My Secret Love

Lena is an 18 year old directioner who has had a crush on Harry forever. her friends like one direction too and their crushes like them back. But will their loves last? Lies, games, stupidty, and fans are just some of the obstacles they will face.
Hope you like it! i worked hard and it's my first movella! ENJOY :)


28. Boys boys Darcy

"Liam, who's this?" I asked looking at the beautiful baby. 
"This is Darcy Mae!" He said excitedly. 
I just froze. I stood there in complete shock. No. No. No. 
" know who that is right?" I trailed off
"Yes, i found out when i brought her home that this is the baby you had just given up for adoption, but i dont care. I love her already and i want to be her father.....and i was wondering if you wanted a second chance. Lena....would you like to be Darcy's mother?" Liam looked at me with his chocolate brown eyes.
"Are you asking me out? Or.....?!?" I asked nervously. 
"No! I just want you to be the mother. No relationship besides with the baby. I know you love Harry. Besides, I got my eye on someone else," he winked. 
"Okay :) that's perfect. So we just act like our normal best friend selves and take care of Darcy! This is amazing thank you! Im so happy i get a second chance with her!" I yelled and hugged Liam. 
"You're welcome, but by the way we renamed her Darcy Mae so she has no middle name," he explained. 
We both started laughing. Neither of us knew why. But we were literally ROFLing. 
*Harry's POV:* 
I was locked upstairs in my room. I couldn't believe Lena and Zayn had sex. I was so heartbroken. It felt like she just threw everything that was special away. I was pretty sure I should go and try to work things out with Lena. I got up and opened my door and saw Liam and Lena rolling on the flooring laughing. Darcy was right next to them in her carrier. Should i go talk to her? I dont know what to do. Ugh!!!!!
Somehow i forced these words out of my mouth, "Lena can you please come here for a moment?"
She looked up and saw me shirtless in boxer shorts. 
"Um.....sure?" She said. I could feel the uncomfortableness in her voice. 
We walked into my room. 
"First just let me say I'm really sorry. It is completely my fault. I shouldn't have cheated on you. But, you know that i was drunk, and i didn't know or feel anything," Lena started off. 
"I know love, and I' m over it. Can we please just put the past in the past and forget it happened?" I asked. 
"Sure," she smiled. "Does this mean we are back together?" 
I leaned in and kissed her passionately. She pulled away and said, "I'm guessing that means yes?" 
"Yes," i smiled. 
"So where's Darcy?" I asked. 
Her face dropped. 
"Where Darcy?!? Where is my baby?!?" I knew where she was. I just needed an explanation. I wanted to she if Lena would tell my the rest of the story. 
"Ok. So i put her up for adoption. But, i wasn't thinking. I regretted it as soon as i did. Today Liam approached me with a child. It was Darcy Mae . He didn't know it was her until he got home. Then, he gave me a second chance at being Darcy Mae's mom. And i accepted," Lena explained in one big breath. 
" No! I'm Darcy's father! I didn't even know you put her up for adoption. And what up with Darcy Mae? Did Liam change that to?!?" I yelled. I couldn't control it. My baby just got ripped from my hands and i couldn't do anything about it. 
"Harry love calm down. Deep breath in and out," Lena said as she played with my curls. That always calmed me down. 
"Hold on one minute," she said as she got up. When she came back in she was carrying Darcy and Liam walked behind her. 
"Harry meet Darcy Mae," Lena gave her to me. 
"She's beautiful. She has my eyes and your nose," i said. Lena laughed. 
"Yeah, and your ears too," she laughed.
"Haha. My baby girl is still beautiful even with my ears," i smiled. 
"Excuse me? Darcy Mae is my child now," Liam butted in.
"Liam, this isn't fair of you. You cant take her. I never knew about the adoption and never signed the papers. Please. Dont take her from me!" I was literally begging.
"Okay. Fine. But, ugh," Liam said defeated. 
"Wait! I have an idea! Liam can be the godfather!" Lena shouted. 
Liam smiled. "Okay!!!! I'd love that!" 
"Good, so its settled. And you can still watch Darcy Mae. Woah i caught on fast with her new name, anyways you can watch her and change her diaper, but i'm her father," i explained to Liam who was still smiling. Liam left to tell everyone the news. Lena and I stayed with Darcy Mae. She was truly gorgeous. 
*Lena's POV:* 
I wanted to know who this girl Liam had his eye on was. I went downstairs and left Harry with the baby. 
"Liam come here for a sec?" I called. He walked over. I said," so who do you like?"
"Her name is Martina. She's Niall's number one fan or whatever, more like stalker. Anyway, i'm pretty sure Niall asked Lanna on a date, so it doesn't matter. I can have her :)! If she agrees," Liam explained. 
"Oh okay! Good luck!" I said and walked off the find Diana. 
"HEY GURL!!!!!" I barraged into her room. 
"Hey!!!! Haven't seen you in awhile stranger!" She said as she looked up from her book. Louis then walked out of the bathroom in a towel. 
"You too!!! You guys have been such strangers lately!" I said as I hugged Louis.
"Yeah i've noticed. We missed you!" He said squeezing me and then letting go. 
"Okay guys listen up. We have a mission to go on. Liam is going to watch Darcy Mae, and Harry, you guys and me are going to spy on Niall and Lanna's date tonight!" I explained. 
"Now here's the plan....." 
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