said sympathetically.

                “It’s fine, I love the boys with all my heart, they are amazing to be around a true gift,” I explained.          

                Then, Louis, Harry, and Zayn all looked at me and said,” Aw thanks mate your pretty good to have around too. Harry winked at me.

                We finished our dinner and headed back home.  Shyla came home with us and she and Zayn went directly upstairs.

Zayn’s POV:  

                We went upstairs; I let her borrow a shirt and boxer shorts.  We sat on the bed and talked. I think loved her I really do, so I decided to tell her.

                “Shyla, I love you,” I said.

                She blushed, making me blush and whispered,” I love you too” in my ear.

                The next thing I know I’m leaning down and we kissed. It was amazing. I wrapped my arms around her waist and locked my fingers, pulling her closer. Her hands we around my upper back and she was stroking my hair.  Boy did that last, I finally pulled away and said,” that was amazing.”

                She smiled and said, “No, that was true passion.” And with that we kissed goodnight and went to sleep snuggling.

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