My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


37. Death

Lena's. POV

I walked into the bedroom. Apparently I woke Haz up. He jumped out of bed and hugged me. "What was that for?"

He didn't reply. I force him off me and look at him. I'm not sure whats wrong with him.

He gives me this blank look and mumbles some bizzare words. I have no idea whats going on.

"Harry, what did you take," I ask.

"I want to die."

"Harry!" I yell.

"I took your pills and now i want to sleep forever," Harry replied nonchatanly.

"WHAT THE HELL?!?" I scream.  Harry took my pills. My depression and sleeping pills. Oh god what is happening.

Harry lays down and closes his eyes. I let him lay there as i feel the tears. He knows not to touch those. I'm not sure whats going to happen to him. I can't handle life if  he's gone.

I sit down next to him and hold his hand. I just listen and feel for a heart beat. I sit there for hours and hours until I feel it stop...



Honestly, I don't know what to do. I have some ideas but they're not too good. If you guys really want i'll make a sequel. But otherwise this is the end of the road. SO if we get 15 comments saying sequel and reach 35 favorites. Then ill make a squel. Hope you enjoyed this book! Sorry for the suckish writing!

~Lena xx.

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